• “When I say, ‘Go out and watch’, and when I say, ‘Go in and watch’, I mean: Watch so that you know what you need to do.
    Watch out so that you know that the world needs change.
    And watch yourself so that you know that the outer change will only follow inner change.”


  • “The only way to answer a question is to change the questioner.
    The only way to answer all questions is to dissolve the questioner.”


  • “Stop this effort at becoming.
    Stop trading one fear for the other.
    Stop hoping for change.
    One cannot get rid of sleep by changing dreams.”


  • “Your desire to change won’t change you.”


  • “In watching all change, you find the unchangeable.”


  • “How much time I spend over the world- analyzing, gossiping.
    If I spend a tenth of that time looking at myself, the world would surely change.”


  • “When this changes, that changes.”


  • “When the thinker is the same, the change of thought is not a change.”


  • “I cannot change something without understanding it.
    Understanding is change.
    But the very desire to change hinders the understanding.”


  • “Technology cannot change the fundamental nature of mind.
    We live in our minds.
    Hence, technological progress essentially changes nothing.”


  • “It is most difficult to notice that which is always and unchangeably present.
    Why else would we call a room empty when its full of space?”


  • “You cannot change without allowing your environment to change.”


  • “Will thinking bring you to thoughtlessness?
    Will effort bring you to effortlessness?
    Will change bring you to the changeless?


  • “The Present does not come from the past, and never becomes the future.
    Present is not a point in time; whatever is in time changes.
    The Present never changes.
    Whatever you find changing around you or within you is not Present.”


  • “Don’t change your masters, change your habit of slavery.”


  • “Stop this effort at becoming.
    Stop trading one fear for the other.
    Stop hoping for change.
    One cannot get rid of sleep by changing dreams.”


  • “Peace does not mean that the mind is in an unchanging tranquil state. Mind is change.
    Peace means that in all states of mind, I am at peace.”


  • “You choose to change but choosing changes nothing. Choice just ensures continuity. The remote control in the hand continues the TV addiction.”


  • “If the observation is an honest observation it changes the observer and the observed both.”


  • “My effort will not change the I.
    Whatever I will do will further the I.
    Whatever fear will do, will not bring fearlessness.”


  • “Utter resignation: Come to the point of seeing the uselessness of your pursuits.
    Till the time you believe that you have the ability to change yourself, you find that nothing is changing.
    When the belief that you can change yourself disappears, then real change happens, silently.
    Real change is the realisation that I cannot change. That I am petty.”


  • “The Present is not this moment. Were the Present ‘this’ moment, it would change with time. Past and future change in time, the Present is beyond time.”


  • “Don’t look so startled. The world has not suddenly changed. You have woken up.
    Now come and help with the wake-up calls.”


  • “The world changes the moment I am awake.
    As soon as I am awake, I rise above the dream.”


  • “If time can change it, it is not the Truth.
    Is there anything in my life, relationships, beliefs, that does not come and go with time?”


  • “A great change happens when you see what is happening.
    To not to see what is happening is to continue the happening.
    Just pause and look at what you’ve been doing.
    Freedom from fear comes from realising that the entire story is fear, that the whole substance of your life is steeped in fear.”


  • “By reasoning out your situation, you try to remain what you are. All reasons are hidden justifications.
    Realise, don’t rationalise.”


  • “In watching all change, you find the unchangeable.”


  • “The capacity to see change, itself means that there is something unchangeable.
    Everything else comes and goes, that does not come and go.
    That is the real Center.”


  • “You know, when you move into understanding, even the cells of your body change, your eyes change, your facial expressions change.
    Nothing remains the same.
    Deeper your meditativeness is, the deeper is the physical change that comes to you. Your very breath changes. It becomes regulated, on its own.
    The way you walk, your gait, the contours of your voice, its modulation, everything changes. The way you sit, the way you look, the way you listen, everything changes.
    I am prepared to say, that even the chemical composition of your body changes.”


  • “Those who really want to change their life, are prepared to pay with their death.”


  • “Real changes comes not from your effort but from your Surrender.”


  • “Hope promises change, but is an agent of continuity.”


  • “Realisation sublimates the doer; the doing changes by itself.”


  • “Where there is change, there can be no certainty.”


  • “The past repeats itself only for the one who has not changed.”


  • “Don’t be concerned about the body, rebirth is not about taking another body. When the mind really changes, that is rebirth.”


  • “Everything is already contained in perfection.
    And then it wants to change.
    Yet it will be within perfection.”


  • “If you have images of how it will be once you change, then you will never change. Real change is a blind dive.”


  • “For the centre to change, the existing centre can do nothing. The existing centre can do nothing, to change itself. All that it will do, will only reinforce it, never change it. Kindly drop this illusion that you can do anything that will ever change you. Real change comes not from your efforts, but from your Surrender.”


  • “Emotional relationship will prevent you from changing; an emotional relationship can never be the agent of change.”


  • “Guilt is a great method to not to change.”


  • “When the person changes, his relationships too must change.”


  • “If you really want change then start respecting the small.”


  • “Because you have been surrendered, because you have been moving as one with existence, only the right things will happen through you.
    You won’t even have to try to be an agent of change.
    Your very presence will cause the right change all around you.”


  • “When you are not bothered about the other, that is when you are totally compassionate.
    When you are not trying to change the other, that is when you become an agent of change.”


  • “The relationship is not so much about the other person – the object out there. The relationship is about who you are within. Change the within, the relationship will change. But remaining the same within if you change the other, the relationship would still be rotten.”


  • “If seeing happens, it happens within the moment.
    There, the question will change.
    The life would change.
    Actions would change.
    You no more continue to act in the same groove.”


  • “Whatever is Real cannot ever leave.”


  • “Real challenge is neither the husband, nor the wife. Real challenge is one’s pettiness, one’s ego.”


  • “Real change is never with an external objective. Real change happens, because you see that something within you, is waiting to be expressed. Real change happens because you cannot avoid it. You have seen the false, and the false is now ready to go. So, the change happens.”


  • “The only real change is the dissolution of the changer.”


  • “Change often implies continuity. You cannot break continuity by changing. You can break continuity by ceasing.”


  • “One way to resist the change is to allow superficial change.


  • “When the inner changes, the outer changes parallely, if you will not allow the outer to change even the inner change will be blocked.”


  • “If you observe with expectations, then you will find yourself under an obligation to change what you observe and change as per your own expectations and images. Observation does not mean that you are bound, obliged to set things right. Let things be as they are. You don’t have to enter and correct.”


  • “Your efforts will not bring about real change; real change in work, real change in activity comes, when the mind really changes.”


  • “Your efforts will not bring about real change in you. Your desire will not bring about real change in you. The real change comes when you see the futility of your desire and your efforts.”


  • “It is a little paradoxical, but take this- ‘Only when you have no resistance towards what you are, then you are able to change fearlessly.’”


  • “Change will only come when we will understand that responsibility lies on the individual.”


  • “The words, ‘wild’ and ‘domesticated’, do not refer merely to states of mind. Domestication indeed is a state of mind, wildness is not.”


  • “Letting change happen is a totally different thing compared to ‘changing’. All of us want change, right? There is nobody who is contented. But the issue is, we want change directed by, guided by, ourselves. We want to change as per our own wish. Don’t we? And if you are changing as per your own wish, what has changed? ‘The wish’ is still the master. Has the wish changed?”


  • “Real change, lets the changing one himself dissolve. Otherwise, the change would be peripheral.”


These quotes have come from talks and writings of Acharya Prashant

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