• “Laziness is a dirty trick to defy the Truth.”


  • “It has no real option, in front of the forces of nature, the forces of conditioning. It has no real option. It will only do, what it is dictated to do. It might appear to be doing something. But it really does not do anything. It only gets tossed about. It’s only a plaything.”


  • “Life constantly implores you to move, to move rightly. But if you are hell-bent, on remaining where you are, and what you are, you will refuse the invitation of life to move. That is laziness.”


  • “Laziness is the dirtiest trick!”


  • “Laziness is a dirty trick to defy the Truth. No Laziness is incidental. And the most obvious proof of that is that nobody is always lazy. Had you really been lazy, you would have been lazy even in counting money! But the moment you find a couple of notes missing from your account, all your energy rises to defend yourself and your account. You are lazy as a dirty tactician. You are at war, and laziness is your weapon.”


  • “You are just not prepared to get out of your dirty shell. That’s laziness.”


  • “You cannot be lazy without being too intelligent for yourself. A lazy man is not only intelligent, he is actually too intelligent. He knows all. Otherwise, how can one refuse to learn from life? And there is only one way one learns from life. By? Being with life. By allowing oneself to flow with life.”


These quotes have come from talks and writings of Acharya Prashant

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