Quotes, December’15

Rejection of the false, and living in the True, are not at all separate happenings. They happen absolutely together. It is just that when you look at it from the side of the false, you see rejection; when you look at it from the side of the Truth, you see positive affirmation and acceptance. They are not separate at all.


You are heartily invited to a discourse by Acharya Prashant on “RAAS – Dancing in God” on 25th August at Advait BodhSthal, starting at 6:30pm.

Quotes, September’15

Standing still is not something to be practiced.

Standing still is not something that you will cultivate.

Standing still is your nature. It is already there.

But you move away from it when your mind has values that tell you to run all the time, to become super competitive.

All you need to do is go closer to those values and ask yourself, “Are they really needed? Are they important? Are they relevant? Can’t I live without them?”

Discourses in Europe

Q) What to do when the mind making images?

#Know that it is an image.

#If you think, you are creating images.

#Let the mind settle into quietness and the mind’s essential nature is quietness.

#Peace is not available through the answers. Peace lies in the dissolution of the question itself.

#Live knowing fully well that living is no serious business.

#Just remember that there is something else more important.

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