• “‘Normal’ is a pattern followed by the majority.
    You have to announce that you are not ‘normal’, that you are not one of them.
    This is an announcement of courage as well as compassion.
    To be one of them means that you cannot help them.”


  • “The desire that is not a further thickening of the self is no more a desire. It is compassion.”


  • “True love is ruthless. Real compassion often appears cruel. Only that which furthers the ego pleases you, the ego.
    Dare to love, really?”


  • “Compassion is knowing that suffering is not necessary, and that the mind can attain to its natural joy.
    Love is the mind radiating that joy.”


  • “Love is what ego has for the Truth.
    Compassion is what Truth has for the ego.”


  • “When you are helping without reason, it is compassion.”


  • “When you are alright, then the sound of your footsteps is compassion.”


  • “When you are not bothered about the other, that is when you are totally compassionate. When you are not trying to change the other, that is when you become an agent of change.”


  • “How will you ask for infinity without being inspired by infinity itself?
    Strange is this asking.
    You get it, and only then you can ask for it. Such is the compassion of the giver — He gives first and after that, you ask for it.
    And such is the worthlessness of all asking. You have already gotten it when you are asking for it; what is the point in asking?
    Such is the stupidity of all desires.
    What you are asking for is already yours. And asking for it again and again cannot help you. What has already been given to you cannot be given again.”


  • “Maturity is attention. Maturity is looking closely and clearly at what is going on.
    And when you look closely at what is going on, then you are able to differentiate between the necessary and the unnecessary, then you are able to differentiate between love and violence, between attachment and compassion.”


  • “Silence is not your doing. Silence is to leave all security. Silence is to live without any sense of what will happen next. Silence is to leave yourself to the mercy of existence. And when you do that you do come to know that existence is actually compassionate and knows more about you than you do, takes better care of you than you ever could.”


  • “Compassion can arise only when first of all you have a deep sense of inner rootedness and health.”


  • “Compassion for others is Joy for oneself.”


  • “Compassion is not an expression of affection.
    Compassion is a treatment of disease.”


  • “What kind of a student are you if you can’t see the Love contained in the Guru’s harshness? The energy spent by the Guru in scolding you is the highest compassion.The Guru, in his eagerness, seems to have embraced an unwilling student.”


  • “If you are living in darkness, you would be punished.
    If you escape punishment from the Teacher, then life will punish you.
    Teacher punishes you compassionately, life punishes you dispassionately.”


  • “Compassion is not about weeping when the other is weeping. Compassion is about not weeping when the other is weeping.”


  • “Compassion is neither physical, nor mental. Compassion is not a concept. Neither can you be born compassionate, nor you could be educated to become compassionate.”


  • “When you are attentive towards yourself, then you are compassionate towards the entire world.”


  • “If compassion is not coming from the right point, it is violence, it is not at all compassion. And if violence is coming from the right point, it is compassion.”


These quotes have come from talks and writings of Acharya Prashant

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