• “Awakening begins with suffering.”


  • “No action can be a remedy for another action. One blind step cannot rectify another blind step. Only in awakening do all actions dissolve.”


  • “You do not know me. Neither are you coming here to me, nor are you running away from me. Find out: who wants to come? To whom are you coming? Who resists the coming?
    You are not coming to me, you are coming to your Self. You are not listening to me, you are listening to your Self.
    By not coming here, you may avoid this physical location. But can you avoid yourself, your Essence?
    When you come here, you come to your Home. It is not a man you are listening to, you are listening to your own pure voice. It is not the physical location that calls you, it is the call within. The call to return Home, to peace.
    If you don’t come to me, where else would you go? Wherever you would go, you would find me. One day, you may find me staring back at you from the mirror. One day, you may find me sitting right in the middle of your Heart.”


  • “You are born so that you may be Born.”


  • “To know who is sleeping, you need to be awake.”


  • “To drop is to awaken, not to quit.”


  • “In waking state, only the senses are awake. In sleeping, only the senses go asleep.
    What happens to you?
    Wake up really, Or sleep fully!”


  • “What we call as knowing, or being awake, is just a burden upon the mind.
    Great joy lies in not knowing, not being awake, even while awake.”


  • “It’s easier to talk of social reform rather than individual awakening.
    Can the society be corruption-free if the individual mind is corrupt?”


  • “Lucky are those whose eyes open up even if to see their wounds.
    And lucky are those whose sensitivity awakens even if to feel their hurt.”


  • “Without myself being awake,I can’t know whether the Buddha is awake.
    Buddha’s awakening is either really my own awakening, or just a concept.”


  • “What is the most dangerous dream?
    That I am awake.
    What is the most dangerous conditioning?
    That at least some part of me is unconditioned.”


  • “The world changes the moment I am awake.
    As soon as I am awake, I rise above the dream.”


  • “Awareness is a part of life, meditation is a part of routine, love is a part of relationships.
    Sure, just as waking up is a part of the dream.”


  • “How will it feel to know that you have wasted your one precious life, and now it is too late?
    Wake up!”


  • “Don’t look so startled. The world has not suddenly changed. You have woken up.
    Now come and help with the wake-up calls.”


  • “I can speak, I can only say.
    You may use my words as a lullaby and go deeper into dreams.
    Or, you may use my words as a wakeup call, and wake up.”


  • “The spiritual mind is deep asleep, and this sleep is the highest awakening.”


  •  “Religion is that which leads to your awakening, not that which helps you in remaining more asleep.”


  • “Buddha is not a man or a person, he is awakening itself!”


  • “Awakening begins with suffering.”


These quotes have come from talks and writings of Shri Prashant

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