• “Since you are ever in a dream, I am just another character in your dream.
    How can a character in your dream help you come out of the dream?
    You do not know me.”
  • “ To know the false as false, is the movement into the Truth.”


  • “You do not know me. Neither are you coming here to me, nor are you running away from me. Find out: who wants to come? To whom are you coming? Who resists the coming?
    You are not coming to me, you are coming to your Self. You are not listening to me, you are listening to your Self.
    By not coming here, you may avoid this physical location. But can you avoid yourself, your essence?
    When you come here, you come to your Home. It is not a man you are listening to, you are listening to your own pure voice. It is not the physical location that calls you, it is the call within. The call to return Home, at peace.
    If you don’t come to me, where else would you go? Wherever you would go, you would find me. One day, you may find me staring back at you from the mirror. One day, you may find me sitting right in the middle of your Heart.”


  • “If your sleepy eyes are full of dreams, you will not like the Sun rising.”


  • “Clarity is not knowledge. Clarity is to see the limitation of knowledge.”


  • “Observation is not meant to comfort you. Observation is not meant to keep you nicely settled in your sofa. Observation will shake you up and that is why people don’t want to observe. Observation enables Right action. Observation must disturb you. It must shake you up into action.”


  • “The honest man has just One priority.”


  • “Wait not for clarity, wait not for purity. Wait not for the right day.
    Remember your real nature now, as you are.
    Remember, with all your stains.”


  • “The stupid one thinks of himself and lives in the confusion of concepts.
    The wise one simply knows himself and lives in the joy of clarity.”


  • “Clarity is two things together:
    One, it is the absence of ready-made concepts based on which one lives, one reacts, one sees the world, and parallelly, simultaneously, on the other hand, it is the ability to respond greatly.”


  • “Clarity is an emptiness in one way; emptiness in the sense that you are empty of all rubbish, and on the other hand, this emptiness is a great fullness. These two, hence, must be called as two but understood as one.”


  • “Free of knowledge, now you are full of knowing — that is clarity.”


  • “Clarity means, the ability to stand naked in front of life.”


  • “Clarity is like going to life like a lover – naked!
    Not like a warrior.
    Not like a fighter.
    Not armored.
    But, naked!
    Like a lover.”


  • “That point from where the response comes, without preparation, without past, without motive, without memory — that is clarity.”


  • “Clarity comes only to an innocent mind.”


  • “Wherever there is lack of clarity, there is bound to be suffering.
    Wherever there is conditioning, there is bound to be suffering.”


  • “Eagerness to conclude is a barrier to learning.”


  • “The more you believe in your limits, the more insecure you will be, about yourself. And when you are insecure, you obviously cannot have goodwill towards others. Your very concern will be to, save yourself.”


  • “That is the fundamental attraction: The mind wanting peace; the confused intellect wanting clarity. These wants are love.”


  • “In your moments of attention you gain clarity. Confusion comes from not looking at something closely enough, attentively enough. Whenever you will allow yourself to go close to an event, to a person, to a thought, you will gain clarity.”


These quotes have come from talks and writings of Acharya Prashant

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