In all that you want, Liberation is all you want || Acharya Prashant (2019)

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In all that you want, liberation is all you want

Question: Acharya Ji, only sometimes do I consciously know that I really want Liberation. How to increase one’s quality, so that this want is continuous?

Acharya Prashant Ji: Only sometimes do you use the word ‘Liberation’. At other times, you use a lot of other words for Liberation. So the mistake is mostly, semantic. You just need to expand your vocabulary, and remember that every word in dictionary is a synonym of ‘Liberation’.

Right now, when you think of Liberation, you say, “I am thinking of Liberation.” But when you think of having a Pizza, then according to you, you are thinking of something other than Liberation.

The desire for food, and the desire for Liberation, are according to you diverse things. And from that divergence  is arising your question. You are saying, “Only for let’s say an hour a day, am I consciously thinking of Liberation. For the remaining twenty-three hours, I am thinking of miscellaneous things. A, B, C, D……And L is for ‘Liberation’.”

And the other twenty-five letters are all for various miscellaneous things in the world, that occupy and attract us.

So you just have to tell yourself, and deeply-deeply remember that A=B=C=……X=Y=Z. And all of them equal L. L is for – Liberation.

You cannot think of anything, but Liberation. All thoughts are thoughts of Liberation in disguise. It is the limitation and constraint in language, that only sometimes do you call Liberation as ‘Liberation’. At other times, you name the desire for Liberation as a pizza, or money, or clothes, or relationships, or a book, or something else.

Man moves for one central purpose.

And that purpose is…?

Listeners: Liberation.

Acharya Prashant Ji: Liberation.

It’s just that he does not consciously know, rather admit and acknowledge, how Liberation thirsty he really is.

We keep denying to ourselves that there is just one thing that we want. We think that we want multiple, various things. No. We want just one thing. The various things that we go to, are nothing but mediums to go that one single, final thing.

If this much can be remembered, then all the mediums will become useful. Then all the mediums will become Godly, Divine, because they will become a medium between you and the Divine.

If you can remember, that this is a medium, then it is Divine.

But if this becomes the end, if this becomes a purpose in itself, then this becomes an obstruction.

Why do you breathe? Breathing is for the sake of Liberation.

Why do you see? What are these eyes looking for?

What is this mind anxious, and waiting for?

Why do you think that these eyes are constantly looking out at the world? What are they searching for? Have you never thought of this?

You come to a crowd, and have you seen how your eyes scan the faces of strange, unknown people?

Listener: Yes.

Acharya Prashant ji: You want to see that one special face. We all are looking for that one, final thing. These eyes are always scanning-scanning. That’s why these ears are always….But that one, final sound is not heard.

That one, final experience remains elusive.

We exist for the sake of That.

That which is liberation.

We breathe for the sake of That.

We come to tomorrow, so that tomorrow That may come.

So, it is for the sake of That, that time exists. 

It is for the sake of That, that all future exists.

Do you see how liberation-minded we are? We eat, breathe, live Liberation. And then innocently we say, “Why are we not liberated?”

The mistake has to do with linguistics, not with reality. And man’s language and man’s thoughts, go together. Thoughts are diverse, so is language. Language means separation and diversity. This is ‘this’, and that is ‘that’. ‘This’ cannot be ‘that’, and ‘that’ cannot be ‘this’. Every word points at one particular object, which is not the next object, so no Liberation.

In the world of thoughts, there is no Liberation.

In the world of remembrance, there is Liberation.

Remember, all the thoughts are from and for That.

That which is – Liberation, and That is – Liberation.

If you try to find Liberation in thoughts, it is not there.


Excerpted from a ‘Shabd-Yog’ session. Edited for clarity.

Watch the session video: In all that you want, Liberation is all you want || Acharya Prashant (2019)

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