God-Realisation is a myth || Acharya Prashant (2018)

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Questioner: Pranam, Acharya Ji.

As information, I know that I am not the body and mind. But I still am living as the body and mind. I am too lazy in following any dhyan vidhi. Is it necessary to follow vidhi for that realisation?

Acharya Prashant: You are saying, you want or not want to follow a vidhi for realisation. Realisation of what? God realisation? What would you realise?

Please, I want to be helped.

What do you mean by realisation?

Your life is an open book infront of you, now what more do you want to realise?

Open that book and read. You want to realise the God, God is a paper and the ink. God is nowhere in the story. God is the basis of the story. God is not a character in the story. God is the very producer and the director.

What do you want to realise?

God realisation is a myth.

Nobody can realise god.

All you can realise is the fact of your little life which you refuse to realise because, you are hell-bent upon reaching the heaven. I am totally living as mind and body, let this reverberate in your mind. Let it become a huge explosion. Don’t let yourself forget this, ‘I am living as mind and body’.

‘The body is doing this, I didn’t do this!’

‘It was again the body’

‘Again the body!’

The mind and the body are one, both are prakrati.

Mind, body, thoughts, emotions intuitions, all that can be sensed or experienced or named, are one. You cannot think of prakrati, prakrati is the thought.  Let it constantly keep occurring to you; this is remembrance. You cannot remember God. Remember but this.

What are ideas?

The body-mind.

What is it, your so called understanding?

The body-mind?

What is all that you know about yourself and the universe?

The body mind.

All of this is body, mind. Don’t ask, what lies beyond, just don’t take things in your own dimensions as beyond yourself.

That which lies beyond, is bound to be beyond knowledge. No point asking, what lies beyond. The mistake that you make is that you take things of here and behave as if they belong to the beyond. They don’t.

See, how you treat your emotions with sacredness. Look at the kind of respect you give to tears. See, how you worship your conclusions, and false understanding. Look at the kind of respect, you have for social systems, institutions. You treat them as if they belong to beyond. They don’t. You treat them as if they are unchangeable, you don’t touch them. And if you have taken something as unchangeable, then you have given them the status of the beyond.

Don’t accord the status of beyond to anything.

Everything is dispensable.

Nothing here is irreplaceable or indestructible.

Don’t give it unnecessary respect.

Live in good-humoured contempt towards the world.

And obviously yourself!

Treat yourself as something of a joke.

Look at the seriousness; you accord to yourself, as if you are somebody!  You are not only saying that you are the body-mind. You say something worse than that; you say that you are some ‘body’. And how offended you feel, when your some-bodiness is questioned or hurt.

Live in that.

Realise what is going on, there is nothing else to realise in anyway.

God as you know him or define him does not exist at all. So, forget God.

Look at your eyes and biceps and bones and the world, that’s all.

That’s all is there to realise.

Watch Full Discourse: God-Realisation is a myth || Acharya Prashant (2018)  The transcription has been edited for clarity.

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