• “These are like two wings of a bird. Support of an external Guru or scripture and your own independent observation. When both are fully functional, then you really take off. One should not miss out on any of these.”


  • “The scriptures are there so that all the nonsense that gets accumulated in the mind may be burned down. That is their purpose. They are like a match stick.”


  • “The scriptures, mind you, are not Truth. They are a tool.”


  • “The scriptures talk of falseness, rather than the Truth.”


  • “No scripture will ever tell you, “What is the right action for you.” No commandment will ever tell you the right action for you because life is dynamic, it is constantly moving. How many times will you refer to an instruction manual? Every second, that decision is needed. Every moment is new and fresh and it demands a new response from you. Will you keep referring to a scripture? You must have an awakened intelligence within which will help you decide what to do. In fact, that decision will not be decision at all because all decision involves the use of mind and thought.”


  • “No scripture helps the one, whose eye for honest observation is not open. I call them the two wings of spiritual flight. First, an honest observation of the world, second, a deep faith in the words of the scripture and the Guru.”


  • “Truth by definition is that which never fails you. You can be absolutely certain and dependent. The scriptures called that- ‘Nityata’. It is not dependent on time. So, be with that. The seer of both the subject and the object, the witness of not only the fire, the tree, the pillar but of the mind as well that is perceiving the fire, the tree and the pillar.”


  • “The proper function of this spiritual knowledge is to just expose the hollowness of other knowledge. The proper function of spiritual knowledge is to just expose that your belief and confidence in all that you know will not take you anywhere. That is the function of spirituality. That is the function of scriptures, and that is also the function of Guru–to break the false confidence that you have in yourself, to expose the deceptiveness of all that which your mental stuff, your intellect, your knowledge promise you.”


  • “Your very incompleteness expresses itself in the form of your body that is why the scriptures say that only incompletenesses are born.”


  • “Quran can be understood really only when you—as the ego mind; as the person, are connected to the same source that blessed the Prophet. Otherwise, one will misinterpret.”


  • “Remaining what you are, you apply your intellect upon the scriptures. Obviously, you will distort the scriptures.”


  • “Spiritual scriptures have no meaning.”



These quotes have come from talks and writings of Acharya Prashant

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