Understanding is awareness

You cannot become aware. Awareness is not something that you can achieve or becomes or reach. It is.

Even in the moment of your death, you can be still, composed, calm; that is what is meant by the inviolable certainty of awareness. That stillness is awareness.

Mathematics is knowledge; understanding is awareness.

Awareness is so total. Knowledge is always small, little. That is why those who live in knowledge never find peace. They keep hunting for more and more knowledge.

The illiterate tribal, in his own way, knows Love, that is awareness.

There is no road to awareness and there is nothing in between. All roads are in awareness.

Awareness proceeds very subliminally. Thought will not know awareness. You cannot keep an eye on awareness. You cannot watch awareness. You can only surrender to it. You can let it to do what it does, without making any, stupid attempts to rein it in.

Levels of consciousness are there. Levels of awareness are not there.

You suffer. All spirituality starts from that point. Why am I suffering? Is it necessary to suffer?

And mind you, awareness is not there in every being. Every being is there in awareness. What you call as every being, is a figment of consciousness.

Awareness cannot be there ‘in’ you because what you call as yourself and the world is just consciousness.

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Self-knowledge is an empowerment

Self-knowledge would mean, being conscious of the actions of the body and the thoughts of the mind. Knowing what do I do and what do I think.

All this is ‘Self-knowledge.’ Watching your actions and watching your thoughts.

‘Self-knowledge’ is a process of reduction. It’s a process of inhalation. It is also called Neti-Neti. The more you see, the more you realize it’s falseness.

Self-knowledge means that the more you know ‘yourself,’ the less you see that what you call yourself is ‘your’ ‘self.’ It is not your self at all. It is a puppet, a machine.

Self-awareness is the vast empty sky that remains after all the dust, dirt, haziness and clouds have been removed.

Before you ask for ‘self-awareness,’ ask for ‘self-knowledge.’ ‘Self-knowledge’ is also called as ‘self-consciousness.’

That is what is an absence of ‘Self-consciousness.’ We do not know what we are doing.

Self-knowledge is empowermentgreat empowerment.

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At least, commit new mistakes

There is an Arabic proverb that says,  “Even a donkey does not fall in the same hole twice.”

And look at your life!

Every six hours, you commit the same mistakes.

There is nothing new in your life, not even your mistakes.

Like everything else about you, your mistakes are also stale and repetitive.

At least, commit new mistakes.

Even existence is bored of you.

The same mistakes, same patterns; again and again.

The same restlessness, the same prevarications, the same energy-less-ness, the same attention-less-ness!

Just one thing you don’t have – selflessness. There you are quite full, full of the self.

Books are totally useless for the one who is not disturbed

Questioner: Are spiritual scriptures useless?

Acharya Prashant: All these books are totally useless for the one who is not disturbed. In fact, the books themselves say, “After you have gone through us, just burn us, throw us away, treat us like excreta.”

Books are only for the one who is obsessed with books. Books are knowledge. Now, if you are one who feels that she needs a lot of knowledge, then books are for you. But these are special books. You go to them in search of knowledge, and you know what they will tell you? They will tell you, ‘Knowledge is nonsense’.

So, you have gone to the book searching for knowledge, and you open the book and the book reads, ‘All search is nonsense and knowledge is also nonsense.’ They are very special books. That’s what scriptures do. All other books, they are full of knowledge and they say, ‘Knowledge is important and meaningful.’

That’s the special thing with a religious scripture.

Reasonless sureness


You may be A, you may be B, you may be C or the opposite of C, you are alright.

Even when you see the deepest flaws within yourself, never take yourself to be existentially a reject.

As you stand with all your conditioning, with all your so called lacuna, you are still eligible for the Truth.

You may fall into the deepest abyss, and yet you can never fall so deep that you will be abandoned, for you’ll carry Truth with yourself even in your darkest hour.

Even when it is pitch dark outside and inside, yet there is light in your Heart.

Had you been rejected by God, you would not have been there. Neither as a body nor as a consciousness and obviously not as understanding.

Have this deep rooted confidence, have this reasonless sureness that, ‘I am alright’.

And that reasonless sureness enables you to shed all that which needs to be shed.

It is a little paradoxical, but take this—‘Only when you have no resistance towards what you are, then you are able to change yourself fearlessly.’

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By sinking others, you sink yourself

You may be going out to sell an unworthy, misery furthering product or service.

Do not think that you have made the fool of the customer.

You have made a fool of yourself.

And on the other hand, if you are able to sell a product which gives joy, and alleviates suffering, then you have given something of value not only to the customer but also to yourself.

By helping others, you help yourself.

By sinking others, you sink yourself.

How do we get conditioned?

Childhood: Inevitable stage of conditioning

  • What does the kid do all day, except having a good time? Have you ever watched a small child, a really healthy two-year old? He dances for his own fun. He will not dance to your tunes, and everything that he does is intended at his own joy.


  • However, after that a tragic event happens. That tragic event is, that the family, the society and the education, starts conditioning us. The child is given a course on moral science, moral values.The parents become adamant in teaching him that this is right, this is wrong, this is the way life should be lived.


  • Education keeps on telling him, ‘half yearly exams are coming, study… study…’, so the message that goes to him is that education is important because half yearly exams are approaching, education is not important in itself. And there is this whole system around him- TV, media, religion, ideologies- that fill up his mind with rubbish.


  • Before the age of 12, you are given a religion, without your consent. Now, your mind is filled with a lot of notions regarding religion. Nobody chooses his religion. You are just handed it over. Before the age of 12, notions regarding gender, regarding life, they are all drilled into you.


  • And the body, the brain, is not yet ripe. It is dependent. It is dependent, so it can’t resist. Mind of the immature being, in terms of chronological age, is like a sponge. It just keeps absorbing whatever comes to it. Just as a sponge absorbs whatsoever comes at it, it just keeps absorbing. It does not yet have the discerning ability, the intelligence to discriminate. So before the age of puberty, at 12, 14 years, a lot of corruption has already happened, and you cannot do much about it. It is inevitable.


  • The entire world view has been created, and it is not your world view, somebody else has implanted it within you.


Adolescence:The point of inflection

  • In psychology, you have the point of mental inflection, where you take the turn from being dependent, to being independent. Around 14 years is the ideal age for this point of inflection. It can come earlier also. It can happen at 10 or 11 also, but 14 is an acceptable age.


  • A requirement for that point of inflection to come is that those around you must be very, very aware. They must realize that the kid has now come to a stage, when he must be made self-dependent, when all the beliefs that we gave to him must be declared to be external, and he should be told to look at the world with his own eyes.


  • He should be told that because you were a kid, we gave you a particular religion, but now you are free, you decide whether you want to continue. It is alright. We told you what love is, what joy is, what life is, what money is, what marriage is, but now you must look at it with your own eyes. And suitable situations must be created for this point of inflection to come.


Unfortunately, most of our homes, our families, and also our education, are not aware enough to give the child that point of inflection. The result is, that the larva is continuing to be in the cocoon, even at a time when it should have become a butterfly. The result is we remain dependent;
we remain full of beliefs given by others. We remain fully conditioned.


-Edited for clarity.

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Has your education ever brought you close to yourself?

  • Over the last 15 years or so of your education, what have you studied? You have studied languages, Hindi and English. You have studied History, Politics, and Geography. Then you got into Maths, Physics, and Chemistry. Are you Hindi, English or Sanskrit?Are you the laws of physics? Are you the formula in Chemistry? Are you the theorems of Mathematics? Are you the rivers, mountains and glaciers that you read in Geography? Are you the wars that the kings fought in their respective domains in history? Are you Akbar or Ashoka? Are you a software? Are you a hardware?

    Don’t you see that all these are things outside of yourself?


  • This is what your normal education has given you so far, knowledge about other things, objects, but are you other things? You are not other things. Has your education ever brought you close to yourself?Has it ever told you anything about yourself? Has it ever told you anything about your heart? Has it ever told you about freedom of mind? Has it ever asked you to pay attention to love? Has it ever raised this question to you: ‘Who am I?’

    Now I am asking you today, who is more important? All the objects around you or you


  • We are living in a world where objects are wonderful, beautiful, shining, polished, sophisticated and man is ugly.What is the point of holding the most sophisticated mobile phone in your hand if your mind only wants to gossip using that phone? Now is the mobile phone a boon or a curse? Great advances in science, and what happens after that? You keep producing and consuming. So the climate change, and climate change of such devastating nature that the earth is feverish today, only because of our education. An education that does not know the human being. That never asks that “What is it to be human? How does the mind work? What is the source of the mind?”


  • Now you decide what is more important. You decide. Man is closer to complete annihilation today than he was ever in the history of mankind. You know, even the ancient man who had no science, no means to defend himself, even he was in a lesser problematic situation. At least he did not faced the realistic possibility of being wiped off from the face of this planet.Thousands of species are extinct today so that there could be 8 billion human beings. Do you understand how much resources are required to sustain these 8 billion people? And that’s what your education is doing; resource generation.

    Please know what it is to be really educated. I never tire of telling my audiences, never, I repeat it endlessly that if all your education is kept on one side and self-education is put on the other side, then self-education is more valuable than the rest of your education put together.


-Edited for clarity.

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