Unconditional Love

Soham is a healthy dog. He and his brother, Koham, were nurtured by Acharya Prashant Ji in their childhood. And when they grew up, they were allowed to freely move in the streets of Sector 63, Noida. 

Sadly, recently, a car moved over the leg of Soham, which fractured his leg badly. He was barely able to walk. One day, volunteers from PrashantAdvait Foundation came to know about it, they immediately took him to the doctor for cure. 

Since then, Satyam Ji, one amongst the volunteers at PAF, is taking care of Soham regularly, so that he becomes healthy again. Daily, he would carry Soham four floors down in his arms, to take him to the doctor. Would dress him whenever needed. He cared for him as if a father cares for the son. He would sit besides him for hours, during the daytime, just to comfort him, taking care of him, and would work in nights with very less sleep. 

Such love and devotion is rare to find. The dedication to bring health to someone reflected deeply in his actions. Surely, it reflected the teachings of Acharya Prashant Ji on what ‘unconditional love’ is. 

Soham is much better than before now, he is able to walk and at times run in the terrace garden of Advait BodhSthal. He’ll be soon able to join his friends and would roam freely, again, in the streets of Noida. 

May he be healed soon.

Here is a pic of Satyam Ji, carrying Soham in his arms. 🙂

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