Look at your actions, they will tell you of your real intentions.

If you just look at how we behave, react, respond – these little things, then you will know what is lurking within, what is trying to hide.

That is why facts are important. See where you spend your time that will tell your time. See where you spend your money that will tell of your intention. Money is a very important indicator. See where you spend your money and where you do not spend your money. See where you want to cut corners and see where you want to be lavish.

See where somebody spending his time. These are the two things that you very greatly valued. Don’t you? Money, time and if you come with little more observant, see what is going on in your mind. See, what circulates your mind that will tell you of your intention.

Actions! Actions! Actions! Look at your actions. Don’t look at the intentions, you avow.  Don’t look at the intention you claim and profess. Look at your actions, they will tell you of your real intentions. Otherwise we all carry professed intentions. They are hollow claims. Your actions, your thoughts, they tell you of where you are really headed to, what you really want to do.

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Conscious or Sub-Conscious, noise is just noise

  • The subconscious constantly keeps on doing things, it is a store of this and that – experiences, right? But because it is coming from a place little far away in time, memory may not be able to recall from where is the thought coming. Because thought interprets thought.
  • You may totally fail to register that you are thinking anything because even to say that I am thinking something, you need to tell – what are you thinking? If the thought is really absurd, you can’t even claim that you are thinking.
  • It’s like there are waves in this room, but the waves are all forty thousand hertz and above. So there are waves, but we cannot claim that there are waves because they are outside the limits of our interpretation.(In context of the fact that human ear is capable of hearing sound waves below twenty thousand hertz only.)

There is no fundamental difference between unconscious and conscious.

When you come to the point of understanding, all waves disappear.


  • When you are quite alert, then you can always sense the background noise. You may not be able to interpret it, but you know that it is present. What would happen is that it will keep getting dissolved.
  • What is present as a problem today in the mind, and you are thinking about it, if not resolved, then it will be replaced by a new problem and the old problem , the old complex, will receive it into the background. But of course, it has not gone away. It has just gone to the background and it will become the subconscious.
  • The subconscious will not be happy with mere arguments. It wants real dissolution.
  • We should be careful about the subconscious mind because it can disillusion us in knowing that we understand what we think, and ‘I know my mind’.
  • With subconscious, a certain humility remains that you do not understand your mind.The mind tells you one thing in words and hide ten other things through constant buzzing. That is why it is necessary to understand the subconscious mind, otherwise, there is nothing much special about the subconscious mind.

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