The words of a Teacher must be listened in great attention and empathy; never take them literally.

You will always, otherwise, misinterpret.

What is the definition of adultery?

Adultery does not mean that you are hanging out with somebody else’s wife.

Adultery means that you are now taking something as a high priority and that something can never be God.

That is the real definition of adultery: To be disloyal to God.

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Surrendered, whatever you do is a prayer

Whenever your words are not are your own, you are praying; and that does not mean that you have to stand in a church or in a temple or by a river.

Whenever there is spontaneity, whenever you have surrendered, the surrendered action is a prayer.

That does not mean that you must stand with folded hands, you could be walking, that walk is now a prayer. You could be sleeping, that sleep is now a prayer.

Surrendered, whatever you do is a prayer.

You are still standing within the room

It does not matter whether you are standing in the middle of the room, or at the edge of the room.

You are still standing within the room.

All your efforts, all your movements, are limited to the boundary of the room.

You cannot breach that boundary on your own.

So, bow down in prayer.

You will have to give yourself up.

Do you think sitting still for ten minutes is meditation?

Do you think sitting still for ten minutes is meditation?

No. One has to be still for twenty-four hours—that is meditation.

And if you have to be still for twenty-four hours, then you have to be surrendered to the Truth, twenty-four hours.

This twenty-hours surrender is meditation.

The Truth is twenty-four hours. The Truth will continuously guide you about the Right action. This guidance is meditation, and the Right action is meditation.

And for that, you need not do anything, because your doing itself is arrogance.

You have to stop putting your energies into the doing.

And you have to pray to get the inspiration to stop putting your energies in that foolish direction.

Meditation is nothing but a cessation,

cessation of what you have been doing and

who you are.

If you are trying hard and yet failing, then pray!

The One who is calling you, calls you through you. Your own situation, your own condition contains all the signals and hints.

When you will look at yourself, honestly and sharply, you will realise what you have been, and what you are doing to yourself; you just have to stop doing all that. The Home is really never too far away. Even the power to have that honest, sharp look of detachment at oneself comes from the One who is calling; so, pray.

When he calls, tell him,

‘Since you have been calling, and since I have been desperate to meet you, why don’t you bless me with a little more honesty? Why don’t you make me a little more sensitive towards myself? I am so insensitive towards myself that I do not look at my own wounds. I’m indifferent to my own suffering. If I could be a little more sensitive to my own predicament, then I would have known that all the methods that I have been trying are not working. That I am unnecessarily carrying beliefs; that my confidence upon my ways is misplaced.’

And it is absolutely necessary to lose this confidence. We all are carrying this false sense of sureness. We are sure about something that is not working at all. We are confident about beliefs that are only landing us in more and more trouble.

Sensitivity means to not to be so blinded by beliefs, that you cannot look at the obvious; so look at the obvious. And if you are trying hard and yet failing, then pray!

~ Excerpts from the article, ‘What is Religion?