Gems from Articles – March’19

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What does it mean to be a woman? A lot that is hurtful.
Why must one keep bearing the hurt? One bears the hurt because one is drawing certain comforts.
The hurt is deep and lasting, the comforts are cheap.
The comforts, like the hurts, are both – physical and psychological.


There has to be a total revolution in the way the woman looks at herself.
She cannot be a creature of the nest.
As long as the nest exists, the woman would be exploited.


But man is not merely biological, man is social as well. And man has a social mandate to conquer, exploit. He exploits everything, he exploits Prakriti, and that’s what you call development. Don’t you? He exploits his intellect, and that you call as ‘knowledge’. Don’t you? And this man will exploit everything. And you feel greatly happy, when man exploits everything. Why will the man not exploit the woman? No animal is supposed to exploit, but man is supposed to exploit. Is he not?


The woman will have to go beyond her biological self.
The nest is the expression of the woman’s biological self.
As long as there is the nest, the woman would keep getting exploited.
Unfortunately, the woman is still thinking that the nest is her asset, that the nest is her protective cocoon.


It is the woman, who demands the nest.
The woman would have to actively rebel against the nest.
As long as there is the nest, the woman will remain chained.
Ironically, the woman is the one, who clamors for the nest.


The woman is her own worst enemy because she is very- very biology driven.
Man too is biology driven but he abides by his intellect too.
He abides by his intellect much more than the woman does.
The woman is extremely biological.


It is biology that confines, and chains, and imprisons the woman.
As long as the woman keeps herself identified, with her body, the nest and biology, there is no freedom for her.
As long as the woman keeps thinking that her body is an asset, there is no freedom for her.
As long as the woman keeps thinking that the freedom is about flaunting her body, there is no freedom for her.


The woman is the more oppressed of the two genders, and therefore, the revolution must arise from the woman.
Woman by rebelling against the body, will be the harbinger of the revolution that will liberate the entire mankind – women and men, both included.


There is only one way to go beyond the body, and that is the way of Truth, the way of Spirituality.
All other ways go from the body to the body.
So, you can go from veiling to revealing, but you are just going from the body to the body.
What were you veiling? The body. And now what are you revealing? The body.


If the woman can be saved, it is only through true Spirituality because Spirituality alone can take you out of your body-identification.
The body, the hormones, the maternity, the nest, as long as these remain important to the women, no liberation, no liberation at all.
And when her body will cease to be important for her, the man too will cease to be important for her.
Man rides upon woman, enslaves woman, because the man is very important for the woman.
Woman may not be the center of the man’s world, but go to most women and you will find that man is the center of woman’s world.
It is quite strange.


Don’t take that respect, that veneration, by being turned into a deity.
You are being confined within four walls of the temple.
Don’t accept that.
The man should not be at the center of woman’s world.


The woman needs man, and that’s what keeps her bonded.
We need girls’ gangs.
We need girls’ communes.


We need women to be alright with themselves.
We don’t want women to be emotionally dependent, or biologically dependent on men.
We don’t want a woman to seek a man to complete her identity.
We don’t want the woman to seek a man to complete her name.


Mark the nest, that’s your enemy.
Get out of the nest, hit the road.
The nest! Nothing else – the nest!


Never get married into a home. Never get married into a family.
Never become a queen of the bedroom or a kitchen, or the entire house.
Just the nest or parts of the nest.
And don’t be so identified with the damn eggs.
All the time concerned with the eggs, the eggs, the eggs.


Be the user of the car, not the doll in the car.


Knowledge must be your asset, strength must be your asset, exposure must be your asset, money must be your asset and overall, Truth must be your asset.
Not your breasts and hips.
You spend so much of time pandering to the needs of the body.
Spend time enriching yourself, spend time gaining knowledge, spend time skilling yourself.


Why do we find so few women in science?
Out of the list of the 800-900 Noble laureates, why are there so few women?
Why are so few women in the science laboratories in the world?
Where are they in politics, in sports, at least in the developing countries?
Where are they in literature, in all ways of creativity?
I will tell you, where they are. They are in the nest.


The body, the nest, be very cautious about that.
Men too have to be cautious about this, but women have to be supremely cautious.


Women will have to stop giving men so much importance.
The importance that a woman gives to her body, her biology, her nest and man, are all one.
Is there a nest without a man? The woman does not build the nest for herself.
She builds it for herself, and her man.
If you will go and figure out the fact of loneliness, it is the woman who is more susceptible to loneliness.
Men make merry even in the company of men.


Because you are a person, you only need a person speak.
In such case, you require that Grace appears in front of you like a person.
Otherwise, the Master is really not a person.
And the more you advance, the more your person-hood is dissolved, the more you see, you do not need a person in front of you.
In fact, the shape of the Master will change according to your shape!


As long as you are one type of a person, you will find that the Teacher is of one type.
The more your constitution, your personality changes, you will find the personality of the Teacher is also changing.
In fact, the Teacher has no definite personality.
His personality is just a veneer that he has put up in order to assist you.
You change, you will find him changing.


When you are moving out of your persona, you will find the Teacher is also moving out of your persona.
That is why the Teacher is bound to disappear one day.
He appears only in forms that are useful to you.
The moment that utility is exhausted, he is done.


The personality of the Teacher is just a temporary method.
Don’t confuse the personality with the Teacher.


The Teacher really is the Truth absolute, nothing else.
The Truth absolute appears as the teacher, nothing else!


First of all it has to be between you, and the impersonal One.
If you are with Him then it really doesn’t matter whether you are with one other person, ten more persons, or with nobody at all.
Your mind should not be occupied by a person.
If your mind is occupied by a person, then the mind is never going to find peace.
It doesn’t matter who the person is.

The mind must be the seat of the Absolute. You must belong to the Real One.
And then you may be with five persons, ten persons, and we said, or no person at all.
It won’t bother you.


The problem is not that the person hurts you, or the person dominates you, or the person creates problems for you.
The flaw is that you are allowing that person to become too central and too important for you.
Who should be central and important?
The Absolute.


In the expectation of deriving pleasure and security from a person, we allow that person to occupy a place, that no person should have ever occupied.


The throne has to be left vacant for the Infinite. It belongs to Him and nobody else.
So, even when you are with that person, live as if, firstly, you are with the Absolute.
Outside, maybe that person or several other persons will surround you.
Inside, you should be all alone with Him.

That’s the key.


Would you remember this?
Outside a crowd may surround you, inside, there should be just you and Him.


Whether one is truly free from wants, and whether one is truly simple, is tested only in adversity.
It is tested only when there is a challenge to the existing pattern of life.
So, so-called simplicity and innocence can be superficial as well, and therefore deceptive.


First of all, you should know, what kind of needs are you serving.
Secondly, you should check your own mind. Is it serving the other in order to get something?
Then it is not service. Then, it is merely transaction.


Lot of times, that’s what lot of compassion and social service are about.
In helping the other, you start feeling good about yourself. That is nothing but, reinforcement of the ego.
You rise in your own eyes. Your self-esteem gets a boost.
That’s not compassion.


The help should be of a nature, that should reduce the other person’s need to be helped.


You should help in a way that the other person demands less and less help.
And the act of helping should not lead to your own aggrandization.
Not in the world’s eyes, and more so, not in your own eyes.


Go deep into the problem, and see what would really solve it.
And then you will find, that to solve the problem, you have to solve yourself first.


The courageous mind sees, that the problem is not distant from the mind of the problem-ed one.
And therefore, if the mind can be solved, the problem disappears on its own.


You look at something, a human body that is, as an object that would satisfy your hunger.
This disunity, this separation, this distance between you and the object of your consumption, is what is violence.


Do not turn samadhi into something of the stars, something glittering and beyond the reach.
It is a very simple, ordinary, dissolved state of the mind.
The mind has no worries, the mind has no great concerns to be serious about – that is samadhi.


Life is simple, ordinary.
This is happening, that is happening, but whatsoever is happening, is not big enough to trouble you.
That is samadhi.


Peace has no distinctions, or flavors or colors.
Peace is just peace.


Devotion is a million times more powerful than observation.
With devotion, if you are uttering the name of ‘Ram’, or saying, “Om Namah Shivaya,” with genuine heartfelt love and devotion, then forget everything about observation. Observation will happen on its own.
That which is precious, is observed. Full stop.


The mind is the road to Truth. And only the mind can be the road to Truth, because you have no other road.


Love for Truth, or God, comes first. Observation then is a petty thing.
It just happens. Just happens.
You are in so much love with cleanliness and purity, that any rubbish shows up on its own.

That is observation.


Obviously, observation cannot show the Truth to you. What do you see in observation? All the falseness.

Why would falseness ever become noticeable?
Falseness becomes noticeable, only when you are in love with Truth.
Otherwise, falseness passes of. Otherwise, falseness is just everyday stuff – agreeable, acceptable.
Those who are on the path of observation, very well know that all the blemishes show up.


Love comes first. And where there is love, attention becomes compulsory.
Attention is an immediate obedient to Truth.


In attention, you want something big, really big. And that is love.
And if you want something really big, you cannot afford to stay small.
And that is one very unfortunate tragedy.
We want the big, remaining small.
And then we curse the big that it doesn’t come to us.


In attention, it becomes mandatory for you to grow up, or dissolve.

Concentration does not change you.
That thing, that you are concentrating on, is small. So you too can remain small.

In attention, you are targeting something bombastic. Boom! So, you better be big.

And why will you target something so big, and therefore so very distant?
Love, love.


Attention is possible only if you are devoted to the Truth.


Without love and devotion, attention is just another tension.


There is no threat ever, to who you are. Never! Your deepest identity is safe, secure, inviolable.
But ‘you’ – the ‘person’, the ‘woman’, the ‘lady’, has an unfortunate power. And that power is bestowed on each one of us.
What is that power? That power is – to not to take refuge in your real identity. The power is to choose something else except the – Real One.


Any concept you believe in, will take you away from what you really are!


The leaf cannot have a concept about the roots.
The leaf has to just look at it’s leaf-ness.
The leaf has to look at the life juice flowing in its veins.
And that’s the blessing of the roots and also the proof of the roots.
The sap in the leaf is both – the blessing of the roots and the proof of the roots.


Drop your concepts. You don’t need any concepts.
Your being, your physical being, your psychological being, itself is the proof of the great Truth.
Beyond that you don’t need any concept.


A silent mind, is the final proof of Divinity.
Why do you want to rush the mind here and there, to search for Divinity?


A silent mind itself is the great self, the Atman.


The more concepts you have about Holiness, the more you will find yourself starved of Holiness.
Holiness is not a concept.


Don’t try to live in paradigms.
If you live in paradigms, you will lose out on paradise.


The image will never be, even a patch on what He actually is.
Drop the images!


The mind’s whole objective in accepting conditioning is that, conditioning is worthwhile.
Otherwise the mind won’t accept anything.


Mind feels inadequate.
Mind feels incomplete.
Whosoever promises it completion, the mind latches on to it – it, him, her, whatever.


Whatsoever comes to you, if it is not giving you ‘That’ which is your deepest longing, and your deepest longing is for peace.
Whatsoever comes into your life, if it is not giving you that, clear it away.
Get rid of it.

That is clarity.


‘Listening’ is a quality of life itself.
It’s an all-pervasive thing.
Not limited to just a few hours.


Immersion cannot be time-bound.


What is ‘uncertainty’? ‘Uncertainty’ means, that when you are positive, you cannot be certainly positive.
The doubt, that positivity is flanked by negativity, always remains.
What do you call as a ‘positive thought’? A thought that makes you happy.
A thought about your well-being, a thought that – you would be alright or better-off.
A thought of hope.


Total certainty is non-dual.
Non-duality is possible, only when the other side, any kind of otherness, totally ceases to exist.
When there is no ‘other’, there is no duality.
But where there is thought, there would always be the other side of the coin.


With thought, therefore, fear always is there.
First of all, fear is there. And second, a continuation of thought is there.
When something has not been concluded, it would continue.
And with thought, there is never any conclusion, and therefore, an indefinite continuation is there.


Thought serves a great purpose, it eats away your time.
Otherwise, time will become such a burden.

Thinking, thinking, you continuously think, and you comfortably let days, months, years, decades, slip away.
And then you are so thankful when the death arrives.
Otherwise, living eighty years, and that too in awareness, would have been such a pain.
You will have, had to go through the rigors of right action.


Thoughts facilitate an avoidance of right action.


Have you ever asked yourself – if positive thought is really ‘positive’, then why are there ever any negative thoughts, after a positive thought?
If positive thought is really ‘positive’, it should have ended even the possibility of any future negativity.
But that possibility remains, and vice versa.


You see, people work hard, the King worked really hard.
And he kept austerities, he forced even God to come down and bless him.
So it would have required a very special effort, it was a mighty project.
But then what did he want from God? Nothing but the extension and continuation of his own mortal self.
And what is the lesson that we get from there? That even if the ego works hard, all it seeks is its own continuation.

So even if the ego seems to work very hard, it is always for an unworthy purpose.
So the message to all those who work very hard in their lives is – do not merely work hard. Also see why at all are you working so hard.

Second thing – even if the ego does get power, it utilizes it, rather mis-utilizes it for some nefarious end.


That’s what the ego does.

Only thinks about itself and gathers power and mis-utilizes it. So, the lesson to all of us is – before we go after power, we should ask, “What do you want to do with that power?” Being powerless is better than…having it in the wrong hands.


No relation of the body, no relation of the blood is higher than the one fundamental relation we have with the Truth.


No relationship should be kept higher than the one central relationship we have with our real Father.
Earthly relations are no comparison to our fundamental relation with the Heart, with the Truth, with God.


The more smart you are, the more clever you are, more are the chances that your own smartness will destroy you.
It’s very important to see when cleverness turns into cunningness.
And that happens very frequently, very easily, very un-noticeably.
You do not even know when you’ve turned cunning.
If you’re cunning, your own powers will destroy you.


Do not use the powers you have from God, against God himself.

Remember that He is the one, He is the Father, He is the boss. You are not. Do not try to act too smart, too clever. Do not be ungrateful.
You might be powerful. Remember that your powers are coming from Him.

He is the source, and the source would always be more abundant than the ones who are receiving from the source.
So whatever you have, whatsoever the ego has, is nothing in comparison to the source from where the ego comes, from where the entire world comes.


The object of love is so gigantic, that you cannot call it an ‘object’.
Further, all objects leave ample space for you to remain.
All objects leave space for the dualistic subject to remain, and prosper.


The object of love is so big, so total, so filling, so occupying, so unrelenting, so very compelling, that it leaves no space for the subject to hide and survive.


In giving, you remain as the giver. In receiving, you strike roots as the receiver.
So, in love, there is neither giving nor receiving.
Simply put, no doing of the doer. No-doing of the doer, is also the highest doing of the little doer.
The highest of the little doer.


Excuse me for giving a violent analogy.

But he, who has a lot of bloodshed, he is indeed involved in love.
Love does involve a lot of demolition.
And there are fireworks. And things come down. Great structures collapse. Formidable enemies have to be defeated.

All that is love.


You want something beyond your size, you want something beyond your measure.
And it will require all of you to get that.
If you care for your safety, if you care for your survival, it just can’t happen.

That’s love.

~ Excerpts from articles published in March’19. 

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