Passionate living

Watch movies the same way, you listen to me here.

That is called the passionate living; that is called an intense living.

Be intense.

Be total, not selectively; be total, totally.

We all decide to be intense only on special occasion. No, be total and be total totally. Then you have removed time because time exists only when you divide, classified and make distinctions. When you are intense always even on the commode then time is gone because now there is no distinction. What will time do? 8 o’clock you are intense, 9 o’clock you are intense, 10 o’clock you are passionate, 11 o’clock you are passionate. Now, what is the significance of time? It doesn’t matter what is the time. Now you have gone beyond yourself, gone into timelessness.

We don’t usually relate spirituality to commodes — that is the problem. We keep saying, everything is God but everything disappears when it comes to commodes. We must talk of commodes, they are terribly important. Are they not? You will realize that when you don’t get one.

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Passion cannot be activity-specific, Passion is a way of life

When you say, ‘passion’, I will substitute this word with ‘Intelligent choice’. How to find out that I am passionate about? I will rephrase it and say that how to find out what is an intelligent choice? How to choose intelligently? The intelligent choice happens in the understanding of this moment, and the intelligent choice is not a dead choice. Not dead in the sense that it is capable of changing, day-to-day, moment-to-moment. Today you are capable to choose out of intelligence, it will surely come from your intelligence. You will surely be very passionate about this. Isn’t it obvious? But there is no guarantee that tomorrow the passion will be the same, very same.

You are asking me a definite answer assuming that there will be a definite passion. Life is not a monochrome. There are a thousand colours in it, moment-to-moment. Do not restrict yourself to any one thing. Get rid of this concept that there is one passion and I must pursue it all my life. Do today what is right for today. Do tomorrow what is right for tomorrow and then you will be acting passionately today and you will be acting passionately tomorrow. You are listening, listen passionately. You are playing in the evening, play passionately.

Passion is moment to moment. It is a constant thing. Let it change. It must change. You say that you are passionate about playing the guitar. Will you play guitar twenty-four hours a day? What about the remaining nineteen hours? Do you want to say that you are only passionate about your guitar, with everything else you cannot bring the passion? NO!

Passion cannot be object-specific. Passion cannot be activity-specific. Passion is a way of life. The activity will keep changing from moment-to-moment, but the passion will remain intact because you could not be possibly doing the same thing twenty-four hours or seven days of the week.

Does it not tempt you? Then life will be wonderful. Boredom will evaporate. No dull faces, no drooping shoulders, no sitting in the class on the back benches, no cursing the world, no thirst for entertainment. You are thirsty for entertainment because you are deeply bored. Won’t it be wonderful? Passionate always! Always! Let the activity keep changing, let the person keep changing. Whatever I am doing, I am into it.

Be passionate about everything. There is no one single passion.