Ego likes to conclude too soon

The ego likes to settle matters too soon, the ego likes to conclude too soon. Wherever there is a conclusion, wherever there is a settlement, wherever there is an ending that thought can grasp, it is a false ending, it is a false realization. I have no interest in talking about what true realization is like. True realization is anywhere not a subject matter of this course. We should rather warn of that which is false.

The ego can never be restful with loose ends, with uncertainty, with ambiguity. With things that are not beginning and not ending, with matters that seem absurd in a sequence of time, with issues that apparently do not have a cause, with actions that apparently do not result in anything, the ego will be restless with these. So, it will try to close matters, it will try to conclude, it will try to assert.

The assertion cannot be, “I do not know.” Because that is a very unstable assertion. If you do not know then responsibility upon you is to know. Sooner than later, after passing through a series of ‘I don’t know’, the ego would quickly like to come to…

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Fight for the right cause and let it consume you fully.

In the real defeat, everything that you have has been offered, sacrificed, surrendered. Now, what is the point in crying? Nothing better than this could have been done. Now, what to cry about? What grief? I have already come to the end of myself. I have already come to the end of efforts. What do I cry for? Isn’t that beautiful? You are fighting a war that cannot result in a defeat. If the result is a defeat there is nobody to receive the result. Great. Equally, if the result is a victory there is nobody to receive the result. That’s the right war.

Fight for the right cause and let it consume you fully. That is the only way of living life. Fight for the right one and devote yourself totally to him. That is the only way of living and fighting. Give yourself up so totally that you cannot now be blamed with having reserved anything for your personal self. Don’t cut corners. Don’t hold back. Don’t be compartmentalized between personal life and professional life. Devote the last ounce of yourself, your energy, your flesh, everything. That is the only way to ensure that you never are defeated.

It’s simple. Death will be with my defeat. Defeat will happen with my death. So, who will be left to grieve over defeat?

You understand death? We are not talking of physical death. The death that I am talking of might include physical elimination, but not necessarily. We are talking of death of that which we call as ourselves, that which is always hungry, begging, wanting, possessing, and still hungry. That is what we have to sacrifice. That is what we have to offer to the deity.

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Is that what is life?

Do you know what is insensitivity?

Insensitivity is a belief. It’s a belief that “I am born to be chained, that I am not worthy of love, that I do not deserve to fly.” That is insensitivity. We have been trained to be cruel to ourselves and why must you be cruel to yourself?

You deserve all and everything.

Man is not born to adjust and compromise and somehow tolerate his seventy-eight years and then at the end of the journey say, “Thank God the seventy years are over. It was a night mare, glad, I am out of it. Death is such a nice thing.” When you die at eighty, you say, “Mercifully I am out of it.”

Is that what is life?

Greed and God do not go together

  • We like the teacher, who promises you liberation, without asking you to Surrender. We like the teacher who says, “You can be joyful, while maintaining your current patterns of life.” Look at these people who are so very famous and powerful these days.
  • They all have one thing in common. They do not ask you to demolish yourself; none of them will ask you to demolish yourself.
  • They will say, “Remain what you are, yet you can have peace and joy. I will give you some magical wand. Remain in your current job, remain with your current set of people and remaining where you are, and what you are, you can be redeemed”.
  • They will say, “You continue doing what you do. If you are a killer, continue killing. If you are a cheat, continue cheating. If you are all the time sitting in your pattern based responsibilities, keep sitting there. You don’t have to demolish. You don’t have to come out. You don’t have to leave anything, dropping is not needed. I will give you some pain reliever. You can continue with your rotten job. I will give you some kriya.So when you feel very-very stressed out, then you can do this – inhale, exhale and think of fairies and angels; imagine that they are descending from heaven, with the message of god and you will feel ‘p-e-a–c-e-ful’.” And you greatly like this message.
  • So, “I don’t have to give up my job and yet I can have peace. I can have my paycheck and I can have peace. My guru has given me a wonderful kriya“.
  • Beware of this teacher; the real teacher will not lie to you, he will not promise you something which is impossible. Peace and patterns do not go together. Greed and God do not go together.


-Edited for clarity.

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