Look at all that which is a certainty with you, that is where your demons lie

The doer only knows to act. He is identified by his doing, by his activities. Do not give energy to those activities. The doer will say, “I am interpreting what this speaker is saying.” Immediately you must know that your interpretation is a foolish interpretation. The doer will say, “I will decide what to do next.” Immediately you must know that your decision is a self-defeating decision. Whatever the doer does or thinks, you must know that it is stupid and wrong. In fact, that is the very definition of wrong action – that which comes from the doer.

But you have known only the doer. You have known only the doer. Of the real doer, of the immense, you only have thoughts or at best a faint ancient remembrance. Otherwise, your life is totally full of only the doer. Which practically then means that you will have to doubt everything, which practically then means that you will have to reject your ways totally.

But this will be so difficult when the world around you is constantly teaching you to be confident and motivated. This will be very difficult when there are teachers and gurus who are constantly egging you on to achieve your goals. The real seeker knows fully well that his goals are bound to be stupid. But there are so many so-called well-wishers who want you to keep moving, who want you to realize your dreams. All dreams are whose dreams, the doer’s dreams. So, if you are really sincere then you will have the guts for total self-annihilation. And without that, there is no freedom from your predicament.

Start with the little things of the day. Start with all that which you do automatically, habitually. Do you know what this automatic doing implies? This automatic doing implies that you have such a deep belief in that action that you do not even think it fit to inquire it. You are saying, “This must be right so I can do it automatically. Why do I need to pass it through the scanner? Because I have heard of it so much because I have seen it so much and because I have been doing it so repeatedly, this must be right. Everybody is doing it so I can do it without any consideration.”

That is where you must immediately pause. That which you have been constantly doing without any consciousness, under the strong and terrible assumption that it must be right, that is what you must immediately question. I repeat, look at all that which is a certainty with you, that is where your demons lie. What is a certainty with you? Come to this very instance. It is a certainty that you will get up from here and go into a particular direction. Won’t you? And, why don’t you want to look into that? Why don’t you want to question that? Why not?

Is it not a certainty with you that you will behave and react only in particular ways and patterns? Why must it happen that way? Is it not a certainty with you that you will be found next to only a particular set of people, only next to a particular man or a particular woman? Why must that be a certainty? Whatever is a certainty with you is an act of the doer and the more certain it is, the more deeply embedded it is in your psyche.

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What do you mean by a fact?

What do you mean by a fact?

A fact is something impersonal. A fact is something that won’t change with your mood. A fact is something that doesn’t come out of your prejudice. The limitation associated with a fact is that it takes the objective world, as the reality. That is why the Truth is above facts. But facts, at least redeem you from imaginations. The only flaw that remains still associated with facts is that they pertain only to the objective world. And that is alright. There is certain honesty about it. You are stating what you are seeing.

Only by looking honestly at the objective world, this world, can we know the essence, the basis of this world. What else otherwise is available to us? If you won’t use this world, what else will you use? Is there anything else given to you? Your hands, they can only hold the material. Your eyes, they can only look at the material. Your ears, they can only hear material sounds. And your mind, it can only think of the material. So, when we have to proceed only with the material, then it is very important, to be honest with the facts.

We do not live in facts. We live in our opinions about facts. These are two very different things, mind you.

Whenever you come across a problem, first thing, you do not know the problem. Do not begin by saying that, this is the problem and now I am going to solve it. When you come across a problem, first of all, drop all your pretensions about your understanding.

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How can there be ‘good habits’ and ‘bad habits’?

A habit means two things: one, there is a pattern, we do it regularly; second, we do it without understanding. We do it without being conscious. We are not really aware that this is happening. It just happens because of habit. There is no utilization of the mind. You don’t even think while doing. It just happens like in a machine. A button is pressed and the system starts operating, without understanding that why it is operating that way.

That is a habit.

In the moments when the habit functions, we do not even know what we do. Later on we may recall, we may repent, and we may feel bad. But when the habit is taking place, we have no awareness, and hence no power. You are powerless at that moment. Right in front of the habit, you are totally powerless. Now, how can there be ‘good habits’ and ‘bad habits’?

For a Jain, not eating meat is a good habit. But for people from some other religions, killing animals on the occasion of certain festivals is again a habit. Strange! Same act. For one it is a good habit, and for another one, it is a bad habit.

Do you really understand that why you are not eating meat? Do you really understand that why you are killing the animal? You are born in a particular religion, so since childhood you are told that eating meat is bad. So you do not eat meat. But do you really understand what is meat-eating? Do you really understand what is meant by killing?

Habit is that which you do regularly, but without understanding. Whatever we do regularly, but do not understand is a habit. Can there be good habits at all? Because if you say that something is a good habit, then you are also saying that not understanding is good. Because a habit by definition means- “I don’t understand but I do.” Can anything be a good habit? So let this come to you very clearly, very strongly. No habit is a good habit.

A habit prevents you from living fully. A habit prevents you from acting consciously. When you understand, you do not need habit. When you really know in attention, then habit becomes powerless. Whatever small things that you do throughout the day, start paying attention to them. Ask yourself, “Is this happening because I am aware, conscious. Or is this happening because I am habituated?”

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