• “If your sleepy eyes are full of dreams, you will not like the Sun rising.”


  • “Clarity is not knowledge. Clarity is to see the limitation of knowledge.”


  • “Constant remembrance of ‘I am’ takes me beyond what I think I am”

  • “Entertainment is to Enjoyment
    what pleasure is to Joy,
    what attachment is to Love,
    what knowledge is to Awareness,
    what noise is to Silence,
    what imagination is to Truth.”


  • “Awareness is a point untouched by problems.”


  • “One is always selfish. Just that some know the Self, others don’t.
    In awareness of Self, Selfishness is beautiful.”


  • “‘Ignorance is bliss’ is a satire. There is numbness in ignorance, so one doesn’t feel the suffering.
    Even to suffer, some awareness is needed.”


  • “An insecure, fearful mind is due to lack of self-awareness.
    All identities, sense of self, obtained from outside can be taken away.
    Hence, fear.”


  • “Till one does not understand his mind-machine, he has no right to talk of Love.
    Funnily, the most self-unaware ones ‘fall’ the most in love.”


  • “If I hold that a live engine must make noise, then its only poor car models I’ve seen.
    There can be awareness without the noise of thoughts.”


  • “Intentions don’t matter; Awareness does.”


  • “In awareness whatever is chosen will be beautiful.
    In awareness whatever gets done is divine.”


  • “Only in awareness is material enjoyable.”


  • “You are a candle.
    A candle is a process of matter subliming into light. A candle appears to be just material till the time it is not lighted. And after it is set aflame, the matter starts disappearing into light. This is the process of self-awareness: matter to light.
    For light to be bright, matter will have to be lost. This burning is not your death, it is your coming alive.
    Burn fast, burn bright.”


  • “In essential awareness, there is a forgetting of the inessential.
    A telling sign of awareness is an inability to remember the inessential.”


  • “Is self-awareness must for everybody?
    I don’t know. But it is surely must for me.
    Without self-awareness, how do I say anything about others?”


  • “Being emanates awareness.
    Awareness emanates consciousness.
    Consciousness emanates matter.
    Materialists live three generations behind.
    Catch up!”


  • “Awareness is a part of life, meditation is a part of routine, love is a part of relationships.
    Sure! just as waking up is a part of the dream.”


  • “He tried to be aware of his unawareness.
    He found he was unaware of his awareness.”


  • “Not knowing anything, there is just awareness that knows nothing.”


  • “Self-awareness is just self-remembrance.”


  • “What is a good action?
    Anything done in awareness is good.”


  • “In awareness, you are total, clear, empty and silent.”


  • “In awareness, there is nothing to be missed because the highest goal is reached, and there is nothing to be achieved.”


  • “In awareness, your decisions come from nowhere and they are right and wrong for nobody.”


  • “In awareness, you decide in peace.In peace, peace is the decision.”


  • “There is nothing called personal awareness.Awareness is simply a dissolution of the personal.”


  • “Awareness is the peaceful dissolution of consciousness.”


  • “There is no choice in the happening; the choice lies only in your response.And the response again has only two choices: a response of awareness versus a response of conditioning; only two choices are there.Either you can respond in your most aware state, or you can respond like a machine in a conditioned state.”


  • “In awareness, whatever is chosen will be beautiful.In awareness, whatever gets done is divine.”


  • “All processes of consciousness and experience are powered by the ground of pure Awareness.”


  • “In the vast ocean of awareness, let your thoughts rise and fall.”


  • “Listener: In awareness, I feel connected to others.AP: In awareness, there are no others.L: Yes, in awareness, only ‘I’ is there.AP: When others are not there, how can the ‘I’ be there?
    In awareness, there are neither others nor the self. Just Silence.”


  • “If your awareness is ‘your’ awareness, it will die with you.
    If you belong to awareness, then you cannot die.”


  • “Listener: In awareness, does one exist?AP: No.L: In awareness, does one not exist?AP: No.L: Then?AP: Existence and non-existence are both concepts.
    Awareness is not a concept.
    Awareness IS.”


  • “Question: Can you please take me to awareness?
    AP: You are already there. I am already there. You are me. We both are not.
    Now, let’s coolly act that I am your Guru taking you there.
    Join the dance.”


  • “Q: How to be aware of Silence?
    AP: Awareness is not a subject, and Silence is not an object.
    You can be conscious of something, you cannot be aware of something.
    Silence is neither something nor the absence of something.”


  • “Consciousness is movement, Awareness is stillness.”


  • “Acknowledge, when love comes to overpower you; and acknowledge, when evil dominates you.

    Acknowledge both of them!”

  • “Imaginations, choices, opinions, biases – they dispute each other. One fact can only supplement another fact, never contradict it. One fact can only add to, complete, or supplement to another fact. But never cross it.”


  • “In consciousness, there are objects. In awareness, there is nothing. You are always conscious of something. You can never be aware of something. Actually, awareness means nothing. Awareness just means peace.”


  • “Living in facts means really and honestly knowing what is going on; not letting my fear come in the way of my awareness.”


  • “Awareness is about the absence of thought, the absence of the need to interfere with the facts.”


  • “Awareness is a passive consciousness. Awareness is a consciousness that is settled.”


  • “Living in facts means really and honestly knowing what is going on; not letting my fear come in the way of my awareness.”


  • “Awareness is about the absence of thought, the absence of the need to interfere with the facts.”


  • “Awareness is a passive consciousness. Awareness is a consciousness that is settled.”


  • “Understanding is not a conclusion, understanding can never be captured in a statement; Understanding is pure awareness. And pure awareness is truth itself, which is God. “Pragyaanam Brahm” – Understanding itself is the Truth.”


  • “On Shiva Sutra: Atman is the mother of mind; Awareness is the mother of consciousness.”


  • “The nature of consciousness is movement not stillness. Consciousness moves along with the object it looks at. Awareness is stillness. In awareness even if one is looking at the various objects around yet he is still. This is what is meant by looking at a thing as well as the essence of the thing. The essence of everything is a still mind.”


  • “Let the mind do, what it wants to do, remain present along with the mind, do not leave it alone. Good friends do not leave each other. At the same time, they do not try to rule each other. They also don’t judge each other. Be a good friend of the mind. “You want to go there, I will come along. Whatever you want to do, do that but do that in front of me, in front of my awareness. I’ll watch what you are doing. Do what you want to do, let me just watch.” And then you will discover what the mind wants. And then you will discover why it rushes about in such a mad way, in such particular directions. And that will be a different knowing altogether. Are you getting it?”


These quotes have come from talks and writings of Acharya Prashant

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