Confusion is a manmade thing.

Why does confusion arise? You do not know what is right. If you know what is right will you still be confused? If you really know, tell me will you still be confused? Confusion arises when we do not know what is right for us.

And except us, who can know what is right for us? If you do not know who else will know?

Confusion is not existential. Confusion is manmade. You will not find animals easily confused. They know how to live and what to do. Unless you play trick with them, they will not be confused. But, man is always confused. Confusion is a manmade thing. You simply look at the world with simple childlike eyes and there will be no confusion.

Do not give importance to what you see, what you hear, what you have been told. All the concepts that you have become attached to. Do not give them importance and then there will be no confusion. It’s simple. This is right and this must be done. Go ahead. Confusion arises because you give importance to the dirt.

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Living in inferiority complex.

If I really know that I am beautiful, you cannot make me feel ugly — but I must then be in total sureness.
I cannot be in total sureness if I am worrying a lot about my business, if it means a lot to me, because in worrying a lot about the state of my business, I am actually worrying a lot about my capacity to handle my business, which means I am not very sure of my own capacity to live with the business, to manage it, to come out unharmed, untouched by it. I take business now as a challenge, as something that can really overpower me or dominate me. It now becomes something very meaningful. Now, I have given it a place that it does not deserve. Now, I have made it some kind of an equivalent of Truth and when something becomes an equivalent of Truth, you become too small in front of it.
That is called living in inferiority complex.
When you are feeling inferior, then even an innocuous touch can hurt you. The other one had no intention to rub you the wrong way but you find that you have been bruised for no reason. It has nothing to do with the intention of the other person. It has much more to do with your own self-concept.
At the risk of sounding impractical, let me suggest that one must treat all business with a little contempt. All business! Even the business of life and death. When you can treat all business with a little contempt, then the business is not bigger than you, then the business is not your God or Truth. Now you are bigger and bigger you indeed are.

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The Teacher does not speak to confuse you

The Teacher does not speak to confuse you.

He has no interest in throwing riddles around.

He wants to help you. So he has said something.

His words are like the Truth – direct, obvious and simple.

But to a complicated mind, the obvious and the simple makes no sense.

To a complicated mind, the obvious and the simple becomes a great puzzle.

Truth is that which you are, even when you are totally committed to the false

Truth is the beginning and finality in which you are always located even when you are thinking that you are away from the Truth.

Truth is that which you are even when you are totally committed to the false.

Deep peace is what we are even when we are totally restless.

Complete understanding is what we are even when we are identified with ignorance.

You can never reach the Truth because you are never outside the Truth.

Home cannot be the destination. Home is where you always are.

You don’t have a choice there.

Inexorably, inevitably, you are there.

Realization is the end of suffering

Whosoever will live on thoughts, will suffer—that is the punishment.

And if you are suffering, it is a sure shot proof that you are not realizing.

Realization is the end of suffering.

Realization is the end of confusion.

And thoughts will always perpetuate confusion;
thoughts will never come to an end on their own.

Decision is a symptom of confusion

Decision making is such a burden upon the mind.

Why do you want to decide?

Decision is a symptom of confusion. Only those who are confused, need to decide, others just know. When you are confused, only then there is a need to decide otherwise, you just know. And when you just know, who needs a decision, the decision is already made.

When you just know, do you need to make a decision? The decision is already made, it is obvious, who needs to decide, and who needs to think? It is obvious. When you are absolutely sure, do you still need to decide? When you are absolutely sure, there are no confusions because there are no choices.

Decision making means that there are these choices and I need to decide which one to choose, which one to go for. That is what decision making is. What if there are no choices at all? Would decision making still be relevant?

We all have eyes and yet we all are behaving as if we are blind. We keep asking for help, we keep asking for assistance in decision making.

I have given eyes to somebody who already had eyes. There can be no bigger magic than this. To give eyes to a blind person is understandable, but to give eyes to a healthy one, who already has eyes is pure magic. But that is the magic we all need.

I experience this, day-in and day-out with you people. First thing you ask is, ‘what to do?’ and if I tell you, ‘Alright, here is this answer. Now, this is the right thing to do’. Second thing  you will ask, ‘whether I should do it? Yes. Alright, now tell me how to do it’.

The door is that way. Please. Just open your eyes and no decision is needed. Things are obvious, just obvious. Your eyes are closed because you have decided to keep them closed.

You want to make a decision because so many forces are dominating your mind. Each of these forces is a belief and is external, it is coming from outside. But you have allowed it to dominate your mind. You do not say that give me information, I will look at it with my own eyes, I just not take it in, I will just not start believing it.

Do not ask for decision making; ask for clarity in seeing. The one who sees clearly does not really need to decide, seeing is enough, seeing is sufficient. You do not really need to decide. See it clearly, watch in attention. Ask yourself, ‘Is this just a belief? When did I get it? From where did I borrow it?’ And then you will find that the fog is gone and things are obvious.

Absolutely obvious.

~ Excerpts from the article, ‘Just see clearly, and there would be no need for decisions

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