Our greatest desire is to become desire-less

If I really want ‘a’ and I get ‘a’, what will happen with the want? The want should disappear. If I am chasing ‘b’, really if I want ‘b’ and I’m chasing ‘b’ and I get ‘b’, then what will happen to the chase, the chase must end, disappear. So, in every chasing what do I really want? I want that chase to end. The satisfaction that you get is the end of the chase, right? Is that not so? So what is it that we are wanting then? We want the end of the want.

We are chasing the ending of the chase. Our greatest desire is to become desire-less. Our greatest chase is to reach where the chase can end. We want this chase to end. And if we want this chase to end then surely this chase is something that troubles us. All human suffering is this chase, that is why the mind desperately want this chase to end. So, it’s chasing one thing after other.

How can it end? Can it end here, can it end there?

Chase is pain, chase is suffering, chase is a torture, a distortion of the mind. It cannot rest, it has to always follow this direction or that direction, keep moving. It cannot come to a point where it can relax. Chase is suffering, the mind wants the chase to end. But the mind does not know how the chase can end, so it starts chasing objects. Whatever it sees around, it goes after that. Can there be a more intelligent way to end the chase? If the ending of the chase, if the ending of the desire is what the ultimate desire is, then can’t we just end the desire right now? It’s possible. Stay with me.

All desire is of the future. Ending of desire means ending of future. Ending of desire means coming alive in the present. Ending of desire means, ‘this’ is everything. This is IT, sum total, Hundred Percent. And there’s nothing beyond this. My mind is not wandering around in chases. Chases are GONE, Life is ON.

That is your deepest desire – to come alive right now, to be fully expressed right now, to not to be a slave of the future, to not be a slave of the past.

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Whatsoever tells you about the fundamentals of life comes in the purview of religion

The various religions are one of the major reasons why man’s search remains elusive; and when I say ‘religions’, I do not mean only organised religions. Whatsoever tells you about the fundamentals of life comes in the purview of religion.

So, if parents are trying to tell the kid about the importance of grades, about the importance of getting more marks – this is religious education. If peers are trying to tell a child, how absolutely critical it is to clear a competitive examination – this is religious indoctrination.

If a particular employer is motivating his employees to forget everything else and focus on sales targets, and he is saying, ‘Forget everything else, this is what you need to do!’ – This very much religious activity. This is religious activity because it is attempting to tell the listener that by undertaking this activity you will get That which you really want.

The man who is telling a woman that she should come with him and he will give her the highest happiness possible, is making a religious promise. He will never say — and romance hardly ever looks like religion, but the promise is essentially religious — he is promising God to her, he is saying, ‘Come to me, I will give you fulfilment! ’ It is another matter that he will never be able to keep his promise. All such promises get broken, all such affairs fail.

The shopping mall that is telling you that you can get enjoyment by visiting it is again making a religious claim.

All the institutions that the society has set up, that promise deliverance, completeness, satisfaction, a feeling of accomplishment, are all trying to do something religious. When there is so much of purported religious activity being attempted, it is obvious that getting lost would be the easiest thing to do.

~ Excerpts from the article, ‘What is Religion?

Satisfaction does not lie ‘there’, it lies ‘here’

  • Can some of you try to live in the past? Will someone attempt to be in the future? When are you living? When is all your existence? Present. Where is the mind? Past. So, necessarily there is a sense of friction, conflict.


  • The mind thinks that somewhere out there, where it is wandering, lies happiness also, lies satisfaction also, that satisfaction does not lie out there. It lies in being present here, not out there. The more mind is wandering, the more it is clamoring for happiness.


  • Any one of you, who has been into the situation when you were wearing a wrong-sized shoe or very tight jeans throughout the day? How does it feel when you get rid of that in the evening? It feels great. Now the deeper is your pain, the more is your relief. All happiness that your mind feels is directly proportional to how unhappy you are. So, if you want to be really happy, become totally unhappy. This is called the law of duality.




  • ‘I was very nervous before the results came. The moment the result comes (I am passed), now how do I feel? I start dancing’. Now this intensity of dance is directly proportional to the anxiety you felt.


  • Let me tell you a joke. Someone asks Santa, ‘Where does Banta live?’ He says, ‘In front of my house.’ Alright. ‘Where do you live?’ The reply is, ‘In front of Banta’s house.’ Alright. ‘Where do both of you live?’  The answer is, ‘In front of each other’s house.’

    This is the human mind, it knows nothing. It knows everything just as the opposite of the other, so essentially it does not know anything.


  • You are so dissatisfied right now because you are not present in the ‘now’, you are seeking it here and there. Keep seeking you will not get it. You may experience the period of so-called satisfaction, they will not last, they have never lasted for anybody. It’s the law of existence.


  • Like a pendulum, when it is journeying towards one side, the journey towards another side has begun. When you are moving towards happiness, actually the journey towards unhappiness has begun.


-Edited for clarity.

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