Receive Insights into Acharya Prashant’s Life || Patreon and YouTube Join

The world is learning
Intelligent Spirituality from
Acharya Prashant
via his videos, books, audios,
courses and other programs.

But there are a few,
who learn by being with him 24×7!

Now the same opportunity
beckons you as well through
Patreon (English) and Youtube Join (Hindi)

WhatsApp Image 2019-11-27 at 15.28.11

 What will I be receiving after joining these communities?

● Daily wisdom messages selected by Acharya Ji.

● Daily excerpts, videos, and commentaries on
wisdom literature that Acharya Ji reads and recommends.

● Glimpses from Acharya Ji’s day-to-day life
in the form of exclusive photos, videos, and notes.

 Give yourself a chance
to live a life in Truth’s Light!

Important Note

For Hindi content, you must join YouTube ‘Join’
and for English content, you must join Patreon.
And to receive content in both languages,
one may join both the platforms,
content will be different.

Watch this video to know more:

To join Patreon (English), visit:

To join YouTube ‘Join’ (Hindi), visit:

For help,

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