What is meant by ‘Be your own Light’?

  • There is only one light. Kindly do not misinterpret, kindly do not be misled by the use of the word ‘own’. ‘Own’, here, does not mean personal or individual. ‘Own’, here, refers to that which is really yours. The distinction should be very clear.
  • When it is said, “Be your own light”, then ‘own’ is not used in the same way as when you say, “I own this house.” Here, ‘own’ is used in the sense of saying, “Do you know what is really your own? Original, authentic, not borrowed, not liable to be lost with time.” That is the sense of the word ‘appa’ or ‘own’.
  • So when, Buddha, the centre speaks to Anand, and says, “Appa Deepo Bhav” (Be your own Light) he is saying, “Realise that I sit within you. You have always been close to me, now come and merge.”
  • The Buddha is not liberating Anand from himself, the Buddha is not saying that now I am going, so you are on your own.
  • The Buddha is saying, “I am not going, I am within you. Why are you grieving? I am within you. I am you. And you are grieving only because you think that I am a person who can go away.” Through these words the Buddha is revealing his true nature to Anand.
  • Your ‘own’ light refers to the Buddha inside Anand. So the Buddha is liberating Anand from his physical presence, but deeply, fastening him to his Real essence.


  • Who is the Buddha? The essence of every Anand is called the Buddha. Buddha is that which every Anand is, but seems to have forgotten because he takes himself to be many other things.
  • To Anand when he says, “Be your own light”, he is saying, “Dear mind, melt into the Self. Melt into the origin. Buddha’s word for that was shoonyta (zeroness). To Anand he is saying, “Now dissolve.”
  • This statement was not uttered to somebody who is not an Anand. Even Anand could get to hear it only after spending forty years with the Buddha. It was not for general consumption. The Buddha did not announce them in a gathering.
  • He said these personally to one particular type of mind. The mind must first come to that point where it is now ripe to receive these words of the Buddha.
  • This statement has to be understood. ‘Appa Deepo Bhav’ is significant only in its proper context.’

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