Why must kids turn vegan? || Acharya Prashant (2019)

Intellect is the center of today’s man.

If that be so, why not use the same intellect in a godly way?

If intellect is what we are identified with, why not surrender this same intellect to the service of God?

Use the mind.

Use the mind in service to the Truth.

If intellect is what you have, devote the intellect to the service of the Truth, to the service of Compassion.

Food is not just food || Acharya Prashant on veganism (2017)

Man is becoming more comfortable with his own skin, and in his own skin.

Man is seeing that to be a man is to have God in the heart and the soil in the body.

One has to be very comfortable with the soil, very-very comfortable.

And the soil has all the animals, the soil has all the jungles.

If you are not comfortable with the animals and the jungle, you will never be comfortable with yourself.

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