Ideals and Intelligence

Do you really know what Truth is?

How can you speak the truth, if you don’t know the Truth?

What is your truth except a mere repetition of facts?

In the name of Truth, you only express your opinion about the truth. Truth is a situation vested in a person. There is no objective truth. When I stand clear of my thoughts, dogmas, prejudices and pre-conceived notions, only then I can see the Truth.

The Novel

He presses the bell again, and again. She comes out. She is in her sleeping clothes. He can say she is looking alluring, if he wants to look at her that way. But…

‘The Novel’ was penned down in October 2003, when Acharya Ji was a young entrant in the corporate world. It is the reflection of the inner churning of the writer. The expression throws light on how the intellect finds self-deceptive comfort in giving fictitious names to its desires and motives. The story is loaded with symbolisms pointing towards intellectual-spiritual searches and false attainments. Ultimately, ‘The novel hanging limply from his hand’.

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