Don’t imagine solutions

Answers are not there. Only questions are there. Understand the question and that is it. This question-answer format has been given to you by the society only. That there is something like a question and then there is something like an answer. No. Only Inquiry exists and resolution of inquiry exists. There is nothing like ‘answer’ in that.

Don’t imagine solutions. Don’t imagine that if I do like this, then that would happen. Do it first.

This is what you need to observe. While walking, roaming, eating, whatever is happening, just observe that and you will understand! Truth is not far. Just that is what you have to see.

As a boss, if I am sucking Life out of my employees’ life, is that not violence all the more.

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An unnecessary relationship

An addiction is defined as something that is external, very difficult to get rid off; nevertheless.

There are no good or bad addictions. An addiction is just what it is — “An unnecessary relationship.”

Addiction says that you need something. Need is the first addiction. Whatever you claim that you need that is your first addiction.

That which begins as ignorance and dreams, cannot end as understanding.

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Fact carries no ‘ifs’ and ‘buts’

It is easy to intellectualize stuff here. I am talking of Real life. It is very easy to say, “Oh, you know, if you are the Sat-chit-ananda, then anger does not matter”.
Does anger does not matter really when you are fighting and negotiating with the man on the street? Does it matter to you or not?
So, don’t just give hypothetical and ideal answers. Answer from your life. Answer from the way you interact with your boss, your wife, your kid, the man on the street; the stranger, the robber. Look at that. Stare at the facts on the face. Look at the way the world is – violent, chaotic, anarchic. What is the point in talking of great ideals?
Why talk “ifs” and “buts”? The fact carries no “ifs” and “buts”. The fact is just there, not conditional, not “if”.
You cannot be told that, “You know, if you ‘think’ of yourself as pure consciousness then you will feel peace”.
If you ‘think’ of yourself as pure consciousness?
The bugger does not even know that every thought is a disturbance. Peace is when thoughts are not there, not needed.
And the remedy he is suggesting is, “No, if you ‘think’ of yourself as pure consciousness!”
And what exactly is that – ‘pure consciousness’?
Some great pristine image!

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The words of a Teacher must be listened in great attention and empathy; never take them literally.

You will always, otherwise, misinterpret.

What is the definition of adultery?

Adultery does not mean that you are hanging out with somebody else’s wife.

Adultery means that you are now taking something as a high priority and that something can never be God.

That is the real definition of adultery: To be disloyal to God.

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When it strikes you, it’s a total striking

Insight does not really correspond to any of your mental models.

Grace does not give you something that you can nicely lay down in a structured form.

When it strikes you, it’s a total striking.

You come to know everything, all at once.

The knowing, the dropping, the realization, and the action—they all happen together.

The very movement of ‘I AM’ is ego

Come very close to how you operate daily. Come very close to it.

That is ‘ego’.

‘Ego’ is not a thought, or a concept, or a framework.

What is ‘ego’?
‘Ego’ is how you operate in your daily life; your sense of  I AM.

You wake up, and you say, “I am going to work.”
Then you say, “I am going to earn.”
Then you say, I am going to meet my friends.”
Then you say, “I am going to play.”
The entire day is a succession of the activities that this ‘I AM’ is absorbed in.

The very movement of ‘I AM’ is ego.

That is the point to start.

Knowing ego is freedom from the ego.

The Voice of the Heart

When you look skywards, your eye rests on ‘something’, and you try to find beauty in that ‘thing’. You say, ‘Look at those clouds, what a neat formation.’ You say, ‘See, how full the moon is tonight. Lovely!’ You sometimes even do praise the pristine blue of the sky, but never the sky itself; and remember the sky is not really blue. It is what comes between the sky and your eyes that makes it look blue.

I have never really seen anybody captivated by the sheer nothingness, emptiness, immensity, the total void of the sky. Poets have written lovely poems praising the moon, children have often taken stars as their friends; but I’m yet to come across a composition loving the empty sky.

That is the human tragedy, even the highest to us comes only through the mind and the senses. So when we talk of beautiful sounds, we only talk of that which the ears can hear. All the voices that we can talk of or hear are the voices of the mind.

Even the most beautiful conceptions that we have are still ‘conceptions’.  It may be a voice consisting of words, it may be a voice of nature, or it may be something so esoteric that it really means nothing in the human language, something like Om, yet it is just voice of the mind. It is not beyond that.

The Heart does not speak in a human language, the Heart does not even utter in a way that the ears can comprehend. The voice of the Heart is the silence behind all voices and sounds.

If you hear something that your mind can comprehend, in any way, then you must know that it is not the sound of the Heart. It may sound beautiful, it may totally possess you, but remember, what sounds beautiful to you today will not sound beautiful tomorrow. Hence whatever you call as beautiful is contingent and conditional, it is not the Truth. It will pass away.

~ Excerpts from the article, ‘The Language of the Heart