Religion is Intelligence

The intelligent man has no beliefs.

Because all beliefs come from the past.

He just knows.

There is a difference between knowing and believing.

Do you understand this difference?

If I am blind, then I need to believe that there is a door there.

But if I have eyes, then do I need to believe that there is a door there? I will know.

Religion is not believing.

Any intelligent man is bound to be religious. Every intelligent man is religious.

Because religion is Intelligence.

Religion is knowing.

Religion is not belief.

Going to the temple or the mosque is not religion.

Krishna is a continuous creativity

Those who claim to respect Krishna are the ones who are actually full of contempt towards him.

They are the ones who limit him to a statue.

They are the ones who make him into a poster and put up on some wall.

They are the ones who do the unthinkable act of celebrating the birthday of Krishna.

This is evil.

The process of Krishna never begins and never stops.

He is a continuous creativity.

His every movement is Gita.