From Loneliness to Creativity

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There is nobody who is at any given point too far away from crying, there is nobody who is too far away from breaking down. Oh! We have trained our tears to not to be disobedient, so they don’t make unrequited appearances.

We are social beings you see. We very well know the right place where to discharge any of the bodily fluids, including tears! One should not discharge in the open, even from the eyes. We are cultivated people, you know!

But look at your face. Look at the face of your neighbour, look at the face of your child, or husband, or wife. And if you have not trained yourself to be totally insensitive, you will know what the entire misery of this world is about. And that’s not something to feel bad about, that only shows that we are not totally dead yet. That only shows That which is calling us, has not yet given up upon us.

If That which calls us would give up upon us, you would not feel what you feel, you would become accustomed to suffering.

The very fact that we dislike suffering, that we suffer in suffering, is proof that something beyond suffering is constantly calling us.

That is proof that suffering is not our nature.

And that is proof that one need not get adjusted to living a lukewarm life.

Nothing less than the Total, the Final, the Ultimate beckons us, so there is no need to compromise. And if you compromise, that would be such a pathetic compromise, because it would give you nothing. You were distraught before the compromise, and you would remain distraught after the compromise. What’s the point of this compromise?

So, don’t compromise, and keep moving. And when I say, “Keep moving,” I mean keep in touch with your loneliness.

Those who suppress there loneliness become victim of suppression, those who keep in touch with their loneliness come up with great creativity.

Beautiful songs have risen out of human melancholy. People talk of songs written in Joy, I say that all songs that have any truth in them, have actually risen from the honest depth of man’s suffering.

One who has never suffered, can never write a song.

One who has never wept, can never sing a song.

All art arises from the artist’s inner turmoil.

If you shelve that turmoil, if you lock it away, there would be no art in your life.

There will be nothing fluid, and real in your life.

And one of the worst culprits in this dimension are the so-called ‘spiritual people’. They have been told that to suffer is weakness, they have been told that suffering is sin, so they wear a rotten mask of joyful appearance.

You go to so many of these so-called spiritual places, and you will find people walking around with smiles because they have been told that unless you are smiling, you have reached nowhere in your spiritual pursuit. They have been told that Joy is akin to pleasure.

Poor are they, because they have no experience of Joy that lies in the total depths of despair.

They do not know the Truth that shines when you are in total darkness.

They do not know the Realization that occurs when you have been beaten, bruised, cheated, deceived – totally and badly.

They do not know the great fun that lies in tears.

Do not wear those masks!

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