Ways of Truth

Ways of Truth are mysterious, paradoxical, sometimes rather opposite to what we think and sometimes not even opposite of what we think.

If they are just opposite of what we think, it is still a mercy.

The great bewilderment is when the Truth is not what we think and Truth is also not what we do not think.

Then one is left in the middle of nothing.


Attention is when the mind that is split, the mind that has come far away from the home wants to return; when all these splinter elements of the mind want to get reunified and reunified at the center.

So, when you just want to know about something, it is not attention.

When you are really curious in your inquiry that is also not attention.

Attention is when you want to reach the utter depth and you will not stop at any point in between.

Attention is when you say that I have to reach the very Truth, which is at the foundation of anything.

The wise man

The wise man finds it wise to remain ignorant of his wisdom.

He does not ever know what he knows, neither does he try.

It is only when the situation arises that That which he knows, springs up – all of a sudden.

He did not dial it, he did not call it, he did not summon it; it comes from somewhere.

All that he knows is, that It will come, and that is called as ‘surrender of the mind’.