• “Is there anything that we like and is not coming from conditioning?
    Conditioning sustains conditioning.”


  • “Nobody is a misfit. In existence everything is where it should be.
    Allow things to happen.
    Do not choose, allow.”


  • “Surrender is absolute.
    There is no choice of surrendering in parts.”


  • “Choose to be choiceless.
    Earn the freedom to surrender.”


  • “In free will, there is no choice.
    Intelligence is choiceless.”


  • “What is hell?
    Choice is hell.”


  • “Creativity is choiceless.
    Choice is conditioning. Choice is compulsion.
    To be creative is to be free of presumption, purpose and personality.”


  • “One’s choices are the reflection of the quality of one’s mind.”


  • “Whatever you choose will bring sorrow to you. Joy springs in choicelessness.”


  • “Choice is doubt. Freedom from choice is freedom from doubt.”


  • “None of your choices will bring you to Him, nor would your instrument of choosing.
    You cannot choose Him.
    He alone chooses Himself.”


  • “You choose to change but choosing changes nothing. Choice just ensures continuity.
    The remote control in the hand continues the TV addiction.”


  • “The ego itself is the evil and the devil. The entire game of duality is the evil.
    To think that one has a choice and a decision is evil.
    Seated in the ego, whatever you do – care, passion, love, service – all is evil.”


  • “We all have a magical pocket in our coats. Put your hand in it and you get precious gifts.
    But the magical pocket is only for those who neither earn, nor need anything.
    You need to have no doership, you need to be choiceless. You need to have absolute faith. That Magic, that Grace is available only to those who do not ask for it, nor need it.”


  • “One who very easily admits that he is mistaken has co-opted his mistakes. Owning up mistakes often helps the mistaken remain mistaken.
    You will never willingly own up mistakes. You will be brought to a point where you will be left with no choice but to see your mistakes.”


  • “Behind all our choices there is a deep desire to come to the end of choosing.
    Behind every endeavour is a deep thirst to come to the end of all endeavours.
    In that sense the ego desperately wants to come to an end. It is suicidal.
    But it is not fearless enough to die.
    So it just keeps hoping for a better future.”


  • “When I am conditioned, there is no choice.
    When I am intelligent, again there is no choice.
    Choice is a device of the ego to feel in control.”


  • “Choice is doubt.
    Freedom from choice is freedom from doubt.”


  • “Reaction versus Response: To know what is the right action, to really know, you must be available. It demands your complete presence.
    Reaction arises from a part of your mind. There is always a choice involved. So, it keeps varying.
    Response arises from your totality. In response there is no choice, just the total. Responding doesn’t go right or wrong. It just is. Response is choiceless. There is no alternative.”


  • “Life is a role-play; only in attention are the roles chosen wisely.”


  • “In awareness whatever is chosen will be beautiful.
    In awareness whatever gets done is divine.”


  • “Whatever you choose you choose as a medium to something else. You don’t choose something alone, you choose an entire story beginning with that thing. Have you ever chosen anything that is final? You choose with the hope of reaching the final.
    To choose That alone is to come to the end of choosing, to come to the end of time.”


  • “Ego will never directly choose freedom. It will just choose more bondages as means towards freedom.
    Ego plays a game of self-delusion. It will cry aloud, “I want freedom”, and will determinedly latch on to bondages.
    Whatever you will choose, you will choose just to escape from that which is worthy of being chosen.”


  • “Imaginations, choices, opinions, biases – they dispute each other. One fact can only supplement another fact, never contradict it. One fact can only add to, complete, or supplement to another fact. But never cross it.”


  • “Faith cannot really be a choice. Faith is when you see the uselessness and impotency of all your choices.”


  • “No one is helpless out of circumstances; everyone is helpless out of choice.”


  • “Whatever you choose for yourselves will only be the extension, continuation of the same suffering. The Real comes to you, not by your own choice but by grace. So what can one do? One can at most see the futility of one’s own choices. Not try to make the right choice, the right choice ‛you’ cannot make. The right choice will be made for you by some other agency. You can only see that the choices that you have made, have all fallen flat; and hence one’s confidence in one’s own choices is misplaced. One choice after the other is not bringing peace to me, then how can I continue to choose in the same way. Let me pause, let me stop. Then maybe, the choice will happen on it’s own. It happens. It does happen.”


  • “When the chooser is shown his right place, then the choices are divine. But when the chooser is sitting on top, then the choices are evil.”


These quotes have come from talks and writings of Shri Prashant

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