Core value is ‘Clarity’

Why can’t my response to a situation arise directly of my out of my intelligence? Why do I need an ideal? Why do I need an ideal to show me the way? Why do you need to give me ideals? Don’t I have the power to understand? And can’t my action come out of my own power? Why do I need the support of an ideal? Why?

Every course of action and its opposite course of action both are alright in a different situation. So, how can there be an ideal response? 

Your very fundamental core value is ‘Clarity’ except that there is no core values.

Ideals obfuscate ‘clarity.’ So, anybody who will have ideals as core values will find that he is missing out on clarity. That clarity has also been given the name of ‘emptiness.’ Emptiness because it is clear, clear of everything. It is empty. That is the only core value. A little ahead that core value takes the shape of a few other core values. They are called Truth, Joy, Love, Freedom.

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You are a man of patterns

You are a man of mind. You are a man of reactions. You are a man of patterns. Who wants to talk to such a man?

An ordinary man in the name of learning from failures, Just tries to react differently. The second time a similar situation arises. And this he labels as learning from failure.

Zen is your essential core that reacts not, that it’s his own master. Has it’s own way of living.

Two or three years are needed so that all the pre-existing answers get clear. Not that the new answer is needed but the old answer need to go.

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One does not control dreams, one wakes up

Don’t say, “How to control thoughts?” Don’t say, “How to control dreams?” One does not control dreams. One wakes up.

But we’re not interested in waking up. We’re interested in changing the dreams. Now if you have one dream and then you have another dream, has your position changed for better? I am asking you, you’re dreaming of fire and you’re afraid, now you’re dreaming of fountains and waterfalls and you’re happy, has anything really changed?

Don’t say, “How to control thoughts?” Because even the controller is fast asleep. Ask me, “How do I understand thoughts?” That is waking up. When there are so many thoughts going on in the mind, don’t hold onto them. This much you realize that I’m thinking, right? When you’re thinking you know that you’re thinking. If you can know this much that you’re thinking, you can also remember that every thought is just an external influence, not really important.

Alright, it is there. It is the natural tendency of mind to think. Let the mind be involved in its own preoccupations. Can I stand a the little distance from the mind and look at the mind. That will happen only when you don’t take your thoughts too seriously. Don’t become attached or identified with them.

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The more afraid you are, the more willpower you need. 

We need willpower because we have created obstacles. When we look into these obstacles, we find that they are there only as long as we believe in them. Then you do not need willpower, wisdom is enough. Then you do not need courage, clarity is sufficient.

But instead of asking for clarity, we often ask for courage. Now courage is not needed, clarity is needed. Instead of asking for wisdom, we ask for willpower. Willpower is not needed, Wisdom is enough. If you are deeply afraid, you believe that everybody will laugh at you when you ask a question, then you will need a lot of willpower. But if you are wise and you say “First of all not many people are going to laugh, even if somebody laughs, how does it matter to me.” Then will you still need willpower? You don’t need willpower, you need willpower only as an antidote to fear. Where there is no fear, there is no need for willpower. So, don’t ask me “How to enhance willpower?” The more afraid you are, the more willpower you need.

The more restricted you feel, the more willpower you need, is that not so? Just open your eyes and see that there is no restriction except those that you subscribe to, except those that you willingly self-impose. Then you will say ‘Willpower’, who needs it? When you are enjoying a particular sport, then you run around a lot, you spend a lot of energy. Do you need willpower? But you will need a lot of willpower if you are told to go jogging and if you don’t enjoy jogging, then jogging even for 15 minutes, twenty minutes and you will say, “Oh My God, I am just dragging my feet, give me some willpower” When you are really into something, when there is no fear, who asks for willpower? It’s not needed. 

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Spiritual jargons never help anybody!

Spiritual jargon never helped anybody. Never! Believe me. Since years I have been getting people who have been with this master, that master, have read all the possible spiritual literature and have only received high sounding answers.

This morning a lady came to me and said, “You know, I have been going to this particular guru, a very famous one and whenever I ask him about my immediate condition, my marriage, my joblessness, my fear, my insecurity, he just tells me, ‘Believe that you are pure-consciousness. You are not the mind, you are not the body. If you can drop the mind then no change is needed, you will be very alright wherever you are.’”

And she says, “I have been hearing all these fancy stuffs but it doesn’t help me. Can you tell me something which is real, which is grounded, which is actionable, not some wonderful concepts hanging in the sky, not some distant heaven, not something to imagine but something to live?”

The spiritual one lives truly. He does not think of himself as this and that. He has no business thinking.

He lives — truly, directly.

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Decision is a symptom of confusion

Decision making is such a burden upon the mind.

Why do you want to decide?

Decision is a symptom of confusion. Only those who are confused, need to decide, others just know. When you are confused, only then there is a need to decide otherwise, you just know. And when you just know, who needs a decision, the decision is already made.

When you just know, do you need to make a decision? The decision is already made, it is obvious, who needs to decide, and who needs to think? It is obvious. When you are absolutely sure, do you still need to decide? When you are absolutely sure, there are no confusions because there are no choices.

Decision making means that there are these choices and I need to decide which one to choose, which one to go for. That is what decision making is. What if there are no choices at all? Would decision making still be relevant?

We all have eyes and yet we all are behaving as if we are blind. We keep asking for help, we keep asking for assistance in decision making.

I have given eyes to somebody who already had eyes. There can be no bigger magic than this. To give eyes to a blind person is understandable, but to give eyes to a healthy one, who already has eyes is pure magic. But that is the magic we all need.

I experience this, day-in and day-out with you people. First thing you ask is, ‘what to do?’ and if I tell you, ‘Alright, here is this answer. Now, this is the right thing to do’. Second thing  you will ask, ‘whether I should do it? Yes. Alright, now tell me how to do it’.

The door is that way. Please. Just open your eyes and no decision is needed. Things are obvious, just obvious. Your eyes are closed because you have decided to keep them closed.

You want to make a decision because so many forces are dominating your mind. Each of these forces is a belief and is external, it is coming from outside. But you have allowed it to dominate your mind. You do not say that give me information, I will look at it with my own eyes, I just not take it in, I will just not start believing it.

Do not ask for decision making; ask for clarity in seeing. The one who sees clearly does not really need to decide, seeing is enough, seeing is sufficient. You do not really need to decide. See it clearly, watch in attention. Ask yourself, ‘Is this just a belief? When did I get it? From where did I borrow it?’ And then you will find that the fog is gone and things are obvious.

Absolutely obvious.

~ Excerpts from the article, ‘Just see clearly, and there would be no need for decisions

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The Present gives rise to time, it is not a point in time

1. Present

  • The Present is the Source, Present is nothing but the Truth.


  • The Present is that from which everything emanates. The Present is all, there is nothing but the Present and the Present is not this moment where you are sitting and doing something. All this is sheer memory and movement in time.


  • Present is not a moment at all and to say that, ‘Live in the Present’ does not mean that do what you are doing right now and think of this and that. All that is a very limited way of looking at things. The Present is ‘what is’ . It is the Truth itself, the Source itself.


  • The Present never changes. Mind changes and time changes. The Present is always there at its place. It has nowhere to go. There is only the Present.


  • Present is a mystical experience in itself. Present is not a sensory experience that if you can see it with your eyes, then this is the Present.


  • You can take the Present, as an image, as a huge container, in which lot is happening. The container goes nowhere, it is there. Within it everything is happening, within it is time. So, things appear like changing. Within the Present lies the whole of time.


  • Nothing is moving. Only your mind is moving. Nothing happens and that is the Present. You are in the Present only when you realize that nothing is happening, otherwise you are not in the Present. Its not so easy, “Okay, come in the Present, lets all be in the Present moment”, it’s not that easy. It’s not that.


  • In the Present, ‘you are not you’, the Present is. So, there can be no personal Present. The Present is completely impersonal. Impersonal, unchangeable and unlimited. So the Present is not at all this moment.


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