Writings and Letters


Sl No. Name of Article Venue of talk Date
1 Every thing is material, but not everything NA Aug 15
2 Which meditation technique should I practice? NA Aug 15
3 Can there be a method to attain enlightenment? NA May 15
4 What do you think of Osho? NA May 15
5 Reality is on no side of duality, and not even in the middle NA Feb 12
6 To know what you already know NA Jan 12
7 Freedom is here NA Dec 11
8 Life is sacred when you can see the true in the false NA Nov 12
9 Constant remembrance is a passive thing NA Dec 11
10 The work of a saint is internal NA Nov 11
11 What is ‘personal’? NA Mar 15
12 Time spent joyfully is not at all wasted time NA Jan 15
13 Love is not torment, and cannot torment NA Nov 11
14 Why do we often just succumb? NA Oct 11
15 Conditioned behaviour is not love NA Jan 15
16 How can enlightenment be one objective thing? NA Nov 11
17 Meditativeness is a way of being NA Nov 11
18 Anything done in awareness is good NA Oct 11
19 The voice in my head NA Jan 15
20 Does God exist? NA Jan 15
21 Difference between science and technology NA Jan 15
22 Spirituality- the ability to see the One in all NA Jan 15
23 Thought is hardly a problem, the quality of thought is  NA Oct 11
24 The mind is your best friend NA Oct 11
25 The Teacher must be a Nobody NA Oct 11
26 Would you continue to act puzzled with the myriad reflections of the Sun in the lake? NA Oct 11
27 To identify with an object is to give it control over you NA Dec 12
28 Love grows in fullness NA Sep 11
29 Let the false go away NA Sep 11
30 Anybody who just pays attention sees the Truth NA Sep 11
31 All inner development is just a process of re-remembering NA Sep 11
32 The ego hates light and truth NA Dec 14
33 Hollow trees are so easily felled by winds NA Dec 14
34 What is simplicity? NA Dec 14
35 Difference between ‘dream success’ and ‘real success’ NA Jan 15
36 What is Spirituality? NA Dec 14
37 How does one play a game that he knows he is bound to loose NA Feb 12
38 The real being stands behind the duality NA Feb 15
39 Action is born out of ‘nothingness’ NA Jul 11
40 Desireless action is love NA Jul 14
41 How should one meditate? NA Jul 11
42 On Celebration, Work and Living NA Jan 14
43 Change of profession or change of mind? NA Jun 11
44 A question about the self NA Jun 14
45 What is intuition? NA Dec 14
46 The question of sensitivity NA Jun 11
47 Existence is ridiculously simple and obvious NA Apr 11
48 What is Transcendence? NA May 11
49 Be your own light NA Apr 11
50 Is compassion a prerequisite for enlightenment? NA Apr 11
51 Who is a Guru? NA Dec 14
52 It is a deep bondage to live in differences NA Dec 14
53 Rest is freedom from thought NA Dec 14
54 Sit at the centre, rule the circle NA Dec 14
55 When the mind is not burning, that is enlightenment. NA Dec 14
56 The role of the teacher is to help awaken intelligence NA Apr 14
57 Are we same or different? NA May 14
58 How can I ‘understand’ non-doership? NA Jul 14
59 Who is an honorable man? NA Nov 14
60 The quality of relationships and feeling of being hurt NA Oct 14
61 Role of character in awakening NA
62 How to correct a bad decision? NA
63 What is anxiety? NA Mar 13
64 Understand Love NA Sep 14
65 To what extent is education important? NA Sep 14
66 The old is going, but where is the New? NA Jul 14
67 To whom does the world belong? NA Oct 12
68 What is ‘understanding’? NA Jul 14
69 On Introversion and non-attachment NA Jun 14
70 Forced love! NA May 14
71 Why am I worried about the future? NA May 14
72 Anger NA May 14
73 What is real enquiry? NA May 14
74 The Truth stands before me ~Rumi NA Jun 14
75 Importance of regularity NA Jun 14
76 Attention and concentration NA May 14
77 What is absent mindedness? NA Jun 14
78 Is there anything beyond conditioning? NA May 14
79 Identity and attachment NA Jun 14
80 How to have faith? NA Jun 14
81 How do we know it’s love and not infatuation NA Jun 14
82 What is worthy? NA Jun 14
83 Why do I want to emulate? NA May 14
84 Farid on awakening NA Jan 14
85 What is “Prarabdha” ? NA May 14
86 What is positive thinking? NA Jun 14
87 What is meant by ‘looking within’? NA Oct 14
88 Karma, Aatma, Rebirth NA Oct 14