Beginning itself is wrong

Defeat is hardly ever to be measured in terms of the events that happen outside of you. Defeat hurts exactly because defeat happens inside of you.

The beginning itself is wrong. The end will follow the beginning. When you have begun wrongly, the process cannot correct the beginning.

You might be a great driver, but if you do not know where you are coming from and where you are going, then your driving skills will only take you quicker to the wrong place.

What has begun wrongly cannot be corrected by the finesse involved in the process.

And one feels bad about his condition only when he strongly identifies with his condition.

Defeat is not the end of the war. Defeat is not in the end of the war. Mostly defeat lies in the beginning of war.

The more you pick unnecessary battles, the more you will feel defeated. The more you will feel defeated, the more will be the urge to fight another unnecessary battle. It’s a downward spiral. Once caught you remain caught.

Willpower, commitment, determination they are of so little use because they are extremely superficial. One can be a very committed person and yet have a very petty mind because one is needlessly committed. Committed to the wrong thing from the wrong center.

Efficiency or discipline or determination or commitment make sense only when the fundamental has been taken care of.

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Our hard work is just labor, labor done to get result.

Since childhood we have been told about effort as a duty, hard work as an obligation, hard work as a result oriented investment. “Work hard so that you can have dividends later on.”

But there is another kind of hard work, very energetic hard work, which arises from your happiness, which arises from your completeness, and it’s not result oriented.

It’s like a herd of deer running in a jungle. It’s not that a tiger is chasing them, and it’s not like they are running towards a grassland. They are just running and they are running terribly hard; you can’t catch them. Have you seen? At least video recordings of animals running very very fast in a jungle, of birds soaring high, it’s not necessary that they are hungry, they are just soaring high, must have climbed to that height and that requires energy. They could have decided to sleep, why put in so much effort, why climb to that height? Why keep gliding? Why flap your wings?“No no, I am happy so I am working hard.”

Our hard work is just labor, labor done to get result. And the result that you want never satisfies you. The proof is, that you want more. At no point do you stop and say that I have had enough. And because you want more, you have to put in more labor. So, in all your life you are just a laborer.

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Be patient with the disturbance

Question: Sir, is there something within which is unshakeable that is observing the disturbance?

AP: We need not say even that much.

When you let the disturbance be, then it is proof that there is something that is undisturbed. But when you say that there is something within that is observing the disturbance then you are saying that you are observing that thing observe the disturbance. Otherwise, how would you know? So do not comment on it. Do not say anything about it.

Just be patient with the disturbance. This patience, this capacity to live in the disturbance is that unshakable thing. It cannot be known directly. You cannot talk about it or describe it. It can be known only by its fruits.

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You will never own up your mistakes

You will never own up your mistakes.

You will be brought to a point where you will have no option but to see that you have been an idiot.

You will be left option-less.

Till the time you have an option, you will exercise it.

Till the time you have an option, you will only choose the ego because only the ego has options.

What else will you choose?

Willingly, it is never going to happen.

Never, ever!

And those for whom it is happening willingly, it is not really happening.

If it is happening willingly for you, then it is not really happening.

Then it means that it is a part of your internal conspiracy.

Man is the only one who has condemned himself to labor

Suppose, I go jogging in the morning and I don’t really enjoy it. It is lot of hard work for me. There is a colleague who goes along with me and has to keep pushing me all the time. When I play, be it Table Tennis, Cricket, or sometimes Soccer, I run around. I do not mind running around. I run around like a hare.

Why such a difference?

Because I am not into jogging. If you are not into it, then the mind gives a lot of resistance, that resistance is called ‘Hard Work’. Hard work is not any physical action. Hard work is the resistance that the mind puts up. My mind puts up lots of resistance even when I am jogging mildly. It says, ‘What stupidity? Why are you jogging? It is so humid, go back and sleep.’ That is hard work.

When your mind is playing all kinds of tricks and resisting what is happening, then it becomes hard work.

When your mind is not resisting, you do a lot of things, still it is not hard work. When your mind is supportive, when it is all in a smooth flow then a lot of work is happening and yet it is not hard work.

It is a deep, deep conditioning to say that hard work is necessary. Look at the entire existence around you. Do you think anything, anybody, any creature in existence is working hard? Everybody is simply partying, enjoying, celebrating, dancing. Man is the only one who has condemned himself to labor. Nothing else labors. Though they dance around with vigorous energy, but there is no labor involved in that.

Have you seen a river flowing, the way it flows?

There is great energy in that, but it is not working. It is not ‘working’. There is so much energy in a flowing river that it runs all your power plants. But is the river working? Man is the only one who has told himself that ‘hard’ work is the key to success. That is why you are asking this question that what will happen if you stop working hard.

It would be wonderful if you stop working hard. Play hard, that is important. Anything that is substantial, comes from playing hard, not from working hard. Play hard, celebrate like a mad-man.

Playing hard is purposeless. You do not want anything from it, except enjoyment. Working hard always has a target. Playing hard means that I am always happy, that I am dancing around. Working hard means that I am so sad that I must get something. They are opposites. Playing hard means that I am so contented that I can dance and play. Working hard means that I am feeling like a beggar. It means that I must work hard to attain something. They are opposites. Do you get the difference?

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