To look for god in material is lust

Why does man promote lust?

Lust has no energy of its own. One provides the energy of his own life, of his own goals to lust. The fire that lust has is the fire of the ego’s loneliness. The body is innocent. The body knows no crime. It is the ego that keeps on looking for the right thing at all the wrong places. In fact that is the very definition of ego: ego is the one who looks for the right thing but always at the wrong places.

When you look for satisfaction in material that is called lust. That material could be anything. That material could be food, that material could be a car, that material could be prestige, that material could be anything under the sun including a man or a woman’s body. That is lust: to look for God in material. Then the passionate intensity that should rightfully have been God’s gets wrongly diverted towards material.

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