Quotes-3, July,’15

Quotes-3, July,’15

♦ Once you have reached the destination, you can begin the journey.

♦ The simple, continuous, ubiquitous call of Truth is easy to miss.

♦ Respect that precludes closeness is not Love, and not even Respect.

♦ To know yourself, firstly stop believing that you know anything about yourself.

♦ At the Centre, the Guru, Maya, and you, are all One and Nothing.

♦ The simple words of the Teacher are not understood by the complex mind.

.♦ Dropping of self is the real charity. Read more

Quotes-2, July,’15

Quotes-2, July,’15

♦ Surrender is the realization that behind all diversity of thought, the tendency to think is the same.

♦ To surrender is to not to move when there is no need to move. To surrender is to not to think when there is no need to think.

♦ You do not surrender by thinking about surrendering. You do not surrender by declaring yourself to have surrendered. You do not surrender because surrender is good. You do not surrender out of some virtue contained in surrender. You do not surrender because you have thought it through. And you do not surrender because surrendering takes you to some divine peaceful point. You surrender because you are really tired of fighting. You surrender because you see the stupidity and the limitation of mental effort, of your calculation, of your analysis, of your entire thinking process. Read more

Quotes-1, July,’15

Quotes-1, July,’15

~ If you fail to comprehend me, turn inwards. To understand the Truth, you require a mind full of Intelligence or a Heart full of Love.

~ After a few years of a soul-sapping routine, you stop feeling bad about it. Corpses don’t complain. The reward is respectability and progress.

~ Know your head, and keep it down.

~ When something is absolutely stupid, intelligence cannot defeat it. For stupidity to be corrected by intelligence, stupidity must first have at least a modicum of intelligence.

~ Be alert in the small things, small moments. Be cautious of the small traps. Read more

Quotes, June’15

Quotes, June’15

~ The Centre is not a part of the circle. The Centre is not outside the circle.

~ Till you want to make something unimportant, it remains important. Know the really important. Remember it, and all else will be forgotten.

~ Take care of One, all will be taken care of.

~ The honest man has just One priority. Read more

Quotes, Clarity Session, 17th December ’14

Quotes, Clarity Session, 17th December ’14


~ Plans of future come from the fears of the past.

~ You are born so that you may be Born.

~ All that you can do is, when ‘The Way’ comes to you, don’t block it.

~ Truth is that which IS and Truth is also that which IS NOT.

~ Truth is many but the many are not Truth.


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Quotes, Clarity Session, 21st December ’14

Quotes, Clarity Session, 21st December ’14


~ Where there is self-consciousness, there is world consciousness. There is no ‘being’ in it.

~ Body is time, body is memory so it requires memory for movement. The actor itself is a memory.

~ Body is memory, body is conditioning. Let the conditioned remain conditioned, but ‘you’ must operate on consciousness. Memory is not a substitute for consciousness.

~ Body as a machine has to be conditioned. But ‘man’ has to be unconditional.

~ To know the false as false, is the movement into the Truth.


Clarity Sessions are held every Sunday at 9:00 a.m. and every Wednesday at 6:30 p.m.

All are welcome to attend.

Venue: Advait Sthal, G-39, Sec-63, Noida

Quotes, Clarity Session, 7th December ‘14

Quotes, Clarity Session, 7th December ’14


~ To have excitement, boredom is necessary.

~ You remember excitement because it is active, its movement can be seen. You do not remember boredom because it is passive, its movement cannot be seen.

~ When excitement goes away, boredom too goes away. Go beyond both excitement and boredom.

~ Is there anything that we like and is not coming from conditioning? Conditioning sustains conditioning. Read more

Quotes from Clarity Session, 3rd December ’14

Quotes from Clarity Session, 3rd December ’14



~ I am not the issue. Since you are ever in a dream, I am just another character in your dream. How can a character in your dream help you come out of the dream? You do not know me.

~ Neither are you coming here to me, nor are you running away from me. Find out: who wants to come? To whom are you coming? Who resists the coming? You are not coming to me, you are coming to your Self. You are not listening to me, you are listening to your Self.

By not coming here, you may avoid this physical location. But can you get rid of yourself, your essence? When you come here, you come to your Home. It is not a man you are listening to, you are listening to your own pure voice. It is not the physical location that calls you, it is the call within. The call to return Home, at peace.

If you don’t come to me, where else would you go? Wherever you would go, you would find me. One day, you may find me staring back at you from the mirror. One day, you may find me sitting right in the middle of your Heart.

~ Don’t fight the Self. Become friends with it. Let the ego and Self be friends.

~ Faith is your nature and trust is such a small thing.

~ Ego is good, nice, beautiful but only when friends with the Self.

~ When the mind is not divided then there is a special quality about it.

~ The Total is greater than the sum of the parts. Two plus two is five. The extra one is the juice of life. It is Grace.


~ When you are Total then the mind gets that extra Peace. We are not Total in our ways of living.

~ We are never really undivided in whatever there is. Something else is always humming in the mind and bugging it because the mind is divided.

~ Freedom from sensory perception is Total sensory perception. See fully, hear fully, touch fully. Then you will see the formless with these very eyes and then you will hear Anhad with these very ears.

~ To be really Total requires deep faith in the Present.

~ Let the living be Total and immortality will come as Grace.

~ Don’t disturb the root, see the health of the fruit. The day you claim that you looked at the root, it is finished.

~ Look at the world clearly, it will reveal the Truth.

~ How can you really live when you are so afraid?

~ You are not required to go to other worlds. You will see the Truth with your senses.


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Quotes, December ’14

Quotes, December ’14


1. Being close to yourself is closeness to others.

2. Only Truth can know the Truth.

3. Who is worldly?

4. No ritual is spiritual.

5. You are the mistake.

6. Boundaries are Sorrow.

7. Faith does not answer questions, it laughs at them.

8. Looking attentively at the world, one enters the Truth beyond world.

9. Remember by Heart, and let the memory forget.

10. Before you chase goals, become goal-less.

11. Love comes along with Courage.

12. Just remember that you forget.


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Quotes, May ’15

Quotes, May ’15

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Quotes, April ’15

Quotes, April ’15


1. God and scriptures are not matters of personal belief.

2.  The mark of a good word is that it takes one to silence.


3.  I am my own suffering.

4. Ego will not understand this world, but will demand a Reality beyond.

5. Love comes along with Courage.

6. Life is sacred when you can see the True in the false .

7. Die, and come alive.

8. Constant remembrance is a passive thing.

9. Are you in trouble, or is the trouble in you?

10. When you believe in your identity, you will never know the reality.

11. Gratitude is the only legitimate function of mind.

12. Don’t change your masters, get rid of slavery.

13. The Self is the real freedom.

14. Why do we act blind?
Seeing demands action.
To act is to risk one’s comfort and attachments.
Blindness is our ploy against right action.


15. The external social order neither tolerates nor matches the innate order of Love.

16. You are not missing the secret.
You are missing the obvious.

17. Meditation is knowing without the need to know.

18. Comparison as a fact and comparison as a disease of mind are two very different  things.

19. You are at war with me. Thought is your weapon.

20. You are your thoughts.

21. Your ‘individuality’ is just a deceptive name given by ego to itself.

22. Intentions don’t matter; Awareness does.

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Quotes, March ’15

Quotes, March ’15


1. All displacement from the Present is suffering.


2. Those who don’t have God, they don’t even miss God. Missing is a privilege.
A saint sings songs of missing him, a common man doesn’t.
The common man doesn’t miss God at all.
The common man is happy and occupied in his worldly truth-less, godless life.

3. Worldly pleasure is just the punishment of separation from the Center.
Ego finds pleasure and sustenance in separation.
Pain of separation is a holy pain.
Blessed are those who feel the pangs, and most unfortunate are those who wallow in their pleasure.

4. Remember by Heart, and let the memory forget.

5. Every climax is an ending.
You long for it as it is the highest you can go.
You’re afraid of it as it is the end.
The Highest finishes you.

6. Who is a worldly man? The one who does not understand the world.

7. Desire for existence keeps existence away.
What you desire becomes unavailable, precisely because you desire.
Desire it not and it is yours.

8. The point at which you are stopped is the point at which thought begins.

9. The innocent mind catches itself acting clever.
Only in deep innocence one sees his deep cunningness.
Innocence is cleverer than cleverness.

10. Self-preservation is an escape from life.

11. Before you chase goals, become goal-less.

12. No-decency doesn’t mean indecency.
It means beyond decency.
That is dignity.

13. Meditation cannot be explained through words.
Meditation can be explained only in meditation.

14. If life does not allow you to come, then die and come.
If life makes way for you to come, then come and die.

15. Solve your mind, all your problems will be solved

16. The Total is greater than the sum of its parts.
Two plus two is five.
The extra one is the juice of life. It is Grace.

17. Lucky are those whose eyes open up even if to see their wounds.

18. Attention is the bridge between thought and understanding.

19. Subjugation is not surrender.
What is enforced through fear or greed cannot be surrender.
Surrender is the highest expression of free will.

20. What you collect for your security makes you all the more insecure.

21. Foolishness clutches and memorizes. Intelligence understands and forgets.
The fool lives from memory; the intelligent one is forgetful.

22. To follow others’ wish is slavery.
To follow one’s own wish is slavery even bigger.

23. I am a character in my own dream.
There are many other characters as well.
The interplay of my character with the others is called my life.


24. Whatsoever is really worthy lives and dies in this moment.
Whatsoever is worthless is carried forward in time. What am I carrying forward?

25. One can never claim “I am in the present moment”.
‘I am’ lives only in the past. In the present, there’s no ‘I am’ thought, just presence.

26. No action can be a remedy for another action.
One blind step cannot rectify another blind step.

27. Most of us are searching for an answer to ‘How to live?’ Others are busy providing clever answers. Drop the search for ‘how to’, just live!

28. The quality of this moment decides the quality of life.
If this is life, then the worthiness of this moment is the worthiness of life.

29. Only by being firmly tethered to one’s core one can fly freely.
Wandering without a center is looseness, not freedom.

30. What is attention? The determination of mind to understand.
What is meditation? That which begins as attention and ends as understanding.


31. Joy is not a product of conditioning.
Joy is not a product of anything.
Joy does not depend on situations.
Joy is not stupid.
Joy is reasonless.

32. When in grief, cry fully.
Let tears flow freely.
Learn sorrow.

33. One’s choices are the reflection of the quality of one’s mind.

34.  Can I ever know how the world appears to a grain of sand?
Am I sure the sand thinks that humans are alive?
Is sand, sand in a sand’s world?

35.  If it’s a mess, You created it.
So, You clean it.
If it has an order, its Yours. You maintain it.
All this is none of my business.
I just relax.

36.  What is a dream? That which ends.
If it has no end, it cannot be called a dream.
You will end.
Are you sure you are not a dream?

37.  To say something, speak.
To say a lot of things, speak eloquently.
To say everything be in silence.

38.  You can’t witness something by staying safely away.
To witness is to come close, so close that you become the object you witness.
Witnessing is Love.

39.  Existence gives you fruits and vegetables, society gives you recipes.
Being bound to recipes your taste buds and senses become crude and lose their capacity to sense the subtle.

40.  Reality is not the opposite of illusion.
Reality is the basis of illusion.
When understood, illusion itself shines as reality.

41.  Let the stupid ones own territories; you own your mind.
Reclaim your mind.
They have occupied your mind by greed, deception, and fear.
Now fight back to take what is yours.
This is the only battle worthy of being fought.

42.  In awareness whatever is chosen will be beautiful. In awareness whatever gets done is divine.

43. The body-identified person respects the doer.
The mind-identified person respects the thinker.
The unidentified person respects realization.

44. Don’t confuse enquiry with asking questions. Questions are just noise. Enquiry is silence. Enquiry doesn’t answer questions, it dissolves them.

45. Rooted in the timeless, it’s good fun to play around in time.
Past and future are mere harmless jokes when the mind is immersed in the present.

46. It is because you have already reached the destination, that you can begin the journey.

47. Stop this effort at becoming.
Stop trading one fear for the other.
Stop hoping for change.
One cannot get rid of sleep by changing dreams.

48. You think because you don’t understand.
When understanding arises, thinking disappears.

49. Spirituality separated from worldly living becomes worldliness.
To separate spirituality from the world is to co-opt it into the world.

50. Don’t chase the Truth. Just stop running away from the Truth.

51. Truth cannot be seen from behind the veils.

52. Observe your own life, and you will know the Truth.


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Quotes, February ’15

Quotes, February ’15


1. What you are is what you get.

2. Detachment is the fruit of maturity.

3. Its His game, only He knows how to play it.

4. Seek and you loose, stop in attainment.

5. With greed comes slavery.

6. Not wanting to win, I never lose.

7. Only in awareness is material enjoyable)

8. Whatever you choose will bring sorrow to you.
Joy springs in choicelessness.

9.   Any and every image you make of yourself is an ugly image.
You are more beautiful than the best of your self-images.

10. Life is the sacred silence of a raucous laughter or a raucous laughter of the sacred silence.
A holy verse. A vulgar joke. Live both. Fully.

12. There is no darkness. Only light exists, all that exists is light.
What I call as darkness is my inability to see light.

13. Choice is doubt. Freedom from choice is freedom from doubt.

14. Only Love can see.


15. Alone, you are you.
A person is worth being with if you can be alone in his company.

16. Success is to realize that failure is the inevitable finality of our ways

17. Attention wipes your sins away.

18. The ones who desires not gets It.

19. Clutch, and you lose it.

20. From Him comes the entire game of illusion and from Him comes the only chance of redemption.

21. He is the giver of the ‘I’ and He is the freedom from ‘I’.
He is both, and yet none of these.

22. So, why does the world exist? So that He can admire Himself.

23. Noise is the effort to be silent.

24. Nonviolence is a state of mind when it is not separated from the Source.

25. Absence is the thought of action.
Presence is action.

26. The wave is convinced that the ocean does not exist.

27. Working, striving, aiming, achieving, immersed in all phenomenon.
I laughed with my loved ones, “Such engaging reality!” And then I woke up.


28. To think of heaven is hell.

29. It requires a highly logical mind to understand the limit of logic.


30. Knowing the fakeness of things is alright, but its no fun getting stuck at that.
Have the guts to drop the fake.

31. Only a Godless mind will be petty.

32. Being close to yourself is closeness to others.

33. One knows the Truth not by knowing the Truth, but by being the Truth.

34. Conditioned behaviour is not Love.

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Quotes, January ’15

Quotes, January ’15

1. What is a good action? Anything done in awareness is good.

2. Spirituality is not the renunciation of life; it is the art of living fully.

3. The fake lover pulls the loved one closer to himself and get only grief.
The real lover brings the lover closer to Truth, and gets both Truth and Love.

4. And what did you see when you looked at the ocean? Just water and waves?

5. Often what you get for no price is priceless.

6. To go for goals is gloom, to fantasise a future is frustration.

7. When all the mad ones in the mad race are coercing, tempting and begging you to run,
just standing sanely still is the greatest rebellion.

8. Any search for life must begin by going very close to death.
To understand death is to understand life.
To die once is to come alive forever

9. Aatman is the essence. World is the skin of the aatman.
Look at your life and find out how much do you value the essence, and how much do you value the skin.

10. No suffering can fall upon us except that in which we ourselves have participated.

11. Don’t correct yourself,disown the self.

12. The external social order neither tolerates nor matches the innate order of Love.

13. Any concept of God is not God at all. Drop the concept and surrender.

14. The urge for excitement is the proof of boredom.

15. Only the ego wants to correct mistakes. The fundamental mistake is ego itself.

16. Solve your mind, all your problems will be solved.

17. You will not know through knowledge.

18. For the fearful, fear is the method.

19. Will you ever like the Truth?


11. Would you continue to act puzzled with the myriad reflections of the Sun in the lake?

12. I am nothing but my habits)

13. Your ‘individuality’ is just a deceptive name given by ego to itself.

14. Only the ego wants to correct mistakes. The fundamental mistake is ego itself.

15. The non-thinker thinks the best. The non-planner plans the best.
The non-actor acts the best. The non-being is the best.


16. Realising my mistake’ is a meaningless phrase.
The ‘my’ itself is the fundamental mistake.
Talking of the mistake lets the ‘my’ continue.

17. None of your choices will bring you to Him, nor would your instrument of choosing.
You cannot choose Him. He alone chooses Himself.

18. Just remember that you forget.

19. Anybody who just pays attention sees the Truth.

20.  All inner development is just a process of re-remembering.

21. The stupid one thinks of himself and lives in the confusion of concepts.
The wise one simply knows himself and lives in the joy of clarity.

22. Your attempts to correct your mistakes are useless.
Mistakes come into focus,the mistaken continues.
Correct the mistaken, forget the mistakes.

23. Peace does not mean that the mind is in an unchanging tranquil state.
Mind is change. Peace means that in all states of mind, I am at peace.

24. Looking attentively at the world, one enters the Truth beyond world.

25. Place of ego- either at the Master’s feet or in the Master’s embrace.


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Quotes, November ’14

Quotes, November ’14


1) No Buddha ever attains enlightenment.
Enlightenment attains Buddha.

2) Renunciation says: Neither happy, nor sad
Realisation says: Happy when happy, sad when sad.
In dropping something, mind makes it important.

3) You see me as me because you see you as you.
The more clearly you will see yourself, the more clearly you will know who I am.


4) Sometimes you stay away and complain that the Teacher can’t show you the way.
Sometimes you come close and find that the Teacher is the way.

5) The only way to avoid death is to understand that what one calls as living
is not at all alive in the first place.

6) After a long wait, if I am asking, “How much more will I have to wait?”,
Then I have never waited and do not know what it means to wait.

7) The more I know, all that I know is that I do not know,
and this lack of knowledge has a quality of knowing that knowledge can never touch.

8) Real enquiry happens in Silence.

9) Do not try to correct your mistake.
It continues your attachment to the one who makes mistakes.
Just disown the mistake; you’re somebody else.

10) To rant against the false without first being in the True
is like sloganeering against dreams in your dream.
The sleep will deepen.

11) You choose to change but choosing changes nothing.
Choice just ensures continuity.
The remote control in the hand continues the TV addiction.

12) A quack offered an idiot to cure his neck sprain;
All pains sure he cured for he cut the jugular vein.

13) There is a violence that kills.
There is a violence that gives birth.
Some idiots call this violence as love-making.

14) When you’re dependent on someone, its just dependence.
When you’re dependent on The One, its the highest independence.
From someone to The One.

15) Who is the worldly man?
The one who is born in the world, lives in the world, and dies in the world,
without ever understanding the world.

16) Different minds can connect to each other only via their common Center.
For a loving relation with others, first connect to your own Center.

17) Spirituality – Truth above self.

18) Don’t chase the Truth, just stop running away from it.

19) Detachment is the fruit of maturity.

20) Only for the born is death.

21) Real enquiry happens in Silence.

22) Any and every image you make of yourself is an ugly image.

23) Hope continues the rubbish of the past.

24) You cannot take care of the present. You can only be immersed in it.

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Quotes, Clarity Session, 15-21 February, ’15

Quotes, Clarity Session, 15-21 February, ’15


1. If the observation is an honest observation it changes the observer and the observed both.

2. Bhakti, devotion, surrender, is for the super-intelligent. It is not for the mentally challenged.

3. To call a mistake, a mistake, is a bigger mistake. It is never a mistake. It is a deliberate act.
It is a decision, and must be acknowledged and faced as a decision.

4. When you call your action a mistake, you think you have avoided a part of the punishment.
But you pay more dearly by carrying a feeling of guilt that inevitably goes with every mistake.
There is no need to act guilty.

Manfully ask for the price to be paid – which the world calls as punishment – and pay it.

5. What does each desire promise?
Fulfill me and you will get satisfaction!
What does each desire want?
Its own disappearance through fulfillment.

Desire deeply desires the disappearance of itself.

6. Desire craves not for its fulfillment, but for its final dissolution.

7.  What remains obvious is what you have lost: the trivia, the desires.
What remains hidden is the greatness you are situated in now.

8. If you are really courageous, really, really courageous, then shoot inward.
Hit the real jackpot. Shoot inwards.

9. Just as we are two, we operate from two centers. Similarly there are two evils and two virtues as well:
One evil is that the ego calls as evil. It is the dual companion and shadow of good.
The real evil is not what the ego decides as  evil. Evil is that the ego decides.

10. The ego itself is the evil and the devil. The entire game of duality is the evil.
To think that one has a choice and a decision is evil.
Seated in the ego, whatever you do – care, passion, love, service – all is evil.

11. So what is not evil then? How does man live? What is his dharma?
Don’t ever decide. Whatever you will decide will come from you.
Make way for the action to happen. Have the guts to step out of your own way.
You are the evil. Even your best intention is an evil intention.

12.  Whenever the ego inflates, there is suffering.
Now the ego is caught in a quandary: it wants to inflate but doesn’t want to suffer.

13. The very inflation, rise of ego, the very rise of evil is a parallel rise in the urge to dissolve. The inflated ego sees its own vanity, futility, and surrenders.

14. The one and only objective that the ego has is to maintain a separate identity from the Ultimate, from God.

15. No avatar is not going to ‘come’ because the One who is needed is already here.
He is running in your veins as blood. There is nothing but Him. You are the avatar.

16. When there is only Krishna then how can there be evil?
Then evil is a joke.

17. Its His game. Only He knows how to play it.

18. Who is an evil man?
The one who cannot relax. The one who has a thousand responsibilities.
The one who thinks that he has any other duty than serving Krishna.

19. To realise Krishna you have to realise evil. You must know evil as evil.
When you cannot see the false as false, how will you ever see the true?
When the false is masquerading as the true, how will you know the true?

20. As long as you are the insect hiding under the rock, the Sun will never reach you.

21. To see Krishna is to rebel against stupidity.
It will not be possible for you to keep participating in rubbish.

22. He doesn’t come to you. He cannot come to you. He never went away.
You are the one who went away, so you go to Him.

23. When Maya is seen as Maya only then Krishna can be seen as Krishna.


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All are welcome to attend.

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Quotes, October ’14

Quotes, October ’14

1. Realisation, or enlightenment, is not an end.
It is a continuous beginning.

2. A bright light on the ceiling.
In the light-filled hall, a few are talking of gods,
and others plotting a loot.
Does it matter to the light?

3. Do not ask,”Do you respect me, love me?”
Enquire whether he is capable of respecting and loving.
Most people cannot love- anybody, anything.

4. If you do not know Love, you will suffer in love.

5. ‘I know’- Most irreligious statement/

6. Only a Godless mind will be petty.

7. To not to be spiritual is to be a social slave.

8. You yourself are happiness and sorrow.

9. Only Truth is present, only in the Present is Truth.

10. Spirituality is not the renunciation of life; it is the art of living fully.

11. The liberated one is a displeasure to the world.

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Quotes, Clarity Session, 8-14 February, ’15

Quotes, Clarity Session, 8-14 February, ’15

1. We suffer from two kinds of distractions:
First: Caused by submission to external agents
Second: Caused by resistance to external agents
The second is proud that it is trying to control the first, and the first is guilty that it could not be the second.

2. Realization is enough. No prescription is required.

3. You are a candle. A candle is a process of matter subliming into light. A candle appears to be just material till the time it is not lighted. And after it is set aflame, the matter starts disappearing into light.This is the process of self-awareness: matter to light.

For light to be bright, matter will have to be lost. This burning is not your death, it is your coming alive. Burn fast, burn bright.

4. Intention is motivation. Intention is greed. Even the purest intention is pure greed. To breathe, think, and act free of intention is a totally different dimension of living.

5. If there is an effort to drop something, know that it won’t be dropped.

6. You think you give birth to children? You think you proliferate the human race by procreating? No. Its not kids that you produce, its suffering that you breed. Please see that we perpetuate suffering through procreation.

The urge to procreate itself arises from an inner vacuüm, an insecurity, an existential suffering. What arises from suffering will only give birth to suffering. What arises from joy spreads joy. Rare is the child that arises from joy.

7. Just understand.

8. In concluding, you end witnessing, you end alertness.
Conclusion is a thought. Witnessing, subtle alertness is thoughtlessness.
The ego wants a prescription. It wants to know what to do: this or that.
We’ve become so dumb that if someone doesn’t give us a conclusion or opinion then we think that he doesn’t understand.

9. Sometimes you agree and sometimes you disagree. But do you ever understand?

10. Real learning doesn’t happen when you can say that you know. The real is never explicit.

11. Flames come and go like waves come and go. What matters is light and the ocean.

12. The need of confidence is directly proportional to the depth of fear. With fear, all one gets is confidence – a confidence as shallow and as debilitating as fear. When there is no fear, then there is no confidence, but a deep certitude. Certitude that makes itself felt by the absence of any thought about itself.

13. Give yourself up. You cannot give up your fears without first giving yourself up. You being what you think you are, you cannot be fearless.

14. Man is the only creature in existence whose defining characteristic is his deep fear. Fear in his relationships, his goals, fear in his laughter, his love, his living, his progress, fear in his entire being.

15. Who am I? Fear.
If I continue, fear continues.

16. Fear is the natural outcome of what I consider myself to be. I am literally ‘terribly’ sure of who I am!

17. Confidence is an artificial imposition. I am fear. To get rid of fear, you have to get rid of yourself.

18. The thinking is the thinker itself. The thinker cannot get rid of the thought.

19. My effort will not change the I. Whatever I will do will further the I. Whatever fear will do, will not bring fearlessness.

20. Utter resignation: Come to the point of seeing the uselessness of your pursuits.
Till the time you believe that you have the ability to change yourself, you find that nothing is changing.
When the belief that you can change yourself disappears, then real change happens, silently.
Real change is the realisation that I cannot change. That I am petty.

21. A great change happens when you see what is happening. To not to see what is happening is to continue the happening.
Just pause and look at what you’ve been doing. Freedom from fear comes from realising that the entire story is fear, that the whole substance of your life is steeped in fear.

22. Don’t ask: What should I do? Just ask: What am I doing? What have I been doing? What do I always do?

23. Watching, witnessing is the cessation of doing.

24. Comparison as a fact and comparison as a disease of the mind are two very different things.

25. Freedom is for the free. Truth is for the truthful.

26. First I thought fear: ‘I can be harmed’.
Then I thought confidence: ‘I cannot be harmed’.
This ‘I’ is common between the two thoughts. Till the time ‘I’ remains, there is not much difference between confidence and fearfulness.

27. I give so much resistance against being harmed. Why? This ‘I’ itself is so very fragile, so weak. Being what I am, I will live in fear.

28. My self concept – coming from outside – can be taken away, can be lost. No wonder this ‘I’ will always live in fear. Fear is an inalienable part of my living.

29. A fake teacher will empty your pockets and stuff your mind. A real teacher will empty your mind itself. With the real teacher, your being will be the payment. Nothing less than that will suffice. The real teacher comes free and is very dear.

30. Just as the thinker can not get rid of thought, I can not get rid of my self-concept by thinking about it.

31. Every thought, every cell in the body is totally conditioned. Hundred percent patterned. This pattern is the doer that I am.

Watching can not happen while doing. Watching is cessation of all doing. Hence, watching is not possible by the doer.

32. There is no fundamental reality outside of you. There is none inside of you either.

33. Constant remembrance has great power. But if remembering is a burden, then complete and constant forgetfulness is equally good. In fact, better.

34. Man does not need this feeling of confidence. It doesn’t have any real utility.

35.Confidence is a word that becomes relevant only in presence of fear, dependence on others, desire for future.

36. Fear is honest, very real to this ‘I’ which by its very constitution is fragile, vulnerable. Confidence will always keep disappearing since it is false. We will never succeed seeking confidence.

This ‘I’ is born out of limitation, is thought based and this thought is out of fear.

37. Fear lives on the diet of confidence. The need of confidence is directly proportional to the fear in my mind.

38. Mysticism is the essence of wisdom.

39. Three levels of influence. The three fake ‘I’s.
1. When the influence is superficial, you call it influence /imposition
2. When the influence is very deep, you call it your interest.
3. When the influence has penetrated the very depth of mind – you call it your individuality. This is the most chronic and tragic.

40. Following others is slavery. Following yourself is slavery even bigger. Instead of choosing between two different kinds of slavery, choose freedom.


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Quotes, September ’14

Quotes, September ’14


1. You think that by killing me, my voice will be silenced?
After me, more children will sing His songs.
My death will only take my work forward.

2. As long as the player is there, playing cannot happen.

3. That which means nothing gives meaning to life.
The clear emptiness that fills up everything.

4. Thirst is the proof of water.
Your restlessness is the absolute proof of the absolutely beyond.
How long will you deny the undeniable?

5. Somebody asked: what is Aloneness?
Said I: The Universe comes into being just now.
I am its first and only inhabitant.
Now runs forever.

6. The hurrying mind is rushing to reach, always looking at time.
The relaxed mind has already reached, looking beyond time.

7. Sensitivity is not sentimentality.

8. Quantifying yourself leads to jealousy.

9. Our relationships- a tale of spiritual bankruptcy.

10. All displacement from the Present is suffering.

11. Not victorious in victory,undefeated in defeat.

12. You the root You the shoot You the fruit.

13. You are not diseased, you are the disease.

14. Your ‘individuality’ is just a deceptive name given by ego to itself.

15. You have forgotten the key to yourself.

16. In the exam of life, no question is ever repeated.

17. In victory and in defeat, you are always a winner.

– As posted on Twitter @ Prashant_Advait

Quotes, August ’14

Quotes, August ’14


1. Without an essential spiritual dimension to the relationship, an element of fear, suspicion and exploitation will always be there in it.

2. Find an absence of love, understanding and peace in your relationships?
Its only because your relationships are devoid of a spiritual base.

3. Absolute is Truth,and absolute are its ways.
No compromises,no negotiations,no in-betweens,no opinions.
Absolute silence, absolute radiance.

4. Facts for the mind and Faith for the heart.
Facts in the dualistic world and Faith in the non-dual Truth.
Facts and Faith- the complete one.

5. Self-realization is the real solution.

6. Seek and you loose,  stop in attainment.

7. Life- Just desires manifested.

8. Love – Beyond like and dislike.

9. Life – Rest, not quest.

10. To drop is to awaken, not to quit.

11. Desire is incomplete, Joy complete.

12. Mind – The worst enemy, the best friend.

13. Not wanting to win, I never loose.

14. Only in awareness is material enjoyable.

15. The one and only true relationship.

16. Responsibility is the fruit of maturity.

17. Success is to realise that failure is the inevitable finality of our ways

-As posted on Twitter @Prashant_Advait