• “Only when there is absolute stillness in the Heart, then there is power in the actions, in the arms. Only then do you really live. Only then you are really alive.”


  • “We live as if we are ephemeral; the heart knows it can never go away.”


  • “We live as if we are highly incomplete; the heart knows it is absolutely full and complete.”


  • “We pretend as if there is a need to reach somewhere and achieve; the heart knows it is alright as it is.”


  • “Joy is for men and pleasure is for kids. Joy is only for those who can handle it. Joy is the pleasure that you get when your heart is being stabbed. It is a pleasure but that kind of a pleasure, only real men can take it. Pleasure is the pleasure of toys, pleasure is the pleasure of kids. Joy is the pleasure of taking it on your chest. Joy is the biggest pleasure.”


  • “You leave the guru when the Guru enters your heart. You leave the Guru when you realize that you are already one with the Guru. Then you need not be close to the body of the Guru, because physical closeness is in anyway a deep separation. How close can two bodies come to each other? They would always remain afar. A distance would always be there. You are really one with the Guru only when you do not see the Guru as a body anymore.”


  • “When things actually go right, then only your heart knows that everything is going right.”


  • “If your Heart is at the right place, right work will naturally flow from it.”


  • “It’s the sweetest misfortune that you can have. It’s a divine tragedy.

It is the holiest blow that can strike you.

Pray that it does strike you, and shatter you totally.

And then, the right action happens.”


  • “The limited eye looks at the limited tree. But even as the limited eye looks at the limited tree, the Unlimited in you remains with the Unlimited. Deep in the heart there is a sense of fulfilment, contentment. The heart is not saying that I am looking out so that I can get something from somewhere.”


  • “You are not the object that will receive Grace; you are the fountainhead from which Grace will spring. Grace springs right in your Heart, it does not come to you from somewhere outside.”


  • “Not being instructed about ‘how to work’ and ‘how to display immersion’, if you are still immersed, then it is immersion. Work comes later, the worker comes first. The worker comes later, the Heart comes first. So let work come from your Heart. That is engagement.”


  • “Even in your darkest hour, the Truth shines in your heart.”


  • “Even when it is pitch dark outside and inside, yet there is light in your Heart.”


  • “You can pass through hell only if you have heaven in your Heart.”


  • “Ask the Heart! In everything and anything that matters, ask the heart, it just knows. Have faith, it just knows. And when you come to know that you know, don’t be afraid because often that which you know, will scare you. Your beauty scares you, don’t reject it, embrace it.”


  • “Truth is an unsaid thing in the heart. You can speak in Truth, you can never speak The Truth.”


  • “Love too is a silent music in the heart. You can act in love, but love itself can never be the action.”


  • “To not to live by the calculating mind, but to live from the innocent heart.”


  • “Be a little more sensitive to yourself.”


  • “If you do not know the love song of your heart, your body is a graveyard.”


These quotes have come from talks and writings of Acharya Prashant

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