Gems from Articles – February’19

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‘Meditation’ is, when you want the highest alone.

‘Meditation’ is, when you are fed-up of looking at the small.

‘Meditation’ is, when you look at the small and you say, “If this is all that I can look at, then it cannot be small. It has to be very-very large.”

‘Meditation’ is, when nothing but the Truth is therefore the object you aim at – “I want the Truth.”

You can say, then, that your sole focus is the Truth.

But the Truth, as we know, is not something to be thought of, because one is too small to think of the Truth. Therefore, if one stubbornly insists that nothing but the Truth is to be known, then either one fails, or one bursts.


Meditation is a special kind of thought, in which the thinker bursts, because the thinker is trying to achieve that, which cannot be achieved. You are aiming at that, which cannot be aimed at, which is alakh (beyond comprehension). When you are aiming at the deep-deep Truth, then your faculty keeps becoming subtler, and subtler; and finer and finer. And ultimately, it just disappears.

This disappearance is ‘Meditation’.


Meditation is, when you look, and you are not contended. You say that you want more. You say, “It is just not, what it appears to be”. You want to be sharper, you want to be finer. You are hungry and you don’t want to suppress your hunger. You express the hunger.

Boldly, you move towards the danger area, the abyss, and  you know that it’s dangerous, mortally dangerous, but still there is something that calls you, lures you. You keep moving. And then, you are no more.

That’s ‘Meditation’.


‘Meditation’ is for those, who have taste for the mystical.

‘Meditation’ is for those who have the knack for the unknowable.

Unless you are a little crazy, unless you are a little off-center, a little mad by wordily standards, ‘meditation’ is not for you.


‘Meditation’ is for the daring ones, who say, that we are prepared to die, we are prepared to disappear. But we will not accept the stories. We want to go into the deep, dark caves and figure out for ourselves, what lies within.

Entering the caves, is sure shot death.

But then, there are some crazy ones, who do meditation.


You don’t go to a Guru so that he may provoke you to get liberated, so that, he may indoctrinate you in Liberation. You go to the scriptures or the Guru, when you are already burning for Liberation.


If you feel satisfied, contended, alright, then, I seriously advise you to not to be here.
Spirituality is for those, who are already sensing that the life is going waste.
If you are not sensing that, then continue on your paths, long enough and intensely enough, to get an experience to what hell is like.
And then you will run to be rescued.

Spirituality is, when you already see that you have unfortunately, probably inadvertently, created a mess.


It’s not about – doing whatever you do.
It’s about doing the right thing, and stopping doing what you do.



“Just do what you are doing, but remember Krishna. You don’t need to leave thing, continue running your fake shops, continue with your fake profession and fake life, just be a little devoted. Do thirty minutes meditation in the morning, and a bit of yoga.”

That’s not what Spirituality is all about – yoga, dhayana and the shop!


It’s not this way!
Spirituality is living the right life.
It is not about decorating your already existing ways.
Spirituality is not a pain-killer.
It is the eradication of the disease.


Spirituality rather says, “Let the pain be exposed.”

And that’s what the right Teacher does. He exposes your pain, he sensitizes you to your pain. But the result is, you say, “The right Teacher has given us pain.” And so you run away.


Spirituality starts, when you see that all your attempts to deceive yourself have finally failed. As long as you can curb and subdue your sobs, like this (covering the face with hands), Spirituality will not start.

And you have been able to convince yourself, that matters are not very serious or bad. And then comes a point when this (covering the face) does not work. And then comes a point that you are compelled into acknowledging that yours is a miserable state.

That’s when Spirituality begins.


Peace requires constant protection.

That which you get from God, requires your total effort to be protected.


‘Heart-ful’ attachment causes no pain in the Heart, it causes pain to the mind.
‘Heart-ful’ attachment means – attachment either with the Truth, or the messenger of Truth.
The ‘Heart’ cannot get attached to anything else.
The ‘Heart’ itself is a representative of the Truth.


It has been said that ‘Heart’ itself is verily the Truth. Therefore, the ‘Heart’ really does not like anyone or love anyone except, either the formless Truth or the formed representative of Truth.


When God comes into your life, you will find that there is a lot of jealousy all around.


Once you have seen the utter grandeur of Truth, how will you now fall for the worthless things? Therefore, Truth is dangerous.

The question is – For whom?

The Truth is not dangerous for you, the Truth is dangerous for your rubbish, which is good.


Right association, in itself, can never be the cause of suffering. But right association leads to a lot of dissociation as well. It is actually not even dissociation. Right association leads to a re-alignment of your associations.

It is not as you break your existing relationships. Rather your existing relationships get aligned in the right direction.

It is not as if you give-up your family or work or something. It’s just that now you align all of them with the Truth.


That which can be done easily, must be done easily, because anyway there are a lot of battles to face. Why then spend your energy in needless battles? Conserve your energy, it will be needed when the real battle arrives.


The trouble is, that we do not have our own eyes. To be more accurate, our eyes are closed. Had we not had any eyes, then the act could be pardonable. But the fact is, we have our eyes and we are keeping them closed.

We are not using our eyes to look at ourselves, we depend upon other’s opinions to look at ourselves. We are not using our intelligence, our own eyes to look at ourselves, we depend upon others to tell us how we are.


If ‘you’ don’t know what you are doing, how will others know what you are doing?
If ‘you’ don’t know, how will others know?


General awareness can be taken from others.
Self-awareness cannot be taken from others.


You are adults, how can somebody else give you a solution?
Somebody else can at the most help you in waking up.
And when you wake up, you see through your own eyes.
The other can have only a limited role.

Yes, there can be a role, but that role cannot substitute the functioning of your own eyes, of your own intelligence.


We live in a very second-handed, very-very dependent way. That is the reason why people are able to dominate us, sometimes even emotionally.

Somebody comes to you, listen to him, but do not allow his words to become your self-image.


It’s not authorities that you resist.
It’s just that you don’t know, who the right authority is.


Offer ‘your’ best, offer ‘your’ best.
‘The best’ is not going to be possible for you.
Offer ‘your’ best, and then probably ‘the best’ might come.


“Wherever I am, am actually never there -strained between the pulls of the past and the pulls of the future. Let me first look at my life. When I honestly do this, only then will I realize that life is precious. I am important. And it cannot be wasted away like this. There must be something more to life.”

But that wholeness, that completeness, which life deserves, that you can give to it only when you first realize the incomplete, the fragmented, the divided, ways in which we are living.

First, become sensitive to your own suffering. Only then there is the possibility to go beyond it and live a rich, full, joyful, energetic life.


We have become so accustomed to our own misery, that we have no realization, no sensitivity left to ourselves.

My request to you is, become a little more sensitive to yourself. Don’t be so cruel. We are utterly cruel towards ourselves. We do not even know how we are feeling. Given our so-called emotions, are nothing but conditioned reactions.

Become a little more sensitive, become a little more responsive towards yourself!


You are the one who is making yourself a slave.
Nobody can make you a slave without your consent.
You are giving your consent to becoming a slave.
You withdraw your consent and you are free.


Freedom does not come free.
Freedom has to be earned.
Are you prepared to earn your freedom?

Freedom from expectations, freedom from obligations!


The day you decide, the day you see that – I am free and I deserve a free life – you will actually be free.
But first, let that realization come.
Unless that realization comes, nothing can happen.

~ Excerpts from articles published in February’19.

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