Only spirituality is liberal, all else is shallow and constrained|| Volunteer’s Diary (2019)


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It’s 18th March’19 today, yet another Free Hearts Camp with Acharya Prashant Ji came to a closure in the city of Rishikesh, the spiritual capital of the world, a popular attraction for thousands of spiritual seekers from all over the world and home to the much coveted Myth Demolition Tour of Acharya Prashant Ji.

After the camp, the team of volunteers decided to visit a nearby Shiv-Durga Temple with Acharya Prashant Ji, we left our vehicle almost half a kilometer from the temple and had to walk for rest of the distance. Right from coming out of the car, I heard some music being played a bit far away, it was not a bhajan or a song dedicated to either Shiva or Durga, I was able to appreciate this much. After going even further into the narrow street, I recognised that it was a sufi song of Amir Khusro, those who don’t know who Amir Khusro is, let me quote a few lines from his wiki-page,

Amīr Khusro (1253 – 1325), was a Sufi musician, poet and scholar from India. He was a mystic and a spiritual disciple of Nizamuddin Auliya of Delhi, India. Khusro is sometimes referred to as the “voice of India” (Tuti-e-Hind), and has been called the “father of Urdu literature.”‘

His beautiful sufi song was being played near a Shiv-Durga Temple!

To which, Acharya Ji, helped me see that how Amir Khusro Sahab’s popular song ‘Chhap Tilak Sab Cheeni Re’ is being played as a tribute from Shakti (Durga) to Shiva. Now, you too should read the lyrics in the same light:

छाप तिलक सब छीनी रे मोसे नैना मिलाइके

बात अगम कह दीनी रे मोसे नैना मिलाइके

प्रेम भटी का मधवा पिलाइके

मतवाली कर लीनी रे मोसे नैना मिलाइके

गोरी गोरी बईयाँ, हरी हरी चूड़ियाँ

बईयाँ पकड़ हर लीनी रे मोसे नैना मिलाइके

बल बल जाऊं मैं तोरे रंग रजवा

अपनी सी रंग दीनी रे मोसे नैना मिलाइके

ख़ुसरो निजाम के बल बल जाए

मोहे सुहागन कीनी रे मोसे नैना मिलाइके

बात अजब कह दीनी रे मोसे नैना मिलाइके

Isn’t it beautiful?

A song coming from the disciple of Hazart Nizzamuddin Auliya Sahab fits so well even near-by a Shiv-Durga Temple. This struck as a lightening to me, made me ask my guru, Acharya Prashant Ji, ‘What exactly is real tolerance? What is to be a liberal?’

To which Acharya Prashant Ji said,

What is real tolerance towards the other?

” When you forget that the other is the other. Real tolerance is spiritual surrender and union, in which neither the self nor the other remain. Real tolerance is spiritual love, which dry intellect can never know.”

What is it to be liberal?

“To be liberal is to liberally allow the demolition and dissolution of one’s identity, intellect, ideology, and beliefs. Only spirituality is liberal.”

Now, I was almost in front of the temple.

And what I saw there, left me awestruck.

The song was being played inside the Temple itself!

I hurried towards my phone to record this bit because I very well knew that this won’t be telecasted on the prime time news debates, because this stark fact can’t trigger any debates. This is an end to all the mental gymnastics we see all over the Internet and Television in the name of liberalism and religion.

Now, listen to this for yourself:

This video shows Real tolerance. Let the liberals learn a lesson.

Amir Khusro, a Muslim. His songs being sung in Shiv-Durga mandir.

Real Rishikesh.

Tolerance is not acceptance of diversity. Tolerance is love.

Most importantly: Real tolerance is NOT secular. Real tolerance is deeply spiritual.

And: Only spirituality is liberal. All else is shallow and constrained.

Let the liberals learn.

This post is written by a volunteer of PrashantAdvait Foundation


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Understand the Language

This picture brings a great memory to me. On the third day of the 31st Advait Learning Camp, we were taking a stroll through the lush landscape of Mukteshwar. From nowhere a dog came along and started wagging its tail lovingly at Acharya Ji.
I was observing this from a distance. Acharya Ji bowed down and started brushing the dog’s head.
He said, “Look, this creature neither has any relation with any of us nor it has ever encountered us before. Yet, it chose to meet us, without any fear, so innocently, without worrying about any consequences.”
That struck a chord within me. The creature was so full of innocence that there was no room for fear. So, as there was no room for fear, it was able to meet and accept the world with a loving gesture.
Can we live like this, every moment?

Everything is clear with the Guru


The day had been tiring with many loose ends to tie and many things to wrap up before I call it a day. Between all of this I knew that I had to leave for Chopta too. I was looking forward to drive all the way on my humble Thunderbird and that too alongside Acharya Ji on his faithful Enfield Classic 500.

In the dead of the night we embarked on this long drive to cover 400 Kms to cover in over 6 hours. The road slithered across the landscape with both of us chasing it and only the constant hum of the engines occupying the silence of the night.

Half our way through the journey, it started to pour down heavily and we decided to take a break for some tea and bread. We sat in silence for a while before I ventured and asked, “Acharya Ji, would you like to call it a day? It is pouring heavily outside and the day had been tiring. We can leave after a few hours and reach the camp with a delay of a few hours.”

Acharya Ji, considered the question as he gazed blankly into empty space and turning the gaze to me, he said, “If we take rest we risk getting a lot more late than just a few hours. The body has not rested for a long time now.”

I looked at him in the eye and without any exchange of words all was decided. After finishing our meals we went straight to our bikes and rode the rest of the journey in rain with temperatures dropping. But nothing seemed to affect me. 

This is what the presence of the Master does – you come to know what is really important and you move towards it despite all odds. There was never a moment in the whole journey after that incident that I doubted that we need to stop before we reach the destination.

As Acharya Ji says, “When you’re really sure all your energy rises into action.”

Shamsher the rabbit

A rare pic of Acharya  Ji with Shamsher.

The little one, Shamsher, is one amongst many rabbits at Advait BodhSthal, yet there is something about him that needs to be shared.

He is generally not found with other rabbits, prefers to stay alone. He remains restless, insecure, fearsome, there is a reason behind that. Acharya Ji had found him on a road, fearing the dog that was attacking another rabbit. His kindness saved his life and brought him to stay with other rabbits at Advait BodhSthal. Since that incident, fear has overpowered his mind. He remains skeptical about everything that he comes across, except one!

Whenever Acharya Ji arrives at Advait BodhSthal, he is the first one to run with his tiny-winy legs towards His Grace. He would come and settle down on Acharya Ji’s feet and relax. Acharya Ji would then often lift him up and embrace him.

This incident is an indication to how we remain restless, insecure, fearful. All that we await for is the presence of That that would settle us down.

God has been kind on us that our restlessness could meet the relaxing touch of Acharya Ji’s presence.

~ Shared by a volunteer at Advait BodhSthal

The man I saw in the session, was now different

I was a bit restless since the morning, anticipating for the evening to come. I had volunteered for standing at the canopy for the Foundation for the first time. A mix of excitement and butterflies.
So, finally the evening came and I was informed by Kundan sir that I would be with Apaar sir for the canopy. A stout man with a rather handsome face, gentle in his conduct, when it came to talking to people. For me, I was just awkward in the beginning. The canopy turned out to be fun as with more passing time and with some support by Apaar sir I was able to move swiftly to people and ask them to come over to my stall.

As the evening drowned in the night, the place got thicker with people in the market. I was busy talking to someone, telling him about Acharya Ji and the Advait movement when suddenly I heard Kabir’s bhajans along with the guitar strumming. I automatically wore a smile knowing that more volunteers had arrived the scene. Kundan sir told me that things like these happen here.

I turned back to see the celebration and to my amazement, there I saw Achrya ji himself, standing casually with a guitar and singing gaily. In a green t-shirt, paired with black jeans, he was singing loud surrounded by his disciples in the middle of the market.

BY the end of it, I could manage this pic.

This stark change of appearance from regal embroidered kurtas in his discourses to these casual; I just couldn’t be assured of myself whether I’m seeing the same man or not.

The man I saw in the session — his piercing eyes observing and constantly scanning the faces, his thunderous voice commanding you to listen — was now different; the soft glow on his face and a gentle smile he was wearing.

But what made me stand in awe was that he belonged to the market as much he belonged to the session. That too with so much ease.

Reminds me of a quote by him that I recently read…

“Guru means a great paradox where the periphery and the center dance with each other, where the sky and the stars are one with each other.”

You got food on you?

“If you live as the body, you will value only that, which is related to the body.”
This is a quote by Acharya Ji that I read a long time back.

It is good you see, to throw it in during a conversation for flaunting your prowess in knowledge in front of others. All of it with an extraordinary dignity and poise that you can muster up in those few seconds of glory.

But tell me, is it all just about words? Or something else?
What if….all, Acharya Ji has been saying is actually true?
What if it is possibility of ‘something else’ actually exists?

Today, for the whole day, for some or the other reason I couldn’t eat my food.
My breakfast got skipped because I had some urgent work to attend.

For lunch, I could manage a few pooris. But, due to this looming danger of dosing off due to the ghee kicking in with all its might,  I had to put the brakes on after a few of them. *sigh*

But then, the whole day was occupied with food. I WANTED TO EAT.

So, after work when I planned to go out for a food binge, I was called upon by Acharya Ji for gym. I went with him half-heartedly, with my stomach revolting to walk off on its own if I move an inch towards the gym.

I sat in the car with him and after many skirmishes to crush my stomach’s resistance failed.

I finally asked Acharya Ji , ”So, I hope you’ve eaten well, we need a lot of strength at the gym today. It had been a busy day.”

For a minute, he seemed puzzled and then looking blankly into my eyes, he says, “I think I’ve eaten just two loaves of bread the whole day.”

“And the pooris that Omkar made?” I enquired.

“Oh! Yes a little. I’ve been busy all day.”

And with a childlike smile on his face, he announces,”It was a real productive day today.I got so much done” I just nod silently and learn my lesson.

Naughty child or a meditative Saint?

Yesterday the session was about to begin. The audience had taken their seat. Anshu sir was making the announcements. The reading had been distributed. All was silent and composed.

Acharya ji comes. We tell him there is 10-15 minutes waiting because the audience is seriously reading.

We all are behind a thin curtain. On the other side of the curtain is the whole audience. And Acharya Ji breaks into an impromptu dance. On the other side, 2 feet away, Anshu sir is announcing and audience is reading. And here, Acharya ji is dancing in full abandon. For a good 10-15 minutes, he dances. We are in splits. His face is that of a naughty child. And we cannot even laugh out loudly!

Acharya ji dancing merrily with his disciples at the Advait Learning Camp

And then he enters the session. He bows to Shiva and takes seat. And I wonder whether I am looking at the same man that was one minute back. His face is now that of the meditative saint. Within seconds, such stark change in expression!

He had once taught that the Truth has no face, and hence the Truth is capable of taking all faces.

We do not know who he is: the naughty child, or the meditative saint, or both.

Or none. 🙂

Acharya ji immersed in the discourse that day at Dhramashala.
The session was intense!

The Man Behind The Mask

The PrashantAdvait Foundation (PAF) has drama embedded in its culture.
And ofcourse, it emanates from none other than Acharya ji himself.
Our stints at Dilli-Haat, Ramana Kendra, Saket mall and many different colleges, have been fuelled and backed by Acharya ji’s active support.

So, one day I just casually asked him about his love for plays
and I was in for a surprise!
Not only was he actively acting but also, directing plays in his days at IIT and IIM. He has acted in a variety of plays at
various college fests, national level competitions and also for social initiatives.

One of the plays that I personally got to see was the ‘Rhinoceros’ which is an Absurdist play by Eugene Ionesco and was performed at
RJMCEI Auditorium, IIM- Ahmedabad in November, 2002.

Acharya ji played the protagnist in this two hour long play
and was also the director of the play.

For this he had to manage his academics with the play’s direction.
What this meant was…two, six hour shifts daily along with his academics!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Snaps from the play the ‘Rhinoceros’ 
I’ll just pray to get a chance to act with him for once in my life!

The person who loves you will show what you actually are


The first morning at the camp site


Hello, I am Shashikant Patange, and I work as a Senior Manager in Human Resources Department for a German company in Baroda.

(When asked, ‘What is so special about the camp?’)

Shashi says, 

The way the camp is conducted is not in the conventional way, which I like very much.

The clarity in thoughts which is lacking in our lives, here, in the presence of Acharya Ji is so easily available. The difference that you feel by being here is really important.

This is what I have learnt here.

Shashikant with his friend and colleague, Baba 


I have attended lots of programs like Art of Living, Vipassana, but this is something really different! Talks are based on the real issues of our lives. No, lalaland. In spite of the depth they hold, they are immensely simple.

So, once it is simple, it’s simple.

Life is simple.

That’s what I have taken from the camp.

A wonderful experience, the location which Acharya Ji selects again brings us near to our fundamental nature.

I also love the way Acharya Ji relates. The way he explains; sometimes, he is strict in making his statements, which I like the most. It might hurt, but it is Real!

The person who loves you will show what you actually are.

We are becoming so complicated nowadays. This camp helps us in being simple, being authentic, which is really very-very important to get a  healthy mind and living.

That’s all.

With Acharya Ji and his group mates

Go with the flow;

be Real;

be authentic,

that’s what I am taking back with me.


Editor’s note:

Shashikant Patange works as a Senior Manager in Human Resource department for a German company in Baroda.

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My own calling is situated somewhere here!


Hi, my name is Yashika.

The camp was more of a chance to discover myself. I didn’t know about the camp or Acharya Ji.  My sister got in touch with some of the people who come over here and then she asked me whether I’ll accompany her. As I am always open to new experiences, that is why I said yes, and I am actually very glad that I said Yes. 🙂

Because through the certain sessions and activities, I actually got closer to my own being. Frankly, this closeness to my own self is something that intimidated me throughout my life. I got to know what I am, because throughout we have been living in a masked world, and unmasking yourself is not an easy job. But yes, when you are facilitated, when there is one person who actually tells you that you can be accepted the way you are, there is no harm in your being, and somebody is there to take a lead of your life, then it becomes easy, because whenever you do a certain thing, you always want somebody else to take a decision on your behalf so that it becomes easy to blame the other person for the consequences.

Here I realized that you should be ready to take on life as it comes, because you know that whatever is happening, is for your own good.

Also, I always had this thought in my mind that when it comes to ‘God’, why do we have these different kinds of symbols that we pray? Who created these symbols? These are actually man-made things and we are just praying something which is man-made.

And here when I was reading through the Upanishads and scriptures, all those things has given me a dimension which actually made me rest, made me calm; whether it was going for a trek or dancing throughout the night. I got to know that I was actually a bit of a control freak. I wasn’t able to let go of myself. I realized that I wanted to control things around me. Now I know that I just have to control myself to just let go of myself. It has enabled me to let go of myself and has made me learn to not to be afraid of being alone, because you are anyways never alone, there is always somebody, someone who will be there for you. So you have to believe in that.

And now, I want to be part of this whole group because somewhere I feel that my own calling is situated somewhere here.

Thank you. 🙂


Editor’s note: Yashika, a camp participant of 26th Advait Learning Camp, in the presence of Acharya Ji found that it is not about controlling thing so; jut let go.

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The camp came as a shock, but a pleasant one!

Priyanka at 26th Advait Learning Camp

Hi, I am priyanka. I came to know about PAF through Youtube.

There were a lot of questions in my mind. I was very much entangled in my problems. Was seeking some answers, some solutions that could help me. Then I saw Acharya Ji’s videos and somehow it resonated with me and I felt very much drawn towards the solutions given by him.

They seem to be very real, very practical! Read more

He gave me the answers without even saying a single word

Rohintan Talati a.k.a Baba

Hi everyone, my name is Rohintan a.k.a Baba. It’s wonderful to be here in the 25th Advait Learning Camp and it’s such a lovely atmosphere, environment and people around and of course the Acharya Ji.

The journey begins a few months back when I met Acharya Ji for the first time at Mcleodganj, Dharamshala. Just had a short chat with him there. Afterwards, there were a lot of changes that started happening.

When I met him so many things were going on in my life professionally, personally, emotionally, intellectually and spiritually. So many questions popped up. I was always searching something outside all the time; probably, the meanings, definition and what not. Also, I had gone through some of my family issues where the differences with the spouse, the members of our family, were there.

But then something made me hopeful and I felt that something is there for me which was not yet found. Then I spoke to Kundan Ji (Head Organizer: Advait Learning Camps) about this and he advised me to enrol for the learning camp and then I enrolled for the October one, and suddenly I got leave from the office also and everything was quite smooth.

Immersed in the Bodh-Session

I came here with some questions and expectations but today I realised that everything is answered through something invisible, something which has already existed even before my question were there. The answers were already there. I felt that this realisation has enveloped me right from the first day of the camp.

Each and every moment here at the camp was different and relaxing. Even when we are not doing something, then too, there was no boredom or emptiness of any kind. I was feeling alright. That is the one thing that I am certainly taking out of this camp, especially with the grace of Acharya Ji. He motivated me a lot and the way he sees things, was amazing and that triggered my understanding as well.

While performing in a roleplay

I didn’t ask many questions but he gave me the answers actually without saying a single word. So one thing, in a very very profound way I would say is that- if I am standing here that is also fine and if I am standing somewhere else that’s also okay. So wherever you are, whatever you are doing, whatever you think – good, bad, ugly, nasty, anything you name it, and the essential nature is that you should be okay with it.

That is the main things that I am taking from this camp.

Rohintan posing after taking  dip in the holy Ganges

And an enormity is there, I don’t know if it is called peace, joy, I think it’s beyond my power to conceive.  After coming over here I feel there is some kind of recreation of some sort of Sufiness, a Malang-ness or some oneness in me.

So, that Joy in me is still on, continuously flowing without any moment of a gap.

Editor’s Note:

Rohintan Talati joined 25th Advait Learning Camp, all the way from Gujarat.
He is amazed how this camp has calmed down the tussles of his relationship.

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I am waiting for the next Advait Learning Camp, and I am joining it!

1st day of Alex at 25th Advait Learning Camp, Mukteshwar

Hi, my name is Alex. I am French. I met Acharya Ji in his “Myth Demolition Tour” in Rishikesh, in winters of 2016. Since then I followed his talks, and now I am here in the 25th Advait learning camp organized by Prashant Advait foundation in Mukteshwar. This is my first time in the camp with Acharya Ji. Read more

Kids and father – the relation.

Was looking at Koham, Soham. In all ways, they rule the street. By breed, by birth, they are normal dogs, street dogs. But they have lived with Sir. Sir has fed them, raised them, personally cleaned their shit. And that shows. They are physically stronger, and more importantly, they are psychologically quite healthy. 



They still chase Sir, run after his car and bike, and appear so loving.

They gratefully give what they have, and have received from Sir something beyond their doghood. The entire neighbourhood treats them with a consideration not usually given to dogs. They walk like they own the area.

Even dogs know the worth of time spent with Sir.

Kids and father – the relation. 

~ Anoushka ~

Anoushka at 25th Advait Learning Camp, Mukteshwar






Finish the meal, and clean the plate

Sanjay Sahay, first day at 24th Advait Learning Camp, Mukteshwar


For the first time in life, I came to know what is ‘Spiritual Masti’ (referring to the Anhad session that was held yesternight). I danced with and without music. And danced continuously till I dropped. Then after two minutes, I again got up, and danced more, the cycles continued.

What is it to be in flow, loosen up, lighten up? – I have been receiving these kinds of messages from everywhere.

What is loosening up? What is lightning up? I didn’t know.But it happened automatically in the Anhad session.


(Starts crying) Also, I realized that holding up of pain as memories and reflecting on them is useless. I learned it from yesterday’s reading – “Finish the meal and just clean the plate.”

(Sobs) Thank you.


sanjay ji.jpg
Sanjay Sahay, third day at 24th Advait Learning Camp, Mukteshwar.


Editor’s Note:

Sanjay Sahay, a fellow seeker, shared his reflection in one of the reflection sessions conducted at 24th Advait Learning Camp, Mukteshwar. 

He got the formula to live a simple life – “Finish the meal and just clean the plate.”

Get yours at 25th Advait Learning Camp. 🙂 

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Coming to Advait Camp is like giving wings to your relationship!

Sonali Bhattacharya, in morning prayer at 24th Advait Learning Camp

(Sonali sobs as she speaks about her relationship with her brother) Me and my brother never remained connected with each other. We could never form that bond that siblings cherish. And when he came in here, to the 24th Advait Learning camp, I hugged him; and that was the first time that I hugged him in my entire life. This is just not so normal in between us. It isn’t that I didn’t want to hug him before or there were no opportunities to hug, there were a bundle of them, but the hug never happened.

Yesterday, Sampada Ji (one of the fellow camp participants) asked me that why it took you 25 years to hug him, to come close to him?

And I had no answer.

I am hoping that after going back from here we may remain close to each other.

I love him (her tears do not stop); we both do (sobs in pain). But we are unable to express and share it.

It might appear that we are really close to each other; taking care of small-small things like food, health, we keep on asking to each other about these. But, there is a long gap in between us. I have felt that.

I try a lot to remove this gap but (she softly slaps her brother on his cheeks, gesturing love for him) he never expresses his love, never gives a response.

But I know that it’s just the 3rd day and the camp has started to reduce this gap; I could hug him yesterday. It’s like coming here is giving wings to your relationships. I have felt that.

Thank you, Acharya Ji. (smiles in tears)

Sonali Bhattacharya with her brother Joydeeep Bhattacharya at 24th Advait Learning Camp, Mukteshwar

Editor’s Note: Sonali expressed her love for her brother in one of the reflection sessions at 24th Advait Learning Camp, Mukteshwar. 

It is no coincidence that she got close to her brother in just two days of the camp. Advait Learning Camps have always helped in seeing how one relates with the world and hence have better relationships.

It got reflected in her life.

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Give wings to your relationship and fly with your loved ones!

A miracle that happened!

I am Rajni, I have come from Delhi along with my daughter, Rhythm.


Coming to 24th Advait Learning camp has been a full package, a package full of life! And now when it has extended for a couple of days, I have no words to express my gratitude.  Read more

Two hours in His session and I knew- THIS IS IT!

Before meeting Acharya Ji, I was somebody else. Having met him, being with him has brought me closer to myself.

Somebody at  a canopy once asked me, “What made you join PAF?”
I said, “For a long long time, I was searching for something. I did not know what exactly. Two hours in his session and I knew- This is it.”
This answer was a revelation for me too.

I have never really been sure of what I am doing. My very living was a sum total of influences. An extremely ambitious, self-proclaimed intellectual, a patriot and what not.

I cannot even say I have ‘learnt’ something from him. I just sat and laughed with him; just listened to him. When and how clarity came and things started changing still remains a mystery to me.

Now I look back and realize everything has changed. A perpetually cluttered mind has found peace. My morally-struck past  has found a relief by realizing it’s uselessness. I have got the strength to discard the useless.

I feel blessed that he brought me close to him. I feel blessed that he saved me through and through.

He says,“Count your life by the number of miracles you have seen.”

Indeed, meeting Him was the most incredible miracle and I have been ‘alive’ since then.

Thankful to you!

WhatsApp Image 2016-07-31 at 20.48.15

~ Shivani Jha ~  

One session, and it changed my life!

A year back, a lot of things had a hold on me—goals, future, fear and much more. As a result, I planned to join a software company or possibly merchant navy, both of which are considered quite respectable according to social conventions. Despite this, which was so indulging, I felt like something was lacking, was missing!
It was peace.
Grace, that a decision was made that day and I attended a session at BodhSthal on one of the Sundays.
One session, and it changed my life!

Being with Acharya Ji has taught me a lot. The clarity that radiates from His Being has certainly impacted me to see things more clearly.

From the anti-social, reserved guy, to the guy that can go and talk to anyone without hesitation, from the naive guy to someone who now understands himself and the world much better, from an egg-eater to a vegan and much more. I have come a long way and this could never have been possible without the guiding light in my life in the form of Acharya Ji.
Just his presence is enough to guide.
Words have limitations; some things are not in the grasp of these poor words!
I am grateful for this assertiveness and firmness that now reflects in my actions. With his words on my mind: Anchue raho, adig raho (remain untouched and firm), I remain more convicted and stable. Even in the moments of fear, there is something which remains untouched by fear.

Immense gratitude Acharya Ji.

Love you. ♥

sid jha.jpg

A place where exist roses and cacti alike

Reflections from Advait Self-Awareness Camp

I had an image that spirituality is like a raised citadel. As if something miraculous happens and people elevate from all the things.But now I realize that spirituality is not a mechanic elevator or some gold studded chariot flying in the air.

It is a struggle you make with your ‘acquired nature’, your impulse, every day, every moment to realize the true nature.

Spirituality will not make my life a bed of roses but it will give me the strength and wisdom to accept the reality of life. A place where exist roses and cacti alike. And I learn to live with all that and find peace within. The garden is beautiful only if my inner environment is of sanity.

This realization does not make me sad, instead, it instills a hope. The platform is even. I will rise from within. It is not some unattainable IDEAL – BRAHMA that is to be achieved to become spiritual but merely to know the art of living. Enjoy it moment by moment in fullness- this is the mantra, probably. Doing so the main purpose of life is met. Spirituality is to embrace happiness and not to become grim with some heavy load of concepts or mindfulness.

Nature has its own way of communication-
The utter silence of the night sky filled me up so much that the mind did not think of anything else. It tells me that I don’t actually have to try to shun the thoughts. Instead, I have to endeavor to taste the Silence. That would automatically exhaust all thoughts.

Consensus with the mind-
I cannot have a life long battle with my mind. I need to talk to it and understand it. It’s okay even if once in a while I get defeated. What to do? Why make a riot out of it? Slowly it will sober down.

Losing identification with the body-
While we were sitting outside and talking, the cold air from the lake was hurting my sinuses and giving me a headache. But it was so enchanting and overwhelming that my own head felt like a far off object. I had something greater with me. I did not care for the head. It was only later when I went to bed I realized. So I gave it a medicine.

All I need is to realize that, That—an invincible love has always been with me. And attachment with everything else will drop down without us doing any extra effort in that direction.

~ Shivani Bhindeshwari Jha ~

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