• “Yoga is a life of integrity and honesty. Yoga is a life of burning rebellion. Yoga is a life, in which your movements in life are not dictated by what you know from the world. Yoga is a life, in which your steps are guided by nothing and nobody other than the heart itself. Yoga then, is not a corner of life. Yoga is life itself, Total. Leaving no space for compromises. Leaving no space for doubt, leaving no space for dependence.”


  • “Yoga means, not two. Yoga means, I do not exist as separate from anything. Because if there is something other than me, then that otherness will necessitate a relationship of violence. Otherness means distance, otherness means limitation and boundaries. And the otherness means that the other will necessarily exercise some influence on me. Yoga means, the one who could be influenced has been burnt down by the Praatibh Gyana arising from the heart.”


  • “Yoga is freedom from that which you think yourself to be”


  • “Yoga, is not really about this and that. Yoga is about you. You, being the authentic you. You, being what you were at the time of your birth. You, being what you were even before your birth. You, being what you would be after your so called death. Yoga is not about this and that. Neither is Yoga about the Yoga mat.”


  • “Yoga lies in the way you love, Yoga lies in the way you live, Yoga lies in the way you go about making your daily choices. Yoga lies in your very relationship with the world.”


  • “Krishna is saying, Yoga is freedom from littleness.”


  • “A man, who has become perfect in Yoga, finds it within himself, in course of time.”


  • “Real Yoga, is not about self-improvement, real Yoga is self-annihilation. Real Yoga is not self-decoration, it is self-dissolution.”


  • “Yoga is not about oiling your machinery, so that it becomes more productive and even more lethal. Yoga is about getting rid of the machine altogether. Now it is no more mechanical, now nobody can push the button, and demand a product.”


  • “Yoga, then is freedom from that which you think yourself to be.”


  • “Yoga is needed only when a man experiences, contradictory forces. Only when a mind feels that it is divided between various segments of influence and the segments are contradicting and competing with each other; when the mind is in such a situation, then that which brings peace and resolution to the mind, is called Yoga.”


  • “Yoga is the coming together of the various divided fragments of the mind.”


  • “Yoga is to have a composite mind. Yoga is to return to one’s innocence. One’s primal Purity, in which the mind is not conditioned, or stained at all. That is Yoga.”


  • “Yoga, is to have a self that is independent of place and time. Yoga, is to be firmly rooted at a point that is untouched by anything that can touch anything.”


  • “Finding practical solutions, finding real solutions to the real situations of the life, is Yoga.”


These quotes have come from talks and writings of Acharya Prashant

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