Who is leading you?

There is always the threat of our self-image being lost destroy and distorted.

“If others are telling you that you are a leader then who is leading whom? Are you a leader or they are leading you into believing that you are a leader?”

The others are always dominating the mind. Ask yourself that all you know about yourself how much is first hand? Of all the identities you carry how many intrinsic all yours and how many have been supplied by external situations, society, powers.

The more you are living with a borrowed self-concept with a borrowed self-image the more you will be afraid of the world. It’s a slavery.

The more you start looking at yourself with your own eyes, the less dependent you are on anybody else. The less dependent you are on anybody else, the less is the fear of losing your self-image.

You want to get rid of fear then reduce your dependency on others. Say, I have intelligence. I have my eyes. Let me use that to directly look at things.

What most of you call as your own, has not really been your own.

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Series of great miracles

The subtle can be perceived only by the subtle.

We talk as if miracles happen sometimes. ‘Time’ itself is a miracle.

To believe in miracles is to believe in your personal helplessness. To believe in miracles is to accept that the center of doing is not you, that what is happening is not really your accomplishment.

The miracle tells you that neither have you done it nor do you understand what has been done that is too much for the ego.

You will never be very open to believing in miracles. To believe in miracles is to believe in grace. ‘Grace’ is a miracle. To believe in miracles is to believe in love, truth. You would much rather believe in yourself; Love, truth, grace, they obliterate you. The work of God is miraculous. The work of God is not something that the human mind can make sense of, and that is a miracle. But as we just said, if you cannot make sense of something you feel humiliated. There is another mind that feels delighted when he sees something of the beyond happening. He has faith.

The very existence of Jesus is a miracle. No other miracle is needed.

Life is nothing but a series of great miracles.

The very existence of the Jesus is a miracle. Obviously, everything that happens through him is bound to be a miracle.

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Man’s consciousness is not pure consciousness at all.

When we say consciousness, what we mean is the perception that there is the universe and there is the me. If you cannot perceive things, if you cannot perceive the universe, then you will not say that you are conscious. And because we are what we are, we have taken consciousness as the consciousness that we experience; that is what is ego centered behavior.

What is our consciousness? Consciousness is the content of mind. Consciousness is our thoughts, ideals, emotions, feelings, relationships. What is our consciousness? Our consciousness is doubt, fear, convictions, beliefs, attachments, imaginations, effort, attainment, beginning, end. That is what we call as consciousness.

In the language of spirituality, all of that is not consciousness at all. What we call as consciousness is the interference of “I” in the facts of life. That is what we referred to as consciousness. And if we take that to be consciousness, then we would be mislead into believing that Vasugupt is saying that ego is the self because he is saying, “Consciousness is the Self.”

And if consciousness means our consciousness, then our consciousness is an ago centered consciousness, an “I” centered consciousness. We look at the world as we are. We are greatly attracted to that which has a meaning to us. We are repelled by that which we have been taught to dislike.

So man’s consciousness is not pure consciousness at all. If a sage would look at the expanse of our consciousness, He would say, “This is so mechanical. Why do you even call it consciousness? Why do you even label yourself as conscious? You are not conscious at all.”

To be conscious means to know and to really know you must be free of the blockage to knowing. You yourself, what you take yourself to be, are the biggest blockage to knowing. You don’t really know.

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Spirituality is not an isolated activity

The distinction between spiritual life and worldly life is a false distinction. That which is called as Truth is not to be attained in isolation or abstraction. It is found in the middle of life, not in the middle of some special spiritual life, but in the middle of our everyday life.

Spirituality is not an isolated activity. You do not say that these are the things that I do and then the next thing that I am engaged in is, spirituality. If you do not do what you are doing, then how will you ever come to the facts of what you believe yourself to be.

Spirituality is not morality, it is not a set of commandments, it is never instructive. It does not tell you, do this or do that. And if you are ever told that in the name of self-inquiry or spiritual progress, then just be very cautious, it must be somebody who doesn’t understand.

Your condition at this moment is the sum total and complete representation of all your life, not only this life of the past 30 or 50 years, but your entire evolutionary life as well. What you are, this moment is a total expression of the collective flow of the whole stream, the whole evolutionary process, for each of us. Now, why do we need to go elsewhere and read a book? Here is the book, our life is the book, so close and so unavoidable.

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Spiritual jargons never help anybody!

Spiritual jargon never helped anybody. Never! Believe me. Since years I have been getting people who have been with this master, that master, have read all the possible spiritual literature and have only received high sounding answers.

This morning a lady came to me and said, “You know, I have been going to this particular guru, a very famous one and whenever I ask him about my immediate condition, my marriage, my joblessness, my fear, my insecurity, he just tells me, ‘Believe that you are pure-consciousness. You are not the mind, you are not the body. If you can drop the mind then no change is needed, you will be very alright wherever you are.’”

And she says, “I have been hearing all these fancy stuffs but it doesn’t help me. Can you tell me something which is real, which is grounded, which is actionable, not some wonderful concepts hanging in the sky, not some distant heaven, not something to imagine but something to live?”

The spiritual one lives truly. He does not think of himself as this and that. He has no business thinking.

He lives — truly, directly.

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Go, open the door!

Your friend is in your home, you believe he is not there. Since you believe he is not there, so you switch off all the lights, lock the house and go out looking for him. Now, what will happen? Will you ever find him? When you go out looking for that which is already in your home, you have guaranteed that you will continue searching.

So, never begin with a flawed assumption. Never.

That’s what all the meditators are doing—Locking up peace in the house, switching off all the lights, bolting from the outside, instructing the guard to shoot anyone who tries to go in or get out. And then they have gone all over the place looking for the friend. “Where is He? Where is He? God! God! We can’t get you, God! God the unreachable, God the unknowable, God the unthinkable, God the unnamable.”

He is sitting in your home. Go, open the door!

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Religion is young

Feel free, totally free, don’t have that fear that you must follow the conventional.

Religion is not at all about going a particular line, going down the beaten track.

Not at all.

Religion is extremely dynamic, religion is more modern than modern.

Religion does not consist of rituals.

Religion means, ‘I will live my life with honesty and Truth’. And are honesty and Truth outdated things? Are honesty and Truth something that belongs to the seventh or first centuries. They don’t. Right?

Is love something that would be taken as primordial?

And without religion what love are you talking about?

So, religion is cool, religion is young, religion is vigour but not the religion that is touted, not the religion that is being publicised.

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The whole fun of wisdom

That is the whole fun of wisdom, of spirituality—certain thoughts just don’t come to you.

It is not that new thoughts of a special variety start coming to you; not at all.

It is not that a spiritual man thinks differently;
it is just that he does not think most of the stuff that you keep thinking.

It is not that there is some special characteristic about his mind;
it is just that his mind does not carry most of the diseases that your mind carries.

Spirituality simply means that most of the thoughts that are so automatic right now with you, will stop occurring.

And it is such a relief, such a mercy.

Religion is Intelligence

The intelligent man has no beliefs.

Because all beliefs come from the past.

He just knows.

There is a difference between knowing and believing.

Do you understand this difference?

If I am blind, then I need to believe that there is a door there.

But if I have eyes, then do I need to believe that there is a door there? I will know.

Religion is not believing.

Any intelligent man is bound to be religious. Every intelligent man is religious.

Because religion is Intelligence.

Religion is knowing.

Religion is not belief.

Going to the temple or the mosque is not religion.

You are still standing within the room

It does not matter whether you are standing in the middle of the room, or at the edge of the room.

You are still standing within the room.

All your efforts, all your movements, are limited to the boundary of the room.

You cannot breach that boundary on your own.

So, bow down in prayer.

You will have to give yourself up.

Truth never gets hurt, only the ego gets hurt

Hurt is a feeling of loss, a belying of expectations, a shock to beliefs. A rude jerk to the mind and its imaginations.

Can there be hurt without accumulation?

Can there be hurt without expectations and beliefs?

Are you not hurt the most when you want the most?

Who hurts us? Strangers or those whom we want to capture in relationships, and fail in our attempt?

Is hurt not another name for the shock that my relationship is not what I imagined it to be?

Hence, is hurt not a product of blind desire?

Truth never gets hurt. Only the ego gets hurt.
To live simply, innocently- in direct realization- is to live free of hurt.

~ Excerpts from the article, ‘The quality of relationships and feeling of being hurt

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Strengths and Weaknesses

You have assumed that there must be strengths and weaknesses.

What if you just are and there are no strengths or no weaknesses? What are the weaknesses of a Daisy flower? What are the weaknesses of a Rose flower? In itself it does not appear to have some weaknesses, but the Daisy flower may appear to have weaknesses if compared with the Rose flower otherwise, it has no weaknesses.

A Sunflower is a Sunflower, a Lotus flower is a Lotus flower, a Daisy flower is a Daisy flower, and none of them have any weaknesses or strengths, but if you compare their sizes, then a Sunflower and a Lotus flower will appear to be stronger than the Rose flower in terms of size. They are all perfect as they are. It is upon comparison that you start saying, I am strong or weak, and comparison is always foolish.

You don’t have a strength and you don’t have a weakness, you are just what you are, where is the question of strength and weakness? We talked of your authenticity, you all are unique, and everybody is unique. To label something as your strength, as your weakness can only be done when you are being compared against some standard.

I keep giving this example, in India we are still enslaved with the notion of colour. Fair coloured people ruled over us for a long time, so skin colour is still very important to us. That mental slavery is still going on.

When a child is born, and if the child happens to be a girl and is little dark coloured, what will you repeatedly tell her? What would the parent be repeatedly saying directly or indirectly? That her dark colour is her weakness. After some time the girl herself will start believing that there is something wrong with her.

The proof is all those fairness creams that you see in the market. Now why should anybody try to use a fairness cream? Being students of science, you very well know that a colour is just a particular wavelength. Now, what is so sacred about five thousand angstroms, which is not there in seven thousand angstroms. That’s what colour is, that’s what facial colour is, but you will make the poor child believe that there is something wrong with her, and then she will spend her life trying to correct her weakness, as if there is any weakness.

There is no weakness at all. Even if there is, then it is stupidity. The only weakness is stupidity, and hence the only strength is wisdom, and there is no great wisdom in collecting knowledge. Wisdom is a very simple thing. Wisdom is to know what is happening.

~ Excerpts from the article, ‘You have no strengths or weaknesses, you are just what you are

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