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Whatever you think you are, is one identity that you are carrying. And that identity can have no possibility of any Love. So, forget it that there can be any ‘self- love’! No self-love is possible. ‘Self -love’ is an oxymoron.

The Great man is not a Great man. That Great man has to be Great, every passing moment inattention.

The Great man, retains his understanding of himself, as somebody who is different from his concepts. He does not get identified with his thoughts.

A cancerous cell is very very ambitious! It multiplies like hell. That’s ambition. A normal healthy cell, does not grow out of ambition. It just grows. Just grows.

Growth is your very nature. It happens spontaneously out of understanding. It does not require ambition. You don’t need to be ambitious in order to grow.

There is no target, no ambitionThis is Self-love.

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You are born, so that you may totally die

All Karma, all action is for the actor. And if the actor is a desirous actor, then all action just leads to a continuation of the cycle of desire!

When you start from a wrong place, then you cannot reach a right place.

A wrong place is a wrong dimension.

More action will not take you out of action. More effort will not lead to effortlessness. More desires will not lead to desirelessness.

Seeing is effortless. Desiring is an effort.

“Mumukshtva” is realization.

You are born, so that you may totally die.

The purpose of life is total death. That is the only purpose of life.

Immortality is to feel so fulfilled that you are not counting years anymore. You are not asking, am I going to die at 50 or 80? That is ImmortalityWhen you are no more bothered about time, then you are immortal.

When you are looking at the decomposition of compounds, you are actually studying your own decomposition.

Karma is always associated with desire. That is why, to give you pure Karma, Krishna talks of ‘Nishkama Karma’. Karma, without the expectation of Karmaphal. Then you are acting without the actor.

“I” tendency does not differ. “I” tendency is the same. The objects that the “I” tendency gets circumstantially attached to, they differ. And the object that you are currently associated with, guides the next object that you would be associated with. But this craving for association and subsequent association; the tendency to get attached is the same.

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Trying to experience the Total means you are reducing the Total to an object

Trying to experience the Total means you are reducing the Total to an object, a limited object. Whereas totally experiencing whatever is, means, you experience whatever is there, to experience. But, you have the Total behind your back, patting, touching you gently, toddling you on and saying, “Go ahead.”

Total, go ahead, experience. The world is yours.

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Wherever you spend your time, you will be attached to that.

Wherever you spend your time, you will be attached to that.

You have spent a lot of time with your family, you will be attached to your family. You have spent a lot of time with certain religious thoughts, certain social ideals, you will be attached to them. You have spent every second of your time with your body, have you ever been outside your body? You spend every minute of your time with your body, you will be very attached to your body. You have lived for a long time in a particular house, you will be attached to that house. You have had a hairstyle for a long time, you will be attached to that hairstyle. You will have problems getting rid of that hairstyle.

You have spoken in a particular accent for a long time, you will become attached to that accent. You have lived in a particular country for a long time, you will become attached to that country. Brain is time, and in time it searches for its identity through the process of attachment. That is attachment.

So, attachment is something very simple, wherever you spend your time and whatever you spend your time with is called attachment and the brain is very eager to get attached. You spend your time with anything, anybody or any thought and it will get attached. In fact, if a baby is born and the baby is made to spend all his time close to a wall, play near the wall, eat near the wall, sleep near the wall, not even for a second can you go away from the wall, the baby will become so attached to the wall that if you hit the wall, the baby will feel as if his own body is being hit.

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Man’s consciousness is not pure consciousness at all.

When we say consciousness, what we mean is the perception that there is the universe and there is the me. If you cannot perceive things, if you cannot perceive the universe, then you will not say that you are conscious. And because we are what we are, we have taken consciousness as the consciousness that we experience; that is what is ego centered behavior.

What is our consciousness? Consciousness is the content of mind. Consciousness is our thoughts, ideals, emotions, feelings, relationships. What is our consciousness? Our consciousness is doubt, fear, convictions, beliefs, attachments, imaginations, effort, attainment, beginning, end. That is what we call as consciousness.

In the language of spirituality, all of that is not consciousness at all. What we call as consciousness is the interference of “I” in the facts of life. That is what we referred to as consciousness. And if we take that to be consciousness, then we would be mislead into believing that Vasugupt is saying that ego is the self because he is saying, “Consciousness is the Self.”

And if consciousness means our consciousness, then our consciousness is an ago centered consciousness, an “I” centered consciousness. We look at the world as we are. We are greatly attracted to that which has a meaning to us. We are repelled by that which we have been taught to dislike.

So man’s consciousness is not pure consciousness at all. If a sage would look at the expanse of our consciousness, He would say, “This is so mechanical. Why do you even call it consciousness? Why do you even label yourself as conscious? You are not conscious at all.”

To be conscious means to know and to really know you must be free of the blockage to knowing. You yourself, what you take yourself to be, are the biggest blockage to knowing. You don’t really know.

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We all are Lovers!

There is nobody who is not a lover. Your love may make you run in different directions but that does not make us separate, or different beings. One may seek satisfaction in reading, the other may seek satisfaction in drinking, the fourth may seek satisfaction in travelling, the fifth in raising money, the sixth in carnal pleasures, the seventh in meditation techniques, the eighth in something else — that does not make these eight fundamentally any different from each other.

We all are just the same; we all are lovers. To love is to search for that final Peace. To love is to look for that ultimate full stop. And unless that full stop comes, we will not stop.

Obviously, that’s the definition of full stop. Unless that full stop comes, we will keep limping, and we will keep running because it is hurting. It is hurting quite bad. Man’s life is nothing but this movement from place to place, from person to person.

If you look at the smaller picture, you’ll feel that one is caring for his family, you may feel that one is studying to gain a degree, you may feel that one is a responsible employ, you may feel that one is an inspiring sportsman, you may feel that one is a good writer, or painter, or artist, or doctor, or architect, or an engineer. You may feel that one loves to travel, so one is going from country to country, you may feel that one has thirst for knowledge, so he is reading book after book, but behind all this there is just the thirst of mind waiting for its final redemption.

Unless its final redemption comes, you can keep travelling to all the countries of the world, visit all cities and villages — large and small, have relationships with all men and women, and animals, and places, cultivate all kinds of fancies that you can, but you will not stop. No man will be the last. No woman will be the last. No ideology will be permanent. No state will last. You will remain, forever, a searcher; an anchorless wanderer.
Loneliness is Love. To be lonely implies that you are being pulled. To be lonely implies that loneliness hurts, and if it hurts, you want to cure it, you want to get rid of it. This want to get rid of loneliness itself is Love.
I repeat: I asserted, “Loneliness is love,” but that assertion is of no use unless loneliness is understood. Loneliness might be love, but it would remain a love unfulfilled, unless loneliness is understood, unless one has the fearlessness, and the faith to go into direct contact with the feeling of loneliness. “Yes I am feeling lonely, and I will not run away from it. I may shiver, I may tremble, I may feel a great discomfort, yet it does not pay to escape this.” ‘Love’ and ‘loneliness’ are together, but love would reach its climax, its finality, its dissolution, only if one understands his loneliness.

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Attachment is not Love


  • If some of you drive an old bike or old car, you will know that old nuts and bolt cannot be opened. They have to be cut, the nut fuses with the bolt. So, close together and ‘close together’ for a ‘long period of time’, that is attraction.


  • Space and time is attraction. Space and time is also this world. This world is all this that appears all spread around, so space. And this world is the past and future, so time. Attraction and the world are inseparable. Attraction is the fundamental quality of this world.


  • And remember this world by itself has no life, it is a mechanical system. Apple gets attracted towards earth; earth gets attracted towards apple, fundamental quality. And where there is attraction, there is repulsion as well. So, attraction and repulsion, that is what this universe is all about and this universe is time and space. We just said close together and there is attraction.


  • Attachment is the fruit of attraction in time. Attraction happens right now and when attraction continues in time then what you get is attachment. Attraction is a dead thing and attachment is an equally dead thing. So, if you are with a person since a long period of time, you will get attached.


  • You very well know why chemicals react? One chemical has some shortage of electron so it wants the other atom to provide those electrons, right? Either by transfer or by sharing.


  • So attraction happens when there is a feeling of incompleteness. And whenever you feel incomplete, that is dis-ease, you are uncomfortable, restless.



  • When you relate to other not because of greed or fear, it is Love. But unfortunately if we look at our relationships, there is greed, fear and expectation always, always present. And where there is greed, fear, expectation, insecurity; there can be no Love. There would be jealousy and possessiveness and there could be discord and strife, but no Love. So there is nothing sensational about Love, it is so simple.


  • Love is not about creating boundaries, my family, my people, my love, my house. Love is like the sun, full in itself so its brightness falls on everybody; its warmth is available to all. Wherever it goes, it brings light. That is Love. But Love, in spite of being such a simple thing cannot really be an object of discussion. Because Love comes from a healthy mind; and health simply means freedom from disease.


  • The man, who is dull and bored and careless and violent in the office, cannot be a loving father or a loving husband. After all it is the same mind; he will carry the same mind into the house as well. A healthy mind will be healthy in all walks of life, throughout the day. A lady, who does not care for small kids in the slum opposite her house, cannot be a loving mother. It is impossible. How is it possible to love your kids, when you only have indifference to the other kids, who are shivering in the cold?


  • I know that as young people, Love is a very hot topic for you all. But kindly do not think that you can ever know Love, without cleaning up your mind. Love is possible only to a very clean and very pure mind.


  • Others will know attraction and attachment but they will never know Love. And that is their punishment. The punishment of remaining conditioned is that you will never know Love. So forget Love, look at the purity of mind. That is what you can do.


-Edited for clarity.

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