• “Body is time, body is memory. So it requires memory for movement. The actor itself is a memory.”


  • “Body is memory, body is conditioning. Let the conditioned remain conditioned, but ‘you’ must operate on awareness. Memory is not a substitute for awareness.”


  • “Body as a machine has to be conditioned. But ‘man’ has to be unconditioned.”


  • “Is there anything that we like and is not coming from conditioning?
    Conditioning sustains conditioning.”


  • “Buddha is at the centre and Gautam on the periphery. When the center is firm everything in the circle falls in place.”


  • “Everything that you think of as the world is nothing but ‘you’. Everything that you think of as ‘you’ is nothing but the world.
    Sans your thoughts, the world and the conception of ‘you’, there is a vast nothingness and that is what you really are.”


  • “To be human is to have a body of earth and a heart of the sky. If you just have a body of earth with no heart, then you are a puppet, not a human being. Even a puppet has a body, even a puppet moves.
    To be human is something totally different.
    To be human is to have the sky in your heart; that great silent vastness in your heart. Then you are human.”


  • “What the Self is, the body cannot be.
    What the Self is, the mind cannot be.
    The Self is unlimited and immortal.
    The body and mind cannot be immortal.
    But because you are not in touch with the immortality of the Self, so you put the burden of immortality upon the body and the mind. Those poor things cannot bear this burden – this is basic human suffering.
    We demand from the body what the body cannot give, and we beg from the world what the world does not have.”


  • “The Real cannot be experienced.”


  • “The Teacher is the voice of Truth, not the man behind the voice.”


  • “To be a human is to have Sky in the Heart and Earth in the body.”


  • “I am this! I am that! I am not the body! I am Brahm! I am Him!
    Why not just be a little honest and direct and admit ‘I do not know’?”


  • “Being Hindu has as much to do with having a caste as Being has to do with having a body. Hinduism is Kabir and Ashtavakra, not caste.”


  • “Being in time, as a time-form,as a human body, is just one event in the lengthy logbook of my time-free Being.
    Seek expression, not inception.”


  • “I have an insecure mind feeling lonely and a hormone-loaded body wanting sex.
    I look for an object to meet my mental-physical need.
    My love!”


  • “This self-love, my concern for myself, my insecurities, fixation with my body, my people.
    Self-love, the only love affair that never ends.”


  • “My body; exactly whose body?
    My mind; whose mind?
    If I am the body, mind, thoughts, why not say ‘me body’, ‘me mind’!
    Be yourself; be whom?”


  • “The body-identified person respects the doer.
    The mind-identified person respects the thinker.
    The unidentified person respects realization.”


  • “Every thought, every cell in the body is totally conditioned. Hundred percent patterned.
    This pattern is the doer that I am.”


  • “Mind: the bridge between body and Source.”


  • “In consciousness, there is somebody who is conscious.
    In understanding, there is nobody who understands.
    Understanding is impersonal.”


  • “Mind and body crave to express their already Perfect Source.
    And that is the purpose of life: Just expression, not achievement.
    Live the Self.”


  • “Existence gave you the body but you gave yourself the society.
    Existence gives you fruits and vegetables, society gives you recipes.
    Being bound to recipes your taste buds and senses become crude and lose their capacity to sense the subtle.”


  • “The entire universe comes together as the body.
    Let the body be; don’t try to control it, don’t impose morality upon it, don’t be afraid of it.
    To be afraid of the body is to be afraid of existence.”


  • “You don’t need to take care of the body. Your care is just a concept. Drop all the concepts and the body knows how to take care of itself.”


  • “The understanding of a Self or Soul or Atman was given to rid man of his body-identification.
    And man said: The soul is in my body.


  • “The body is the key to all the secrets of the universe.”


  • “The body is only as real as the wave, the atom and the quark.
    The unreal, or dependently real, nature of matter is the nature of the body.”


  • “We live to expand.
    Body-identified man reproduces physically.
    Mind-identified man expands thoughts.
    The free man just gives up his limits.”


  • “If we were half as concerned about the rape of the mind as we are about the rape of the body. A mind used to its rape calls rape as ‘system’.”


  • “The saint is not the body of a saint.
    The saint is not the words of a saint.
    The saint is the source from where the words of the saint emerge.
    The saint is that which you are when you really listen to those words.”


  • “Who is Kabir?
    A historical figure, a weaver, a body that died?
    Kabir is the essence from which all Kabirs are born.
    A thousand Kabirs come and go, and Kabir remains as always.”


  • “If you live as the body, you will value only that which is related to the body.”


  • “When somebody who is attached to you via the body, sees, that the command of the body is no more being followed by you and by the other person, then all of a sudden he realizes the tremendous power of Truth.He sees — that there might be an entire past of many decades connecting me to this person yet when the Truth shines then past has no meaning.Your relationship might be of sixty years, but one moment of Truth, one glimpse of Truth obliterates all those sixty years.In the language of morality, this sounds like being disloyal, does it not?“That one moment of some god-damn realization and you forgot our age-old real relationship! Is this your fidelity? Is this what our relationship means to you? So cheap!”
    Tell them — “yes”.One moment of Truth is bigger than sixty-years of any relationship or sixty-thousand years.”


  • “When Krishna says, “As I am in myself, so I am in you, and so I am in the rest of the world,” he obviously means that the body does not mean anything.
    And then how can parents matter, when the body does not mean anything?
    Do you see the inconsistency, how in the same breath we talk of being truthful towards parents and then we quote the Gita?
    How can somebody quote the Gita and still assign virtuosity to the family structure?
    Krishna is all the time saying, “The family does not matter,” and the family is the supporting pillar of your morality.To be with Krishna, is to be totally beyond morality. Krishna does not at all bother about the family. In fact, he is getting Arjun to slaughter his family.”


  • “You know, when you move into understanding, even the cells of your body change, your eyes change, your facial expressions change. Nothing remains the same.
    Deeper your meditativeness is, the deeper is the physical change that comes to you. Your very breath changes. It becomes regulated, on its own.
    The way you walk, your gait, the contours of your voice, its modulation, everything changes. The way you sit, the way you look, the way you listen, everything changes. I am prepared to say, that even the chemical composition of your body changes.”


  • “Once you discover your essential nature, that is when mind and body can freely and joyfully engage in doing what they must do.”


  • “Don’t be concerned about the body, rebirth is not about taking another body. When the mind really changes, that is rebirth.”


  • “You are really one with the Guru when you do not see the Guru as a body anymore.”


  • “Q: How can we say we are not the body?
    A: Are you listening to me with your ears?”


  • “To be a father or a mother is not something physical. It is about not only giving a body but also talking the child to That beyond the body.”


  • “Insecurity enters you wearing the mask of love.Fear enters you wearing the mask of care.Body centricity enters you wearing some other mask.Spiritual practice lies in seeing beyond the mask.”


  • “The Atman does not reside in the body. The body is material, the body is an object in the Mind. And the Atman is the very source of the Mind.”


  • “The mind is feeling bad, the body is trembling and falling apart, and yet there is an untouched center, which is at peace.”


  • “Inside does not mean inside the body. Inside also does not mean inside the brain. Those who talked of the ‘Inside’ they meant something else. But look at the way we say inside, as if it is somewhere inside the body.”


  • “In every material man, lies both, a man and a woman. So, your flesh, your body, mind, brain, thoughts, all of these refer to the woman in you and the witnessing pure consciousness refers to the man in you.”


  • “You must let the world proceed in the manner in which it would. The body has its own intelligence. The river knows how to flow. The birds know when to wake up. The grass is beautifully green on its own. You don’t have to interfere, just as you don’t have to interfere when food gets digested in your guts. You don’t have to interfere with your thoughts. Thoughts keep tormenting us precisely because we resist them, we interfere. The sage is saying something absolutely radical. He is saying, “Let it be. Let the drama continue. You have no obligation to control anything. Your only obligation is to stand pure. Your only obligation is to not to get sucked in.””


  • “That was joyous moment (pointing towards the moment when Jesus was crucified). That is the perfect expression of Joy. How else can a mortal body take it. One small pin, if it penetrates the skin, you know how we require it, don’t we and here you have thick ones which are all over your body and then you are carrying it on your back. How else do you think you can live through all this and no grudge, no complaint?”


  • “As I know myself, I am hardly anything more than the body, I am hardly anything more than the society. You know what does body represent- your physicality, your entire evolution. You know what clothes represent- society, everything that society gave you. If you can see that you are nothing more than physical and social conditioning then it’s a revolution. But you have to stay with that, not just talk. You’ve to really live in that realization. I am nothing but that, which my genes gave me and which my religion, priest, teacher, media, boss, wife, parents gave me. I am nothing but that. And since you’re not that, you’ll feel like rebelling.”


  • “The body has no nature. The body only has patterns and habits, the body is molecules. First of all see that what you are calling as nature, had it been nature then you would’ve been contended in it. The mark of nature is that when you are in nature then you want nothing else. Nature means that which I am. If body is your nature then just living as body would keep you totally contended, does it? So, of course, body is not your nature. Body has no nature at all. If body has a nature then clothes too have a nature. Body is another clothing.”


  • “To be immortal is to know that which is beyond the conditioned circuit of the body-mind.”


  • “Whosoever you think of as weak, whether within you or outside your body, would surely be the one who would be controlling you through his weakness. Weakness is such a great strength!”


  • “Let body and mind operate freely without you.”


  • “God will not act on your behalf by shining as an angel somewhere, instead, God acts on your behalf through your own body and mind.”


  • “Know the body, instead of entertaining yourself with the thought that ‘I am not the body’.”


  • “The only way to live as the one beyond the body is to realize the body; is to see that the body is the body.”


  • “The body follows the actual intention of the mind.”


  • “Body is not telling the Truth; Body is representing the mind.”


  • “The mind is nothing but the intelligence of the body.”


These quotes have come from talks and writings of Shri Prashant

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