• “India is not a piece of land because lands come and go.

My India is the INTELLIGENCE that first shown upon this earth.

My India is the first intelligent word that came from the mouth of the man.

My India is the place which first gave world ‘the witness.’

The very understanding of the self.”


  • “A flight cannot take you to India, only a Guru can take you to India. India is your heart. That is the reason why thousands and thousands of seekers come and they keep missing. They keep missing because they are looking out in space, they are thinking that India is out there somewhere. Out there somewhere, you only have people, shopping malls, the oceans, buildings, this and that. You’ll not find the truth out there.”


  • “India can be only the mother of all religion.”


  • “What India is, is decided by what you are identified with.”


  • “What is India? What you do, if you do it from your deepest understanding, you are India. You are India!”


  • “India is beautiful but which India are we referring to?

that which is a product of political process or that which gave the world is first list of wisdom?

I am greatly fond of India but not India the political unit because political units come and go, maps keep on changing.

I am fond of that India in which the openness of mind was first learned that India where the Upanishads were born and the land of Mahavira and Buddha.

that is my India and that India does not exist on a map

That India is very privileged and rare place where everybody cannot enter.”


These quotes have come from talks and writings of Acharya Prashant

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