Jesus is a lover of youth

Aloneness is an elusive mirage for mankind.

Real aloneness is a prerogative only of the Buddhas.


We are always related.

We always find our identity in the other through the other.


We exist as someone with respect to something or somebody or this or that, that is not the best way of existing, but that’s the de-facto mode of our existence.


If we are in a crowd, we are the crowd.

The crowd is such a refuge.


To take a bath you must, first of all, dislike the stink. Shouldn’t you?


Spirituality is the art of breaking up.

God doesn’t come to those who are already engaged.


Spirituality is hard and tight, not soggy.

It’s not spongy. It’s upright, not flaccid.

Especially if you are coming to Jesus.


Jesus is a lover of youth.

His retinue didn’t have old and the aged.

All relatively roaring, green ones.


Don’t you see it’s just Maya,

and she knows when to strike?

A Jesus has not arrived to divide the world. He arrives to unify people.

But if the very substance of your mind is divided, then, first of all, you have to be divided against yourself.


Persons don’t exist, only relationships exist.

And when relationships changes, you’ll find that the person has changed.


We are alienated, and that is why we are in relationships.

We are in relationships so that our alienation can somehow remain hidden and suppressed,


When you are not alienated, you are alone.

And in aloneness there is real relationship, there is real love.


When you do not have God or Truth, then you try to find cheap substitutes.

Anything that becomes just a substitute for God and family is such a quick substitute.


When that closedness goes away,

when that exclusivity goes away,

when the falseness goes away,

then you understand the real message of the Bible.

Love each other as your Father loves you.


You will get what you deserve. I do not impose my will, that’s what God says.


If you do not choose me, continue to wallow in your own private universe. I’m not going to gatecrash, that’s the kind of Love God has.

I will be a distant watcher. Distant, yet intimate, because I watch everything. I am so intimate that I watch everything.

I’ll be a watcher, I’ll not interfere.

The moment you will require me I’ll be there to extend my hand.

And when I will extend my hand I’ll not ask for a payment. I’m a lover, not a trader.

This is the way God loves you.


When God loves us he sets us free.

When we Love each other we chain each other.

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