• “Slaves are those who believe they are slaves and slaves are those who believe they are free. The beliefs themselves are the bondage, it does not matter what you believe in.”


  • The brain functions in two ways. In the first process it acts just like a machine, and in the second sub-process, it is acting as the seat of intelligence. Remember, the brain by itself is not intelligent, but it acts as the seat of intelligence. Are you understanding this? So, if you identify yourself with the brain, there is a great problem, because, now you have identified yourself with a machine. That will make life very very dull and boring and mechanical. Very very machine-like, You will only do what you have been programmed to do. And that makes the slaves of you.


  • “That is your deepest desire. To come alive right now. To be fully expressed right now. To not to be a slave of the future. To not be a slave of the past.”


  • “One is enslaved with her own consent.”


  • “Nobody can be trapped against his wish. All slavery is our own consent to slavery.”


  • “Let the other ‘be’. Nobody is born to be a husband, nobody is born to be a wife. You are born free individuals. Relate to the other, as you would relate to a free being. Don’t shackle the other. In fact, that is the only way to your own freedom. Let the other be free. If you feel enslaved, for sure you are enslaving somebody.”


  • “Popularity means becoming a slave to others and secondly popularity means becoming a slave to others who are very mediocre. Not only are you a slave, you are a slave to an idiot. How does that sound?”


  • “If I say that following others is slavery, then mind quickly wants to conclude that following oneself is freedom. No, following oneself is slavery even deeper, because what we call as oneself is usually just an aggregate of the influences of others, influences of others that have been internalized. Influences so ancient, so common and so pervasive that one doesn’t call them influences anymore, one calls them as one’s individuality. One says that – this is me, and now because the effect of others upon you gets your own support, so it becomes very difficult to treat.”


  • “If you are following just the commands, the dictates, of somebody else then it is slavery; slavery in the sense that obviously you have no freedom.”


  • “What you think yourself to be – is the slavery.”


  • “By being a total slave, you do not even realize that you have become a total Master.”


  • “We want freedom as a slave of slavery. When you say that you want freedom, you actually want freedom to serve the interests of your slavery.”


These quotes have come from talks and writings of Acharya Prashant

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