Thought is not bad

There is the mind, and the mind has the ability to think. The question is not whether you are thinking or not. The question is, who is the thinker? If the thinker is devoted to the Truth, then thoughts are just like the dance of Shiva.

Is the river of your thoughts pure enough to allure Shiva to dance in it? And Shiva will not dance in a stream impure.

There is understanding without thought and there is understanding with thought as well. Just as there is Truth, formlessly, and there is Truth, formed as well. There will be occasions when the Truth will strike you like a thunderbolt, like a flash of lightning. And understanding will be complete in a split second. And there will be occasions when you will be required to think.

But I understand your predicament. All the spiritual masters are treating thought as the worst offender. As if thought has brought in sickness and disease to your life. Not really. Thought is your expression, just as action is your expression. As you are, so your thought is. In fact, thought is so very helpful. You cannot look at your tendencies, your vrittis, directly. But thought is gross, palpable, definite, it can be watched.

When you think, you come to know of yourself. Otherwise, you wouldn’t have known. The thought of jealousy or the thought of fear arises, it helps you know that deep within somewhere, you are? Afraid.

Thought is not bad. ‘Useful’ or ‘Useless’ is the place, thought is coming from.

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You are going to be afraid

You are going to be afraid.

And not only ‘fear’, you are going to experience all that which you usually call as
negative emotionality—temptation, jealousy, greed, insecurity, possessiveness.

All that will come to you.

But remember, your resistance to all that, is the energy that inflates it up.

Don’t resist fear, and you will find that fear is just a thing in the brain.

Don’t have pretensions about jealousy and possessiveness, and you will find that they don’t really have too much power of their own.

The one who is not dependent cannot be jealous

To start with, see what is Ego. It is your sense of yourself, which has been borrowed from the others. I do not know myself directly. I am depending upon somebody else to tell me who I am.

A fellow comes and says, “You are brilliant”, and what do I start believing? “I am brilliant!” Now my sense of being brilliant, my idea about myself that I am brilliant depends totally upon this other person who initially told me that I was brilliant; otherwise I am not brilliant.

If too many of them come and say that I am stupid, then I have to believe that I am stupid because even my idea of stupidity comes from others. If he says that I am brilliant and I believe it, then I will also have to believe him when he says that I am stupid.

My brilliance is not coming out of my own understanding. My sense about myself is not coming from my own understanding; but is borrowed.

Now, I am dependent upon others and I want them to keep saying, “You are brilliant,” because my brilliance depends on their saying. The more they keep saying, the more special I feel.

A direct result of this would be that the day I see them telling someone else, “You are brilliant,” I will feel jealous. Let us say that I am ‘A’, he is ‘B’ and there is another entity ‘C’. Now ‘B’ tells ‘C’ that you too are brilliant. How will ‘A’ feel?


Now do you see what jealousy is?

Now let us take a different situation. I know that I am brilliant and my sense of the self is not coming from ‘B’. I just know that I am brilliant. It is not a borrowed idea. Now will it matter to me if ‘B’ says to ‘C’ that you are brilliant? Will I be jealous?

So, jealousy comes from dependence. The one who is not dependent cannot be jealous. The one who is his own master cannot be jealous. To be jealous means that I have accepted somebody as my master and now I want this master to remain with me. If he goes to someone else, then I feel a certain pain, and this pain is called ‘jealousy’.

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