• “To know yourself, firstly stop believing that you know anything about yourself.”


  • “To know a Buddha, you must be somewhat like a Buddha.
    A ‘normal’ man has only beliefs about joy, freedom, love. Borrowed images taken as truth.”


  • “Rejection of ignorance is dangerous if it implies a belief in knowledge as the Truth. Ignorance is only as false as knowledge, and no more. “


  • “Only a very sharp and meditative mind can see its own limits and stupidity.
    Dull and mediocre minds have a deep belief in their cleverness.”


  • “The intelligent man realizes that all his words, beliefs, his entire world is a lie.
    Only idiots keep a pious, bigoted belief in their truth.”


  • “If time can change it, it is not the Truth.
    Is there anything in my life, relationships, beliefs, that does not come and go with time?”


  • “I don’t believe that I exist.
    I know that I exist.
    So poor is belief! And such is the certitude of knowing.
    Belief is an escape from knowing.”


  • “God and scriptures are not matters of personal belief.”


  • “Utter resignation: Come to the point of seeing the uselessness of your pursuits. Till the time you believe that you have the ability to change yourself, you find that nothing is changing. When the belief that you can change yourself disappears, then real change happens, silently. Real change is the realisation that I cannot change, that I am petty.”


  • “Darkness is the belief that there is something except light.
    Darkness is a belief in the world as an objective reality by itself.”


  • “Disown the self, disown the actions of the self, and disown the shame associated with the actions.
    Shame only reinforces the ego. Shame comes out of a misplaced belief that you are better than your action.
    Just observe the games of the self, naked, shamelessly.
    Freedom from ego and freedom from shame go together.
    The entire game of ambition and progress comes from an urge to overcome one’s sense of shame. This life-drama is nothing but shame being played all around.
    Disown shame, disown this shameful life.”


  • “We live in fantasies of the beyond, beliefs of the extraordinary.
    Seek not the transcendental, and live simply in the direct, obvious, ordinary.”


  • “Leela and Maya: Maya is when one acts in the mistaken belief that the expression is the Essence, or is not the Essence. Maya is to have beliefs about the Essence, beliefs which are then superimposed upon the world, the expression.
    Leela happens when one knows Essence as Essence and expression as expression, and that they are neither one nor separate.
    When the world takes control of me, it is Maya.
    When I am not ruled by world while still participating in it, it is Leela. And that is the only healthy relationship with world.”


  • “Beliefs come from time, past.
    Knowing is right now.
    Faith is knowing that there is stuff beyond time.”


  • “Those who want the Real give up the fake.
    If you really want to live, give up your beliefs about life.
    You come alive when beliefs die.”


  • Whenever the mind will take itself seriously, whenever the mind will be covered with layers of conditionings and beliefs, the mind will act from those beliefs and hence the mind will necessarily become the doer.”


  • “‘Was’, ‘is’ and ‘will be’ indicates a belief in time. So even though you are talking of Truth, yet you are maintaining your belief in time. No realized man will talk of Truth in these terms. And if he does, it would only be for the consumption of a particular set of people, who would otherwise not understand.”


  • “If you already believe, you cannot know.
    Belief is an enemy of attention.”


  • “Slaves are those who believe they are slaves.
    And slaves are those who believe they are free.
    The beliefs themselves are the slavery.”


  • “Love is not about finding something. Love is about first and foremost dropping something, “I have my mind which is burdened under beliefs, a Lot of load, a lot of unnecessary luggage and opinions.” When those beliefs, opinions, conditioning, when they are dropped, what remains is the empty space called joy. When that joy spreads, that is called love.”


  • “Slaves are those who believe they are slaves and slaves are those who believe they are free. The beliefs themselves are the bondage, it does not matter what you believe in.”


  • “The believer and the atheist are brothers. One believes in something he does not know; the other does not believe in something he does not know.”


These quotes have come from talks and writings of Shri Prashant

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