Truth is dangerous || Acharya Prashant (2018)

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Question: Dear Acharya Ji, as I go through your books and videos, I have come to a stage where I feel fear and tensions. But my mind comes to a still state, and then, automatically I am able to come out of the fear and tensions. Is this normal?

Acharya Prashant Ji: Arun, this is auspicious. But stay careful. Maya cannot be killed. She too is immortal. Peace requires constant protection. That which you get from God requires your total effort to be protected. It’s a contradiction, but you must understand.

You already get it from there, and still you must be working hard to retain it. You get it for free, but you must pay a heavy price to keep it.

Do you understand this?

It’s like a product, where initial subscription is free, but month after month, you have to pay heavy installments. And the installments are ego.

That’s what you have to continuously keep paying, in order to just retain, what you got for free. So, it’s auspicious, it’s wonderful, if you are abiding in peace.

But don’t neglect the EMIs! Otherwise, the thing will be taken away. Keep paying the installments.

Question: Parul is asking from Noida, “We attach by heart and sometimes, we use our yukti, the tricky mind, to remain attached. I have found that heart-ful attachment leads to pain. How to get rid of this?”

Acharya Ji: Get rid of what?

The attachment, the heart or the pain?

Heart-ful attachment causes no pain in the Heart, it causes pain to the mind.

Heart-ful attachment means – attachment either with the Truth or the messenger of Truth.

The Heart cannot get attached to anything else.

The Heart itself is a representative of the Truth.

It has been said that Heart itself is verily the Truth. Therefore, the Heart really does not like anyone or love anyone except, either the formless Truth or the formed representative of Truth.

But when the Heart gets attached, or devoted, or surrendered, to the Truth then it causes the mind to feel jealous, because the mind was attached to many other things. And those other things that the mind was attached to, had become the identity of the mind. And now something else, something far bigger is coming in. And all the little bits that were there, that the mind called as ‘itself – I am this’, all those little bits are getting crowded out, displaced. So, there is a lot of mind-burn and jealousy!

When God comes into your life, you will find that there is a lot of jealousy all around.

The husband starts reading the scriptures, the wife says, “This is an illicit affair. You will be tried for adultery. I am your wife how is it that you have fallen in love with the Scripture,  God or  Guru?”

It happens. I routinely face the wrath of angry wives!

“You have taken away our husband!”

Have I?

And mothers and fathers, there is a lot of jealousy because, once you fall in love with That, then you cannot remain committed and devoted to non-sense. And it is not really a choice that you make. Then you are powerless, helpless.

Once you have seen the utter grandeur of Truth, how will you now fall for the worthless things?

Therefore, Truth is dangerous.

The question is – For whom?

The Truth is not dangerous for you, the Truth is dangerous for your rubbish, which is good.

So Parul (the questioner), the pain that you are experiencing, is being experienced by your mis-associations.

Right association, in itself, can never be the cause of suffering. But right association leads to a lot of dissociation as well. It is actually not even dissociation. Right association leads to a re-alignment of your associations.

It is not as you break your existing relationships. Rather your existing relationships get aligned in the right direction. It is not as if you give-up your family or work or something. It’s just that now you align all of them with the Truth.

But this re-alignment will be resisted. Be prepared. One way to ease the whole process is, to make it inclusive. Include more and more people in it. Bring them together, so that when the change comes, it is a change welcomed by all.

Otherwise, you will be a solitary crusader, and you will see needless resistance.

That which can be done easily, must be done easily, because anyway there are a lot of battles to face. Why then spend your energy in needless battles? Conserve your energy, it will be needed when the real battle arrives.

Abhinav’s question has already been answered. How to get rid of baggage of past and present life karmas?

You don’t need to get rid of anything. Just do what is right.

Excerpts from a Shabda-Yoga Session. Edited for Clarity.

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To personally meet or connect with Acharya Prashant: click here.

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