Only spirituality is liberal, all else is shallow and constrained|| Volunteer’s Diary (2019)

After the camp, the team volunteers decided to visit a nearby Shiv-Durga Temple, we left our vehicle almost half a kilometer from the temple and had to walk for rest of the distance. Right from coming out of the car, I heard some music being played at a distance, it was not a bhajan or a song dedicated to either Shiva or Durga I was appreciate this much, after going even further into narrow street, I recognised that it was a sufi ghazal of Amir Khusro…


Daily, the genuine seekers send their love notes to Acharya-Ji, expressing, how His calming presence has transformed their lives. Seeing that, the volunteers at PAF have started the ‘Meet the Master’ program, so that the genuine seekers can directly come in the presence of the Master.

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