Talks and Discourses 2013

Sessions in Educational Institutions:

Sl No. Name of Article Venue of talk Date
1  What is the purpose of life? IIT Jan 13
2 Freedom from compulsive slavery IIT Jan 13
3  Ego, the borrowed self ITM Jan 13
4 Attachment is the action of time and space ITM Jan 13
5 Love scares the ego ITM Jan 13
6 To know what I am not is to know myself ITM Jan 13
7 Unconditional Freedom IIT Jan 13
8 Freedom from ego is freedom from fear KEC Jan 13
9 A passionate life KEC Jan 13
10 Freedom begins with a ‘No’ AKGEC Feb 13
11 Awakening begins with suffering AKGEC Feb 13
12 Of Confidence, Falseness and the Idea of Perfection AKGEC Feb 13
13 The personality is not your essence AKGEC Feb 13
14 Motivation is slavery AKGEC Feb 13
15 Where is the Real Me? AKGEC Feb 13
16 Freedom is for the Free AKGEC Feb 13
17  An ambitious mind will remain in conflict AKGEC Feb 13
18 Truth is not for those who sell their Freedom AKGEC Feb 13
19  Intentions don’t matter; Awareness does  KEC Jan 13
20 What is professionalism? KEC Jan 13
21 Who is collecting your sacrifice? KEC Jan 13
22 Live life in your own Light KEC Jan 13
23 Why is it so difficult to trust? ITM Feb 13
24 Will I ever be able to know who am I? ITM Feb 13
25  Who is a friend? HIET Feb 13
26  All else is external ITM Feb 13
27  Why am I full of suffering? ITM Feb 13
28 How can I get my ex-girlfriend back? MIT Feb 13
29 Does experience give intelligence? IIT Feb 13
30  How to get rid of fear? AKGEC Feb 13
31  Is dissatisfaction necessary for progress? BBDIT Feb 13
32 What does it mean to be practical? BBDIT Feb 13
33 Why is life not lively? ITM Feb 13
34 Confidence is fear BBDIT Mar 13
35 Can one be related without attachment? KNMIET Apr 13
36 All fear is the product of ego KIMT Apr 13
37  You cannot acquire yourself from outside KNMIET Apr 13
38  Why do people have kids? ITM May 13
39 What is the relation between love and kids ITM May 13
40 What is patriotism? AKGEC Feb 13
41 Knowing is more crucial than knowledge MIT Feb 13
42 Your morality is your bondage ITM Apr 13
43 It will surely be dark when the eyes are closed ITM Apr 13
44 Two types of successes; choose yours AKGEC Mar 13
45  The Individual is real, the person a copy AKGEC Mar 13
46  Were you born with a sword? AKGEC Mar 13
47 Pornography & guilt,physical & social conditioning MIT Feb 13
48 How do I retain this beautiful silence? MIT Feb 13
49 Why am I here in this universe? MIT Feb 13
50  Why must I know the Truth? MIT Feb 13
51 How to get rid of negative thoughts? MIT Feb 13
52 Does education lead us to the truth? MIT Feb 13
53 What is the significance of words like ‘Om’? MIT Feb 13
54 Love does not know labels KEC Feb 13
55 How do I avoid the comments made by others? MIT Feb 13
56 When this changes, that changes MIT Feb 13
57 Is it selfish to think about myself? MIT Feb 13
58 What is jealousy? MIT Feb 13
59  How to attain maturity? HIET Feb 13
60 Why do I run after gloss? MIT Feb 13
61 How to gain freedom from society? BBSCET Feb 13
62 Past is Past ITM Feb 13
63 How to get rid of day-dreaming? IIT Jan 13
64 Only the society says the society is supreme IIT Jan 13
65 Relationships are not based on ‘give and take’ IIT Jan 13
66 Medititiveness, not meditation IIT Jan 13
67 What is beyond this universe? IIT Jan 13
68 Freedom is your nature, slavery an illusion IIT Jan 13
69 Want to be happy? Become sad! IIT Jan 13
70 Age does not give intelligence IIT Jan 13
71 Attention is independent of action IIT Jan 13
72 Fear of society is the importance of society IIT Jan 13
73 All attitudes are dangerous, whether positive or negative AKGEC Mar 13
74 How to overcome the ego? BBSCET Feb 13
75 Ignorance, fear or Love? Three levels of relationships KNMIET Feb 13
76 Will egolessness make me worthless? ITM Jan 13
77 Why should I understand the mind? ITM Jan 13
78 What can I do to be more attentive? ITM Jun 13
79 I am here not to provide you answers ITM Jun 13
80 Don’t ask me why I am here ITM Jan 13
81 What happened to the morality taught in childhood? ITM Jan 13
82 Choices are a sign of confusion ITM Jan 13
83 What is freedom? ITM Jan 13
84 Observe your own life, and you will know the Truth ITM Jan 13
85 Truth is not my opinion ITM Jan 13
86 An individual is one whose desires are his own ITM Mar 13
87 There is no need to reject the mind ITM Mar 13
88 What are we educating our students for? JIMS, Noida Jun 13
89 How am I supposed to feel after your session? ITM Jan 13
90 How do I know whether I really understand it? AKGEC Mar 13
91 What is right and what is wrong? AKGEC Mar 13
92 Gloss is the spontaneous action of core AKGEC Mar 13
93 Fear is the influence of others AKGEC Jan 13
94 Love doesnot give up; it has great energy and patience AKGEC Mar 13
95 Freedom is your nature, but you have forgotten it ITM Jan 13
96 What is the purpose of being alive? AKGEC Feb 13
97 What is the secret of excellence? AKGEC Feb 13
98 Plans of the future comes from the fears of the past AKGEC Mar 13
99 Before you understand others, silence your mind AKGEC Mar 13
100 Let life be a spontaneous unplanned flow NIIT Jul 13
101 What is excellence? NIIT Jul 13
102 Knowing ego is freedom from ego NIIT Jul 13
103 Planning is the dirty escape from the present NIIT Jul 13
104 The real leader does not need followers NIIT Jul 13
105 You have no strength or weaknesses, you are just what you are NIIT Jul 13
106 A clear mind does not need willpower NIIT Jul 13
107 On strength and risk NIIT Jul 13
108 How to make difficult choices? NIIT Jul 13
109 Listening is to hearing what man is to machine NIIT Jul 13
110 How do I cope with the stress of future? NIIT Jul 13
111 On Idols, goals, hard work and fulfillment NIIT Jul 13
112 On Introversion, Expectations and Duality NIIT Jul 13
113 As your mind changes every moment, so do you NIIT Jul 13
114 Success is just an image with no substance NIIT Jul 13
115 How do I get confidence? NIIT Jul 13
116 Ego thrives on appreciation and criticism NIIT Jul 13
117 How do I stay in the present? NIIT Jul 13
118 The ugliness of planning NIIT Jul 13
119 Without self-awareness, your life is not your life NIIT Jul 13
120 May your ambitions be defeated NIIT Jul 13
121 Love does not expect BBDIT Mar 13
122 Why do people find personality important? BBDIT Mar 13
123 Why do we resist individuality? BBDIT Mar 13
124 The child is bound to be conditioned, you are not BBDIT Mar 13
125 What is understanding? BBDIT Mar 13
126 What is anger? BBDIT Mar 13
127 Before you declare somebody asleep, wake up ! BBDIT Mar 13
128 The person can never be ego-free BBDIT Mar 13
129 Real happiness is Self-sufficient BBDIT Mar 13
130 What matters more in work – skill or love NIIT Jul 13
131 Competition, Planning, Career HIET Feb 13
132 The only honest answer is “I donot know” AKGEC Aug 13
133 Poor is the one who has forgotten his riches AKGEC Aug 13
134 How do I really know somebody? HIET Feb 13
135 You do not need confidence AKGEC Aug 13
136 Success is the fullness of this moment AKGEC Aug 13
137 The wealth that you already have HIET Feb 13
138 Is religion important? AKGEC Aug 13
139 How can I balance the real centre and the false centre? AKGEC Aug 13
140 Won’t living freely make me self-centred? AKGEC Aug 13
141 Forget perfection, live fully AKGEC Aug 13
142 How to get rid of the dirt on my essence? AKGEC Aug 13
143 Why do people fall in love? HIET Feb 13
144 Why do I get affected by others? HIET Feb 13
145 Success and failure HIET Feb 13
146 What makes me dissatisfied? HIET Feb 13
147 How to have no regrets? HIET Feb 13
148 Why is education not helping the world? HIET Feb 13
149 Let them not tell you that you are right, or wrong HIET Feb 13
150 How to get rid of insecurity? HIET Feb 13
151 What is the difference between self-esteem and self-respect? MIT Aug 13
152 In watching all change, you find the unchangeable AKGEC Aug 13
153 Tomorrow’ makes the mind wander HIET Aug 13
154 Tell the mind the valuable is safe HIET Aug 13
155 Role-models are dangerous IIT Feb 13
156 Reaction vs Response IIT Feb 13
157 Why can’t I live in the present? IIT Feb 13
158 Is mind a part of body? IIT Feb 13
159 You resist slavery because you already know freedom IIT Jan 13
160 The difference between dream and vision AKGEC Sep 13
161 What is reflected awareness? RRSIMT Feb 13
162 What does security mean to a woman RRSIMT Feb 13
163 Conditioned before birth IIT Feb 13
164 Procrastination is the carrying forward of misery IIT Feb 13
165 How to find joy? IIT Feb 13
166 Ideas are never new; Intelligence is now and new IIT Feb 13
167 The imaginary fear of death IIT Feb 13
168 Confusion arises from choice; choices from ignorance IIT Jan 13
169 How to obtain a satisfied future? IIT Feb 13
170 Positive thought and negative thought NGFCET Sep 13
171 Happiness is a false medicine IIT Feb 13
172 Doing vs Happening AKGEC Feb 13
173 Be really selfish IIT Feb 13
174 What is not external? IIT Feb 13
175 Ego thrives on hurt IIT Jan 13
176 Give up your values! MIT Sep 13
177 The heart or the mind – whom to listen to? MIT Sep 13
178 Hundred percent Being, Hundred percent Living AIT Sep 13
179 Belief is broken, Faith remains firm AKGEC Aug 13
180 Our inadequate education AKGEC Oct 13
181 Life is offering help. Are you there to take it? BBDIT Sep 13
182 How to deal with limitations of those around us? BBDIT Oct 13
183 Your goals come from your borrowed self-concept BBDIT Oct 13
184 The race was won, by the one, who didnot run BBDIT Oct 13
185 What is patience? MIT Oct 13
186 Youth and Creativity-4 MET Oct 13
187 Youth and Creativity-3 MET Oct 13
188 Youth and Creativity-2 MET Oct 13
189 Youth and Creativity-1 MET Oct 13
190 The difference between seriousness and Immersion AKGEC Oct 13
191 Willpower is a useless medicine for a non-existent disease AKGEC Oct 13
192 Three kinds of negotiations (human interactions) RRSIMT Oct 13
193 How do I get rid of my bad habits? RRSIMT Oct 13
194 Two types of hope MIT Oct 13
195 How to make career choices? BBDIT Oct 13
196 Should one compromise on his principles? BBDIT Oct 13
197 How to get respect and yet live free? ITM Nov 13
198 The ecstasy of random aimless wandering AKGEC Oct 13
199 Why am I always thinking of the society? MIT Nov 13
200 What is maturity? BBDIT Nov 13
201 The stupidity of competition AKGEC Nov 13
202 What do I really want? ITM Nov 13
203 Rapists we all are AKGEC Nov 13
204 Aloneness is to see That alone; to see That alone is Love ITM Nov 13
205 How to keep others happy? MIT Aug 13
206 To be Young is to be Real ITM Nov 13
207 There is no need to forget the past BBDIT Nov 13
208 Don’t let love turn into a relationship AKGEC Oct 13
209 Don’t try to achieve; just live in achievement AKGEC Oct 13
210 Fakeness is confusion and fear; live authentic, real and clear AKGEC Oct 13
211 Don’t fight the mind; just relax in realisation AKGEC Sep 13
212 Don’t run away from society; just stand firm in your freedom AKGEC Sep 13
213 Mind, the toughest prison; Mind, the fullest freedom AKGEC Sep 13
214 Sense gratification is lack of gratitude for the one beyond the senses AKGEC Sep 13
215 Forget positive thinking; Reality is the highest positivity AKGEC Aug 13
216 Let personality be an expression of your essence AKGEC Aug 13
217 Freedom is your clear inner sky AKGEC Sep 13
218 The shine of gloss is the beauty of the core AKGEC Sep 13
219 Don’t be so serious; nothing is too important AKGEC Sep 13
220 The decorated highway of success or The naked sky of freedom? HIET Sep 13
221 Ego and attitude MIT May 13
222 Positive thoughts and negative thoughts are one; live in understanding AKGEC Sep 13
223 Just see clearly, and there would be no need for decisions AKGEC Aug 13
224 Why HIDP? Because our object-centric education forgets the real subject- You KEC Feb 13
225 The normal mind finds intelligence repulsive ITM Feb 13
226 Be one with the happening; the change will happen AKGEC Oct 13
227 Live fully, die fully, and then come alive, again, and again… AKGEC Oct 13
228 Neither exact, nor perfect; just life, simple and direct AKGEC Sep 13
229 Joy of the uncaused and the unpredictable RRSIMT Oct 13
230 What is past? A resource useful, or a beast frightful? NIIT Jul 13
231 You asked for mere communication; HIDP gave you communion NIIT Jul 13
232 When trust is belief, it will invite hurt. Live in understanding AKGEC Sep 13
233 Why does one want to dominate the other? NIIT Jul 13
234 On why we are materialistic and how we miss being human NIIT Jul 13
235 Why do we say that we ‘fall’ in love? What is ‘eternity’ of love? NIIT Jul 13
236 What makes life worthy? NIIT Jul 13
237 Acharya Prashant: What is intelligence? AKGEC Oct 13
238 Acharya Prashant: Is willpower really needed? BBDIT Sep 13
239 Acharya Prashant: How to overcome hesitation? BBDIT Sep 13
240 Acharya Prashant: How to prevent distraction of mind? BBDIT Oct 13
241 Acharya Prashant: Attachment and expectations BBDIT Oct 13
242 Acharya Prashant: Big fat salary, or stable job? BBDIT Oct 13
243 Acharya Prashant: Past, future and introspection BBDIT Oct 13
244 Acharya Prashant: Is your mind really yours? ITM University Feb 13
245 Acharya Prashant: Knowing right and wrong ITM University Feb 13
246 Acharya Prashant: What is ambition? ITM University Feb 13
247 Acharya Prashant: What is success of this moment? ITM University Mar 13
248 Acharya Prashant: How do human beings differ and why do all want happiness? ITM University Feb 13
249 Acharya Prashant: Watch your actions and you will know the truth ITM University Mar 13

Sessions at Advait Bodh Sthal:

Sl No. Name of Article Venue of talk Date
1 Ignorance is the freedom of Truth Advait Bodh Sthal Dec 13
2 What is the Present? Advait Bodh Sthal Dec 13
3 What is appropriate action? Advait Bodh Sthal Dec 13
4 Ego will not understand this world, but will demand a Reality beyond Advait Bodh Sthal Dec 13
5 Celebrate duality, that’s all that there is. Advait Bodh Sthal Dec 13
6 Peace is not happiness; it is freedom from both happiness and sadness Advait Bodh Sthal Dec 13
7 Truth is the source of fact and imagination Advait Bodh Sthal Dec 13
8 Real is directly Real, unreal is indirectly Real Advait Bodh Sthal Dec 13