• “Observation is not meant to comfort you. Observation is not meant to keep you nicely settled in your sofa. Observation will shake you up and that is why people don’t want to observe. Observation enables Right action. Observation must disturb you. It must shake you up into action.”


  • “If human beings can leave the world to its fate, even for five years, everything will be alright. Everything will be alright — the jungles will take care of themselves, the rivers will take care of themselves. They all have this intelligence as to how to take care of themselves.
    You just stop interfering.”
  • “Honesty is not a policy. Honesty is your uncorrupted way of living.
    Where there is a direct beautiful movement from the Self to the mind, from the mind to the thoughts, from thoughts to action, that is honesty.”


  • “Understanding of disappointment is the beginning of action, and the ending of disappointment.”


  • “Absence is the thought of action. Presence is action.”


  • “When you are really sure, all your energy rises into action.”


  • “Why do we act blind?
    Seeing demands action.
    To act is to risk one’s comfort and attachments.
    Blindness is our ploy against right action.”


  • “What is a good action?
    Anything done in awareness is good.”


  • “When you call your action a mistake, you think you have avoided a part of the punishment. But you pay more dearly by carrying a feeling of guilt that inevitably goes with every mistake. There is no need to act guilty.”


  • “So what is not evil then? How does man live? What is his dharma?
    Don’t ever decide. Whatever you will decide will come from you.
    Make way for the action to happen. Have the guts to step out of your own way.
    You are the evil. Even your best intention is an evil intention.”


  • “Spirituality is the real smartness. Right decision. Right action. No tension. Everything smooth.”


  • “Effortless action is the immersion of the actor in the Source.”


  • “Mind is a trader that always makes bad deals. It tries to sell away something that cannot be given away, and it bargains to buy something that cannot be useful. It trades away the essentials – love, freedom, simplicity – in exchange for illusions of acceptance, pleasure and security. Hence there is only suffering in each trade, in every action of the mind.”


  • “What is right action?
    That which comes out of a joyful remembrance of the Real.
    Or, from a painful experience of separation from the Real.”


  • “How deeply loveless are our lives! Trembling in fear.
    When fear is god, violence is the religion.
    All thought, all action – violent, violent.”


  • “Disown the self, disown the actions of the self, and disown the shame associated with the actions. Shame only reinforces the ego. Shame comes out of a misplaced belief that you are better than your action. Just observe the games of the self, naked, shamelessly. Freedom from ego and freedom from shame go together. The entire game of ambition and progress comes from an urge to overcome one’s sense of shame. This life-drama is nothing but shame being played all around.
    Disown shame, disown this shameful life.”


  • “The farther the action, the greater the imagination.”


  • “Grace is the Complete in action without the part making sense of it. Part will search for a cause. Part cause, part effect. The Complete is both cause and effect, hence causeless, hence effectless. Grace.
    May I please live in the unreasonable?”


  • “In attention, your old patterns cease to work. Your conditioned grooves are flattened. The filth on your eyes is cleared. It is cleansing of the highest kind. You are dissolved, cleansed of yourself. You are being washed in your own dissolution. That is Aatmsnaan (self-purification). That is why it is said that attention washes away all your sins of the past.
    Aatmsnaan is attention. The stains of the past actions cease to bother you in understanding.”


  • “To know what is the right action, to really know, you must be available. It demands your complete presence.
    Reaction arises from a part of your mind. There is always a choice involved. So, it keeps varying.
    Response arises from your totality. In response there is no choice, just the total. Responding doesn’t go right or wrong. It just is. Response is choiceless. There is no alternative.”


  • “The Truly spiritual man is young in action, and eternally old in realisation.
    At the Centre, he is completely still, like Shiva in mystical stillness.
    At the periphery, he is a lover and a fighter, like Shiva in existential dance.”


  • “Right action cannot come from prescription. Right action comes only from the right mind.”


  • “Nothing is not a thing.
    Now is not a time.
    Here is not a location.
    Witnessing is not an action.
    Knowing this is not a thought.”


  • “For most of us, patience is just an escape. As we are afraid and confused about the right action, so we end up being ‘patient’.”


  • “The solution to all problems – social, economic, political – lies not in collective, institutional action. It lies in development of the individual.”


  • “No action can be a remedy for another action. One blind step cannot rectify another blind step.
    Only in awakening do all actions dissolve.”


  • “The only way to be liberated of the action as well as the fruits of action, is to see that the actor is a myth.
    The actor is the myth.
    The doer is the Myth.
    The one we take ourselves to be is a myth.”


  • “Real action does not demand too many thoughts, because if you are still thinking a lot, then that thinking will impede the action.”


  • “If you are really acting, then thoughts will keep going down and down and down. As action becomes vigorous, thoughts get subdued. It is only with a calm mind that one can enter into right and energetic action.”


  • “No action can correct another action; only in understanding do all actions dissolve.”


  • “There is great beauty when you are not in a resisting state. And the action is beautiful. Then there is love in action. And then there is peace. And great things get done.”


  • Realization becomes anger in absence of action.”


  • “Right action is its own reward; wrong action is its own punishment.”


  • “Playing is the only right expression of energy.
    Right action is always playful.
    When action arises from the right centre, then you don’t strive, you play.
    Let your energy be expressed in playful Love.”


  • “You must realize that actions are not necessarily good or bad.
    You have been given a criterion to look at those actions, and that criterion is not yours.
    Different cultures, different people, different time, have different criteria. They are not yours.
    No action is good or bad.”


  • “The Aatman(Self), of course, cannot be emulated, but the physical action can be copied, so one starts copying that stuff.
    Now where there is the root – the shoot, and the flower and the fruit will be there.
    But if you keep watering the leaves and the fruit, then you will never get to the root.
    By copying somebody’s action, you will not attain to that person’s essence.
    You will only make a fool of yourself; as we do.”


  • “The right action always looks strange; the wrong action always looks known.”


  • “If you find yourself in big problems, just realize that the way out is small action.”


  • “If you really love somebody, do not make yourself important for that person.Let the Truth be important.That is the action of Love.”


  • “Action does not matter, the actor matters.”


  • “It is not even a matter of declaring, it is a matter of living that way. You can declare anything.
    But where is it showing up in your life?
    If you are declaring that the Truth is operating through you, then it has to show up in your every single action.”


  • “What is a right action?A right action is that which comes from actually nowhere.
    Just happens.
    And therefore, it is fresh.And therefore it does not need the assistance of past.” 


  • “The center should never move, and all the movement should be on the periphery – the circumference.
    So inaction at the center, and deep and vigorous action on the periphery.
    And the two are related.
    If the center starts moving, then the system will collapse.” 


  • “The world is the world of action.
    Everything is moving here. Action means movement, time.
    The world is the seat of action.
    To live well in the world, you must be very-very inactive within.”


  • “Only when you are still within, can there be good action outside.
    This is action in inaction and inaction in action.”


  • “If seeing happens, it happens within the moment.
    There, the question will change.
    The life would change.
    Actions would change.
    You no more continue to act in the same groove.”


  • “No action in continuation of restlessness will take you to rest.”


  • “If the action is happening out of a direct relationship with the Absolute, every action is justified.”


  • “Planning for action only requires intellect, actually acting requires Faith.”


  • “Know the right action – that is Gyana (knowledge), and then plunge into it, with all your Faith – that is Bhakti (devotion).”


  • “Sometimes the most pleasant looking, the nicest looking action, might actually be coming from a very vicious place, very vicious place. And sometimes, I dare say, most of the times, a very unpleasant action, might be coming from a very sacred spot.
    So be careful.”


  • “The commandments of the Self are that you must abide in the Self; that is your real place, that is where you must be.
    That your actions must be coming directly from the Self – from the Self to the mind, from the mind to the material.”


  • “The right action happens voicelessly. It comes from nowhere, it goes into nowhere. You don’t even know that you have acted.”


  • “If I understand things fully and let the right action happen today, then my mind will not wander into hopes of tomorrow.
    It will be completely occupied with the great possibility of this moment, of what is to be done.”


  • “Realization is extremely powerful.
    You cannot realize and not act.
    It is impossible.
    Action follows realization.”


  • “Anxiety is thought. The presence of thought implies the lack of attention.
    All anxiety is imagination.
    In understanding of the present, energetic action starts and anxiety disappears.”


  • “For real action, let the Real act on your behalf.
    Observing the world, one comes to the ego.
    Observing ego, one comes to the Self.”


  • “The Faithful one is a man of vigorous action.
    Worries make you incapable of action.
    In Faith, you’re able to act without worrying about the fruits of action, and that’s why your action then is powerful.”


  • “Right action happens causelessly. It comes from nowhere. It goes nowhere.”


  • The mind asks, “How do I know if my action is right?”It never asks, “Am I right?”


  • “Whatever you do is a reflection of what you are.”
  • “In action, you require great energy, but at your center, you require tremendous non-movement, a total absence of energy. At least, a total absence of movement, kinetic energy.”


  • “It is not the action that matters, it is the point of origin of the action that matters.”


  • “To know your intentions, watch your actions.”


  • “Actions! Actions! Actions! Look at your actions. Don’t look at the intentions, you avow. Don’t look at the intention, you claim and profess. Look at your actions, they will tell you of your real intentions. Otherwise we all carry professed intentions. They are hollow claims. Your actions, your thoughts, they tell you of where you are really headed to, what you really want to do.”


  • “In matters of utmost important do not listen to the mind, go by the heart; that will decide the right action.”


  • “Gita is talking of effortless action. Action is happening, there is no one who is making a mental effort. That’s the message of Krishna.”


  • “Let action happen, you don’t become the actor.”


  • “If at a particular point something sees right to you, go ahead and do it. Don’t be a captive to your history.”


  • “Whatever you are doing, if it keeps others, in illusion, if it furthers their dreamlike state, if it deepens their identity, then your action is not good even for yourself.”


  • “Whatever you do with anger would only give fuel to anger. You don’t condemn anger, you don’t support anger, you don’t accept it but you also don’t resist it. You’re all right with anger, you’re alright with it.

Whenever as an angry being you want to do something about anger remember that you are furthering the actions of the angry one.”


  • “The result of action, need not be speculated. The result of action is always foretold. The result of the action is contained in the genesis of the action.”


  • “The action is its own profit. Dancing is its own joy.”


  • “Only when there is absolute stillness in the Heart, then there is power in the actions, in the arms. Only then do you really live. Only then you are really alive.”


  • “Dancing is when you are in Joy and energy wants to express itself. You don’t have anything to gain through that action. It is just the play of energy.”


  • “There is no action that is inherently bad.”


  • “Wrong action comes from one’s own personal priorities, likes and dislikes, choices and preferences. From there, whatever comes is the wrong action. Whatever you decide and do for yourself, even with the best of intentions, is the improper action. When you step back and let life function through you, that is the right action. When you step back and let your personal priorities be subservient to something far bigger than yourself, then that is the right action.”


  • “Action implies results. The actor can be result-free. You can act from a point where results don’t bother you but that does not mean that actions will not have results. You can play in such a way that the results – the victory or the loss, are inconsequential to you. But that does not mean that you are playing to lose.”


  • “Never can right action come from a divided feeling.”


  • “The very origin of wrong action is the suffering itself.”


  • “Only when you operate from the wrong center, that you bear the results of the action. Otherwise, there are no results of the action. No Karmphal.”


  • “The action of the light is to dispel darkness. So, light will have to meet darkness and when peace meets noise, there can be bloodshed. Do not be scared of that. Remember all fear arises from the need for self-preservation. All fear is ego. Only the ego is scared and wants to preserve itself.”


  • “Kindly remember that when the action is not happening by you, then you would also never suffer the fruits of the action. And if you are suffering the fruits of the action, rest assured that you were the doer.”


  • “Only when you are the doer, do you receive the fruits of what has been done. Only when you are the actor, you receive the fruits of the action.”


  • “The result of action can neither enhance you nor reduce you.”


  • “Right action happens voicelessly, it comes from nowhere and it goes into nowhere.”


  • “Because the consequences of a right action cannot be wrong, the very definition of right action is that it cannot have the right consequences. Whatever are the consequences, must be taken as right. Consequences cannot be labeled as right or wrong as per my judgment. The only way to ask, whether a consequence is good or bad, is, “Is this the consequence of a right action?” If it is the consequence of the right action, then it is the right consequence. That doesn’t matter if it hurts you. And, if it is the consequence of the wrong action, then even if the consequence appears to be sweet, it is terribly bitter.”


  • “It is not the action or the fruit of the action that matters. What matters is, where is the whole thing coming from. Coming from the right place, it is right, even if it appears to be wrong. And coming from the wrong place, even if it appears to be pleasurable, it is terribly wrong.”


                                   These quotes have come from talks and writings of Acharya Prashant

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